Miss Universe 1996 Alicia Machado from Venezuela finally break her silence regarding her body image shaming while she reigned for one year in the United States as an ambassadress. Machado officially faced the media and vented out her feelings regarding the past management of the pageant where it handled her after winning the Miss Universe title. She realized that it is now the best time for her to speak for herself because it will help her to relieve her long-term stress from past body shaming issues concerning her figure.

When Alicia Machado won Miss universe 1996, pageant fanatics claimed that she is one of the prettiest winners of the most prestigious pageant in the Universe. After a few months, the world was shocked when they observed that Alicia almost doubled her weight due to her poor discipline on her diet and exercise routine. Donald Trump, who just took over as the new owner of the Miss Universe Organization started calling her names, which made her realized at this time, sensitive. This is because Alicia never realized that being shamed in public can cause a psychological impact on her behalf.
Alicia Machado
Alicia Machado during the interview
As based on an Insider's exclusive interview, Machado stated in front of the journalist that from the past treatment made by the former handlers of Miss Universe organization with regards to her diet and fitness management. Alicia experienced a total body modification program in order to return her sexy shape while she was currently reigning as Miss Universe in 1996. Her weight doubled, reaching to at least 160 pounds, which is almost as twice as her perfect sexy weight when she won the competition.

Alicia was seen in various television segments being featured exercising together with several fitness instructors. She was then ordered by Donald Trump to spend more time exercising than attending various events because her figure appears to be distorting, which is very different from the night where she won as Miss Universe 1996. She was then forced to change her diet regimen as well as to spend more time exercising.

As she vented out her feelings, she felt sad when the former handlers of the pageant were always monitoring her. Alicia was called out as "Miss Piggy" and other names that are related to housekeeping due to her voracious appetite, in which it seriously affected her psychological integrity and suffered from chronic anxiety due to the issue. She has been mandated to do live workouts while being watched by the press. While doing exercises or even eating, the media still takes pictures and videos of her and then publishing to various media networks worldwide. She indicated from the interview that she felt like being exploited by the media because they have been continuously following her even after she restored to her previous body image to the public.

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Alicia Machado's irresistible appetite made her at risk of losing her crown after gaining weight to at least 160 lbs. She is aware that she could lose the crown, which could be passed to her first runner-up, Miss Aruba Universe 1996 if she does not start modifying her healthy lifestyle. Alicia was also being threatened by pageant critics to be legally sued if she will not immediately return back her body shape within her reign as Miss Universe, prompting an immediate concern to the Miss Universe Organization.

At first, she was reluctant to react due to the overwhelming feeling that she was the current Miss Universe during that time. Her concentration was about her personal and social adjustments on how to blend in with the public's attention because she knew that she is now being considered as the most beautiful women in the universe.

She first did not give attention to the criticisms regarding her body image. But, as soon as she became more mature enough to start reminiscing her past, she soon realized that she had been publicly shamed due to her body image for gaining weight during her reign as Miss Universe.

Alicia Machado won Miss Universe in 1996 that was held in Las Vegas Nevada. She represented Miss Venezuela, in which she won the license to carry her country in 1995. She is the third Venezuelan to be crowned as Miss Universe.

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