Indonesia finally crowns its delegate to represent the country for Miss Earth 2016. Luisa Andrea Soemitha is now the new Miss Earth Indonesia 2016. She will now start to train for at least a month before being sent to the Philippines to join Miss Earth that will be held on the last week of October this year. Just a few hours after her crowning moment, Luisa is still in the process of accepting her new position as the new ambassadress of beauty and an environmentalist while competing for Miss Earth 2016.

Miss Earth beauty pageant is now heating up as there are more countries crowning their local candidates to represent their nation in the upcoming pageant. Luisa is very happy, but at the same time, nervous because she will feel the pressure to represent the country. As a representative of Indonesia, Luisa will now start to fulfill her duties and responsibilities as the new beauty queen environmentalist across the Indonesian archipelago.
Luisa Andrea Soemitha is Miss Earth Indonesia 2016
Miss Earth Indonesia 2016 succeeds Belinda Pritasari Jacobsen who was the last year's winner. She represented Indonesia in 2015 in Vienna, Austria that was won by Angelia Ong, reigning Miss Earth 2015 from the Philippines. Luisa is set to compete for the largest environmental beauty pageant in the planet.

Miss Earth Indonesia 2016 other winner who came close is Asti Wulan Adaninggar who is Miss Earth Indonesia 2016 Air (or first runner-up). Aura Ferbiyannisa is Miss Earth Indonesia Water 2016 (2nd runner-up). Annisa Meidina is Miss Earth Indonesia Fire (3rd runner-up). And Hanny Wulandari Darma who is Miss Earth Indonesia Eco-Tourism 2016.

Asti Wulan Adaninggar, which is Miss Earth Air 2016 is also lucky for gaining the license to represent Indonesia to another international pageant. Asti is set to compete for Miss Intercontinental international beauty pageant that is expected to be held in Germany later this year. She will be bannering Indonesian flag and hopes to make a historical placement for that particular pageant that is set to take place later this year. Other runner-ups are also hopeful to be picked to represent the country for other international pageants to various areas around the world.

Watch the crowning moment of Miss Earth Indonesia 2016

Many are hopeful for Luisa's possible placement for Miss Earth 2016 in Manila. Some are already commenting positive results for the winner to represent Indonesia successfully for penetrating the semi-finals round for Miss Earth 2016. Her charm is infectious, her communication skill is very vibrant because she can express herself and ideas flawlessly in front of the audience.

Miss Earth 2016 is announced to be held on October 15, 2016 somewhere in Manila. This means that Luisa should start training immediately in order to improve her other skills in the world of pageantry.

There are several skills to ensure that she can confidently earn a spot to the pageant. One is her catwalk skills, which is a crucial skill that a candidate must need to improve. Catwalk skills carry confidence, non-verbally expresses your gestures in front of the audience.

Luisa must not forget to bring an interpreter because if she can make it to top 8, which is the question and answer portion, she can freely express her thoughts, which could have a more confident answer to the question.

Pageant followers are yet to see her transformation before being sent to the Philippines to represent Indonesia this October or as early as September.

Congratulations Luisa.

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