A group of men created a large homemade fireworks display in their backyard, showing a spectacular scene in the atmosphere. The incident was believed to have happened in the afternoon when the men lighted the pyrotechnics several meters into the air. One of the group's accomplice took the video to record an entertaining scene into the sky as the men jumped for excitement while the improvised fireworks display was ascending vertically into the atmosphere.

This is an unusual celebration made by the thais because they utilize a spinning fireworks as part of their entertainment during festivities. This is a distinct way of allowing each celebrant to create a charm that enables every person to become optimistic with their career as well as personal choices. As a Thai, celebrating a certain feast using this kind of extraordinary event could ensure that their wishes and dreams can come true. This is by flying the pyrotechnique into the sky, their wishes can be granted by the Buddha.
Thai giant spinning firework wheel in the atmosphere
Thai giant spinning firework wheel in the sky
As seen from the video, the appearance show that the improvised pyrotechnic is a circular-shaped object that resembles a circular fan. The circular exterior of the fan is supported by a set of flippers so that it will help to gain acceleration vertically when there is a force that will push the device into the atmosphere. Upon lighting up the device, the rockets helped manage the propellers to rotate in an upward direction, causing it to be lifted several meters into the sky.

The display went on for a few seconds before reaching an estimated height of more than 100 meters into the atmosphere. The round-shaped acted as a turbine that moved circularly into the air like a dislodged propellers of an electric fan. The smoke is obviously visible as the propeller-like device approached the atmosphere for several minutes. After the rockets have fully consumed its fire-power, the gravitational pull of the Earth's magnetic force slowly pulled back the device back to the surface. As it descends, it released a small improvised parachute down to the ground where the men approached it back and then kept it for safety.

The video was uploaded by STEMN through their facebook page. (Please click the blue text to watch the video)

Pyrotechnics are usually lighted up during the dark because it is where the essence of the flame's igniting debris are seen. The incident was taken in a daylight, which did not show the flaming sparkles emitted by the improvised firework turbines.

The fireworks display is locally known as Thai Girandola, which is a spinning rocket pyrotechnics that is popular in Thailand. Thais usually create their own girandola during festivities or private parties.

Lighting up a girandola is quite challenging because you have to deal with the time and effort for creating a large display that creates an amusement for all spectators.

The device needs a wide open space so that it will not cause any serious injuries when it will be ignited by a trained individual who knows how to light up the device and allow it to shoot up in the air.

Thai Girandola is usually observed during an annual Thai fireworks display or during the New Year festivities where Thais wants to face another year with a bang.

Girandola is unique among Thai, representing their creative cultures by showing to foreign countries about their brave and versatile use of art through pyrotechnics.

Foreigners are getting more curious as they want to personally witness how such a device is ignited by celebrators up in the atmosphere for several seconds.

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