Road safety hazard: Have you ever seen a truck piled up in a truck that is piled up in another truck that is traveling along the road? You wouldn't believe that a Chinese driver did this scenario to his three trucks while driving across a highway, attracting attention to other motorists on the scene, including the authorities. The incident happened in Shanxi province wherein authorities arrested the driver on the morning of May 16, 2015.

This is an unusual sight for every driver because you can already see the danger when you happen to witness a pile of trucks on top of each other. As a precaution, this incident is likely hazardous not only to the driver, but also to other motorists along the road. This is because the two trucks that were piled up on top of each other were left unsecured. Even if the driver wants to have a cheaper cost by cutting the expenses on tollways, he made a terrible mistake by getting himself apprehended by the authorities, which could risk him to pay more than being diligent to all road safety and rules while driving along the road.
two trucks at the top of other truck
Road safety risk: piling two trucks at the top of one truck
The photo reveals that there is no other way to explain the scenario why the driver has been arrested while driving on the road. Even by looking at the photo alone, the scene is already considered disturbing for piling one truck to another truck and to another smaller truck. It is an unusual scenario for a motorist to pile up his three trucks in one, making it a significant safety concern when implementing road safety.

According to the man's defense, he piled his two trucks together to save from expensive fees on the road. He also indicated that by piling up his two trucks together, it will be just a single transportation route without returning back at home to pick his other two trucks in order to send it to his intended area of destination. However, by piling his two trucks together, it is clear that the driver is violating a serious safety concern. By looking at the trucks being piled together, the topmost truck is at risk from falling into the ground or the road, risking the lives of other motorists who are also driving along the highway.

By analyzing the scenario, the man did not secure the other two trucks. They were just placed on top of each other. The other two vehicles were not properly secured by the driver. The trucks were not properly locked by any resisting equipment that would prevent them from falling to the back of each truck. The back of the truck were left open, allowing the two other trucks to freely roll backward and risking the following motorists at the back of the truck.

The man's truck will be obviously confiscated and he will be facing several charges by the authorities. The driver's car will only be sent back to him if he will be serving any penalties imposed on him as well as paying the fines due to several safety violations that were made during the incident. The license of the driver can be at risk for being suspended or permanently revoked by the transportation authorities after a thorough investigation.

The truck driver is one of the few who are thinking more about the significance of economic value rather than safety issues. If one of the truck falls while the driver is currently driving the main vehicle along the road, he could be facing another felony charges because there might be someone along the road who can be injured or even accidentally killed.

China has one of the highest reports of road accidents around the world. This is mainly due to the number of population that is the largest in the world as compared to other countries. When there are more motorists who are driving along the roads or streets, it is obvious that safety risks are always likely to occur. Each hour, there are reported cases of car related injuries or deaths all over the country.

Accidents in the country were brought about by several factors. This is attributed to human errors such as drunk driving, unsafe management of vehicles such as what the man did to his truck, unsafe infrastructure practices applied to roads and railways, and natural calamities responsible for causing damages to roads and risking the safety of motorists.

There are more people who are driving in China than any other people in the world, making it a significant marketing resource for automobile companies. This makes more and more individuals who can acquire more cars to drive along the roads, adding to the number of neophyte drivers who are at risk of accidents.

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