Egypt Air Flight MS 804 suddenly disappears while on board to Cairo on the 19 of May 2016. The plane was reported to be flying at a height of 37, 000 feet high in the atmosphere when it suddenly lost its communication from the radar. Authorities from both France and Egypt are now investigating the case as they are struggling to find out what happened to the plane after it had lost contact with the radar, hours from its departure towards Egypt's capital.

This is an unusual scenario for an aviation system to experience such a disastrous moment because it can affect the passengers. The relatives of the passengers will surely be shocked when they will learn that their relative on board the plane went missing in mid air. Authorities are expected to immediately deploy search and rescue operations in order to find the missing aircraft as well as the passengers. Radars will be trying to search for the last contact of the airplane, which could lead the authorities locate the missing aircraft after it went missing in mid-air.
egypt air
Egypt air planes
The plane departed from Paris via Charles de Gaulle International Airport at 23:09 on Wednesday night and then lost contact at 2:45 (CLT). The radar tracking system eventually reported to the authorities that no further contact from the plane was received during that past minutes. Airline authorities have yet to determine the real cause of the plane's loss of contact while it was flying high up in the air. The plane is now considered missing since it lost its contact.

The sad news is that the plane crash-landed on the Mediterranean Sea. The Greek Merchant Navy personnel saw flames in the sky and believed it was the remnants of Egypt Air Flight MS804. Authorities now speculate that one of the main reasons for the crash was probably brought about by an apparent attack on the plane. Families and relatives of the passengers are now currently being contacted by the aviation authorities of Egypt and France in collaboration with their respective local government units as well as with the European Union.

The plane carries 66 people on board, which includes passengers and crew members of the plane. As for the breakdown, the Airbus A320 has at least 56 passengers with 10 crew members including the pilots of the plane.

The plane was supposed to be in Cairo at 3:15 am local time but, it went missing since it had lost its contact with the authorities. Radar communications personnel could not confirm if the plane passed the Mediterranean Sea or not.

Egypt Air statement
Egypt Air Statement

The plane was just at least 10 miles away from Egypt airspace when it suddenly went missing since it lost contact with the radar.

Meteorologists believe that weather might be an important factor for causing the plane to have lost its contact to the radar. However, other notable reasons are human errors, citing that either something went wrong with the performance of the pilot, behaviors of the passengers, or the there are sudden health conditions that might have altered the condition of the flight.

Egypt Air MS 804 flight route
Route of Egypt Air flight MS804

Technical glitches might be also a factor for causing the plane to have lost its contact with the airspace authorities. This may include problems with the propellers of the plane or the age of the plane that might contribute to its fate during the flight.

The Egyptian navy activated its search and rescue operations in the Mediterranean Sea in order to search for the missing plane with its crew on board. Egypt is calling other navies across the Mediterranean to help with its rescue and search mission and collaborate for any possible signs that they might locate the missing plane.

The pilot has earned an experience of 6,000 air flights, making it one of the most experienced in Egypt's airflight industry.

Egypt Air promised to keep any further updates for any recent developments of the said missing plane through their website and social media pages or groups.

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