This is not just an ordinary hate. This is something that you will hate yourself for loving Boracay Island beaches, which is one of the most beautiful paradise islands in the world. So why will you hate yourself? Just because you will definitely not yourself to be having more fun than you expect before traveling to this paradise island. As a result, you will surely plan for another holiday trip to the island maybe later this year or early months of next year. You will end up visiting the island for several times in your lifetime.

Boracay is a small island paradise that tourists prefer to travel. When you arrive on the island, you will be mesmerized by the pristine white sand beach that welcomes you when you walk along the beach. One of the most surprising things is that the sands are not only colored whitish, but it is very fine like a powder. No wonder that this island paradise is always voted as the most beautiful beach destinations in the world. This is the reason why Boracay is very popular to international tourists and backpackers.
Boracay beach
Boracay is the most popular island in the Philippine archipelago that is just 315 kilometers or almost 200 miles (196) south from the nation's capital, which is Manila. The island is just 2 kilometers off the Panay Island's northwest tip located in Western Visayas region of the archipelagic nation. The total land area of the island is approximately 10 square kilometers or almost four square miles. Boracay island is surrounded by the Jintolo Channel to the east, the Sulu Sea to the west, the Sibuyan Sea to the north, and Tablas strait to the northwest.

Boracay is famous internationally due to its pristine white sand beach as well as having calm waves all-day-long. The island is preferred by international tourists due to its relaxing tropical ambiance and a mesmerizing beach experience. In the 21st century, the island is regarded the best island in the world from various international travel magazines. Nightlife and tranquility are observed across the island due to numerous shops, pubs, and recreational areas for tourists to unwind together with their family and other guests on the island.

Traveling to Boracay is via air-route. You can take available local and international flights going towards the island via online ticketing system. There are several available airlines serving local flights such as Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Air Asia, and Zest Air that departs usually from Manila, Cebu, Davao, and other parts of the Philippines. International airlines also serve flights to and from Boracay via China Airlines, Tiger Air, Mandarin Airlines, and Silk Air.

Air Asia can take you to and from Boracay island
Philippine map
A portion of the Philippine map indicating the distance between Manila and Boracay

Here are 10 reasons why you should hate yourself for loving Boracay Island:

1. Powdery white sand beaches:

White sand and powdery beach in Boracay

Boracay is probably one of the best beach destinations for having a several stretch of white sand beaches that is why you will hate yourself if you feel that you are falling in love with the island. During daytime, the full bloom of the white sand is reflected directly from the sun that flashes your eyesight. But there is one thing that makes Boracay different from other beaches around the world. The sand is one of the finest that you can step on, sit down, or lay down on it. The grains of the sand is definitely a gift of nature to the island, making it more interesting to visit and spend more time. You start to feel like you are walking through a stretch of powder. You can wish that you should be walking through a stretch of talcum powder beach so that it is medicinal for your feet.

2. Calm waves:

calm waves in white sand beach
You can relax while looking at the horizon with calm waves

The calm waves of Boracay make you feel more relaxed and enjoy its calm ambiance. The location of Boracay lies between several islands in the Western Visayas region in the Philippine archipelago. This means that the wind is not that very hard to cause strong wave currents along its shores. The risks for drowning is less likely to occur because even if you go farther from the shoreline, you will not be pulled by any deep water currents along the coasts. This is with the exception brought about by the presence of tropical storms that are packed with winds more than 50 kilometers per hour near the center.

3. You enjoy eating seafood:

Seafood delicacies are usually served in various restaurants in Boracay

You will probably love Boracay more if you love eating seafood. Always expect that if you are in a tropical area, most foods available to the public are sea foods. You can choose different varieties of seafood according to your choice. Examples are shrimp, clams, crabs, and oysters, which is different from your traditional seafood meal that is mainly usually serving fish meat. Most seafood varieties are rich in cholesterol, which is a warning for individuals suffering from high blood pressure, heart disease, and with a previous history of stroke not to eat more of these varieties.

4. Booming nightlife :

When the sun sets down, it's time to party in Boracay

Boracay is not only a place where you relax due to its pristine white and powdery sands. You will be usually brought to the west cove that has a the three-kilometer shoreline stretch filled with numerous shops, restaurants, pubs, and bar for you to unwind. Each night, there are numerous events where people gather and spend their time enjoying while drinking with their favorite spirits while in the area. After having dinner at your favorite restaurant along the beach front, it's time for you to search for an interesting bar or a pub for you to unwind for the rest of the night. You will meet different folks from all over the world, having similar intentions such as having fun and meeting new friends.

