Do you believe in ghost? If you still don't, you better have to watch this small clip. The video shows that as the vehicle is moving along the road in the dark night seems like it is an ordinary night. At first glance, you will see that nothing much is going on because the clip is fast. But then there is something strange going on with the clip that has been observed by the person who took the video and was shocked to find out that there is an unusual scenario that was taken by the camera.

This is the last thing that you would experience for the rest of your life. But you are still going to think that the figure is just part of your imagination because you can be considerably seeing things that are only made up by your psychological mind. Seeing things that are not being able to be explained by science is something that is regarded mysterious because there are no theoretical response that has been studied before these figures or any events was proven. Existence of these things still remains to be unsolved for as long as future studies will be brought something to prove any theory in the future.

ghostly figure along the road
A ghostly figure suddenly shows and tries to attempt to hitch a ride
Upon reviewing the video, the passenger might have thought that there was someone who is trying to hitch a ride. Upon looking at the video, there seems to be a movement captured from it wherein there is a person that is seeking an attention to either the driver or the passenger in order to have a ride. However, if you look again closer, the person that is actually seen attempting to hitch a ride to the vehicle is just a silhouette figure. Very spooky isn't it?

The video was actually taken in China while the bus is on a night trip. The person taking the video already knew that there is something going on with the figure that was taken by the camera. But still, the passenger believes that the figure is just a human being because the vehicle was traversing very fast while on the road. So when the passenger was looking at the video, the first instinct was correct that the presumed person that was taken by the camera is in fact, a ghostly figure that was trying to lure the passenger including the driver.

As a driver, you will ignore things that passes through your vision in order to prevent anything that would interrupt your concentration. This is usually done by anyone who wants to ignore things to prevent issues of misconceptions in the future.

You can watch the short clip of the video of the ghostly figure below:

Is that a real ghostly figure?

Upon looking at the short clip, the figure shows that it is indeed a person who is swaying his or her hands to the vehicle as it passes. You can notice that there is a visible swaying of the hands that can be seen when the bus passed by in front of the person or the figure being recorded from the camera phone. The arms sway towards the vehicle, which means that the hand is intentionally calling the attention of either the driver or the passenger.

When analyzing the video, the swaying of hands is the most visible in the video as it is trying to catch the attention of the driver. The head is also visible but it is only a silhouette of what has been taken from the camera phone. The figure's body seems to show the shoulder area and with a faded figure on the chest area.

But then upon looking on the lower part of the supposed person's body, there is nothing, as in nothing. The figure has no feet. As you can see, from the abdominal portion down to its feet is already invisible and you can already see the background of the figure, which is its surroundings such as the pathway and some vegetation on its back and sides.

The passenger was not sure if the driver was actually aware towards the figure being seen and taken by the video as it is concentrated driving. Since the driver was not reacting vigorously as compared to the person who took the camera, it must have been presumed that the driver has already been very scared and prefers to concentrate on driving rather than to being preoccupied from the experience along the road.


Since smartphones are now a normal necessity for every individual around the world, this gadget is always used for entertainment and socialization. Many people are now fond of taking selfies, group pictures, or videos. When they see something strange from their photos and videos, people usually freak out because there is a weird figure that stands, sits, or just appear somewhere on the picture. This is similar for video takers who are always using their cameras to video anything to satisfy their curiosity.

So if you feel that you are in an awkward environment, you should prevent yourself from taking selfies or any situation where you catch pictures because you may never know that you are also capturing something bizarre.

Always pray. There is nothing wrong when you seek the  help of our almighty in order to shower you with the needed blessing for you to be always safe. Praying is something that we always have to forget because we are overthinking about our itineraries.

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