Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte shows his soft spot for the members of LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexuals, and Transgender) community in the Philippines. This is a good news for the members and supporters of LGBT community in the country for having a president who is very understandable and has his blessings to the advocacies of the group. LGBT members will be happier to have a serving president whose ideologies are multidirectional with no bias and scandalous claims against the group.

Duterte claims that the LGBT play a significant role for empowering lifestyle, arts, and entertainment industries. This includes the beauty and fashion world where they excel the most. LGBT community is known to create numerous designs that always enhance the physical persona of a certain individual or a group. He appreciates the way that they decorate both interior and exteriors of a certain home, business, and any structures whenever there are special events that are being held. His claims are based on what he sees from experience in Davao, which makes him fascinated about the creativity of the members of LGBT.
President Duterte has no problem with the LGBT community
President Rodrigo Duterte also stated that he does not have any problems with the members of the LGBT community. Most members have hidden talents that can use as a pride for their career and image for the society. This is for as long as the members are not doing anything wrong that is against the law such as illegal possession of prohibited substance, which he hates the most.

Some LGBT members are now being recognized around the world for their creative talent in the field of fashion industry. Pinoy fashion designers are now being applauded by their designs that are worn by some of the biggest celebrities in the internet industry. Dignitaries from around the world are now noticing several Pinoy talents to design any clothes or footwear that they use on a special occasion from either local or international affairs. The first family of the Philippines also reached  out with several designers from the LGBT community.

In the entertainment industry, members of the LGBT community already established their image as well-known directors, entertainers, producers, designers, and artists. They are considered by others as inspirations to other LGBT members due to their talents, skills, and good image to the community. No wonder that President Rodrigo Duterte is amazed by what they possess, which helps the society to become productive and competitive.

Before Duterte became a president, he was featured as a gay defender against bullying in this video

Duterte's personal sentiments towards the members of the LGBT community proves that he does not want any hate, segregation, and discrimination. He believes that the true essence of equality should be applied to all walks of life. In addition, equity is a consideration that one must have to apply to prevent misunderstanding and conflict between two individuals, groups, and organizations.

Members of the LGBT are often mistreated due to wrong inhibitions as regards to faith, personal perception, and ignorance. Most of them are physically, mentally, and socially abused by bullies who wants to provoke harm against their will.

As a president, Duterte wants everyone to a unit for a stronger Philippines, regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and cultures. This is to strengthen Filipino patriotism to build a stronger foundation for Filipinos to become more productive with their lifestyle.

Duterte stressed that unity is an important consideration that one must have to do. This is to strengthen the community's social unity that can further move the country's economic and political issues progressive and competitive to other countries.

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