5. Enjoy parasailing:

Parasailing makes you feel like a flying superman

aerial view of boracay
A view from above, overlooking Boracay island

One of the most preferred attraction in Boracay is parasailing, which will now start you to hate yourself because you will be enjoying some of the most valuable rides in the island. Parasailing is an outdoor activity that allows you to glide through the atmosphere while wearing an open parachute that is being towed by a motor-powered boat. You will be guided by trained personnel through a series of boat rides to the deep waters several kilometers from the shore, which is suitable for the wind to blow the open parachute that lifts you above the sky. It is a thrilling and at the same time, it is one of the most memorable things that can happen to you.

6. Island-hopping activities:

Island-hopping experience allows you to visit different islands

When it's time to do island-hopping experience, this makes you realize that you will start loving Boracay even more. This is another surprise is when you do island-hopping experience when you have the chance to visit remote islands surrounding Boracay. This is more than just visiting the stretch of white sand beach and just either walking or sitting in the island of Boracay. It is a privilege to visit different island beyond Boracay, for you to experience different faces of the paradise that brings more excitement to your tour. You can discover different physical features of Boracay island, Panay island, and other nearby islands. The activity may take for at least five to six hours between 10 or 11 and either 4 to 5 in the afternoon.

7. You can do sea outdoor activities:

snorkeling and kayaking are popular outdoor activities in Boracay

diving platform
 you can choose the 15-meter diving platform to have a memorable diving experience

Aside from riding the parasail, another set of outdoor activities can be experienced. This is in connection to island hopping or visiting one point in a certain island where you are provided with different sea outdoor activities. Snorkeling allows you to explore underwater such as having the chance to watch sea creatures swimming below you. Some usual sea animals include clown fish, eels, jellyfish, bluefish, sardines, sea urchins, clams, starfish, sunfish, and juvenile sharks.

Cliff diving is another sea outdoor experience that you must have to experience. You can choose a variety of platforms where you can launch your diving experience. There are at least three different platforms. You can choose between 5-meter, 8-meter, and 15-meter platforms. Jump at your own risk.

8. Sunset sailing:

Breathtaking view of sailing boats during the sunset

After island hopping or visiting a certain island point to do outdoor activities, there is another activity that makes you hate yourself when you are going to leav Boracay after you tour lapses. Sunset sailing is an activity where you can sail parallel to the shoreline while witnessing the sun while it sets on the horizon. This is a double treat experience to end your day after having an unforgettable memory while visiting the island of Boracay. The ride can last to at least one hour.

9. Pampering yourself:

henna tatoo and massage activities
Henna tatoo and body massage are just some a piece of popular offers along the beach front

After several days of exhausting nights and energy consuming nightlife, it is time for you to make some pampering. Boracay never fails you to fulfill your dreams of overly satisfying your island paradise travel. During the day, the stretch of the beachfront is teaming with numerous spas and recreational centers to pamper your body from extreme exhaustion. Along the beach front, you can be offered with different kinds of relaxation activities such as body massage, facial, hair spa, and other beauty treatments. You can also have your skin tattooed with henna to have a temporary body art to any part of your body.

Artists offer henna tattoo to transform your body into an artistic temple that can probably attract your potential soulmate. Henna tattoo is safe on skin so you don't have to worry when you have your skin inked with henna-based coloring tattoo. You can choose any design of your choice and the part of your body to be inked with henna.

10. Don't forget to buy souvenirs:

Boracay souvenirs
Boracay souvenirs

This is a must for every tourist to take a picture to any sand signage, indicating that you went to Boracay. The date is indicated to mark an exact memory of your travel during that period. Aside from taking pictures with the constructed sand sculptures with a Boracay sign, it is time for you to purchase items to complete your traveling experience.

boracay sand sculpture
Always take a picture with this sand sculpture
When it's time for you to leave the island, you will realize that you fell in love with Boracay. If Boracay should have been a person, you will definitely confess your real and legit feelings.

This is the reason why you will hate yourself for loving Boracay....


*It is better to ask than to ask nothing at all.
*Always save your budget for unexpected emergencies.
*Secure your valuables at all times.
*Never trust any strangers. Trust only yourself or your companions.
*Eat exotic foods at your own risk.
*Ride outdoor activities at your own risk.
*Take multivitamins to boost your stamina and energy.
*Don't overexpose yourself to the sun.
*If you are searching for a soulmate in Boracay, don't be choosy.
*Please don't urinate, vomit, or defecate at the beach.
*Don't steal other's bikini if you don't have a bikini.
*Never insert your body between two strangers while they are talking because you might get slapped or punched.
*If you want to kiss someone, ask their consent first.
*Please throw your garbage at the trash bin.

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