The United States will begin another chapter after the win of Donald Trump during the national presidential elections on the 8th of November in 2016. After a long-time heated debate with The Democratic Presidential candidate and nominee Hilary Clinton. Donald is expected to expand the history of the United States for having a new father to rule the country for at least four years. You will expect her to address the nation from time to time, detailing his future plans for the United States as well as with other countries around the world.

Donald Trump made another historical milestone for the United States of America as the first businessman to win the presidential election. Donald had beaten Hilary Clinton who was the presidential nominee for the Democractic Party of the United States. As the only businessman president in the United States, he will serve as a role model to future tycoon in his country to become an inspiration to the next generation of politicians who aims to dream and achieve big in their future political career. Donald Trump also serves as an inspiration to other men around the world to never stop dreaming to be a leader because his presence as a new president that will make a difference to the United States and to the world.
US President Donald Trump
Sir Donald Trump is a politician in the United States of America. Donald is by far the most accomplished tycoon and a politician that America has. As the new head of state of the United States, Donald Trump is poised to change the pace of the US political status to utilize the Republican Party's dominance in the United States.

Donald Trump is the most competitive opponent that Hilary Clinton faced. This is due to Trump's phenomenal impact to the Republican Political Party as well as with the supporters of Republicans. The conservative community in the United States still supports Donald Trumpt despite his vocal expressions and perceptions in front of the audience. One thing more about Donald Trump is that he is making history as a billionaire who is willing to give up his business and fortunes just to win the presidential election and the first in the history of the United States that could probably win the US elections this November 8, 2016 polls.

Even though Donald Trump has been predicted to win the US presidential elections, she has been facing numerous scandals brought about by her rivals. Despite from the controversies that Donald is now facing, he is determined to be the historical person who will make a difference to the US society. Donald Trump is the first business mogul elected as the United States of America during the US presidential elections on November 8, 2016. Aside from being as the head of state, Donald Trump is also the commander-in-chief of the United States Armed Forces. She will be serving as the country's most powerful leader for at least four years.

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5 Interesting Facts why Trump is the best president in the world

1. Donald Trump is the new symbol of power in the United States from being a businessman to a politician: As the new symbol of America's political image, Donald Trump is poised to revitalize the political system of America. He is the only president who tried his luck to become the most powerful person in the world. He broke the barrier between politics and business because he is the only person who overcomed an urban legend where there is an invisible barrier between political issues and business issues. Now that he is the president, businessmen around the world could do thesame practice to follow his footsteps in their own right.

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2. Trump is a very accomplished businessman: Donald Trump is the owner of Trump Group of companies. His company is a Multinational Company, serving hundreds of nations and territories around the world. As he always mention, Donald Trump is not just rich, he is very rich. He does not need the money of the Federal government to commit blue collar crime such as corruption. He already planted numerous seeds that have already crawled into one of the most successful businessman. He is also connected with several other business moguls around the world.

3. A very outspoken president of the United States: Donald Trump is a very outspoken person. You can always observe that he always mumbles, jumbles, and babbles whenever he is in front of the stage, facing the media. The good thing is that he never pretends because he just wants to show the world  who he is. Even though some Republicans were dismayed by the way he speaks his mind, but it is very effective enough to let him win as the 45th president of the United States. For some, the results were quite shocking; however, it is his fate and people should know that it is his destiny to be the new leader of the United States.

4. Donald Trump is passionate with every task that he do: As a proof, Donald Trump made his business into a multi-billion dollar industry. He owns several real estate properties operating around the world. He always pursuits in perfection, which means that all works should be done in a superlative manner. Now that he is the new president, he will definitely transform the political environment of the United States into a Supreme that will change the atmosphere of political affairs forever. Expect that there will be new laws that are going to be revitalized as well as changes with the existing laws that will be carried out under his administration.

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5. It is time for the Republicans to show their dominance: US President Donald Trump is very lucky to choose a political party where he represented change. As a Republican nominee, he indicated that he will return back the political atmosphere for the Republicans for them to gain back the chance to dominate the US political affairs. This will give a chance for the Republicans to take an advantage to implement their vision and mission to further transform the American society.

6. Wants to create stronger ties with China and Russia: Donald Trump is an unusual president who wants to restore bilateral relationships with China and Russia. He wants western countries to end differences and conflicts between the second world countries, which are countries that are practicing communism and socialism. This will be a good news for the second world countries because restrictions will start to ease, preventing future conflicts that would result into a stronger bilateral relationships.

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