If you own a magazine or a newspaper, it is your right to make a strategy to improve your company's visibility to the public. This is when you will be hiring new people to increase the manpower and improving trending topics to the public and online. The Philippine Star is a newspaper company that is responsible for updating the public with its current events and latest news through its print and online media sources. As a newspaper magazine, it is always upon your discretion to hire individuals who want to make a difference in your company as approved by the board of directors.

However, the case is different with the Philippine Star because Regina Belmonte is now under fire for speaking up against the company's decision to include Mocha Uson as one of their employees. Regina stated her disappointment why the Philippine Star newspaper included Mocha Uson to have a commentary space in the newspaper to lay her commentaries, opinions, and perceptions. She laments further about Mocha Uson's credibility as a blogger and as a local artist in the Philippines after discovering that Mocha is now part of the newspaper company's staff. Mocha Uson has yet to issue a statement regarding Regina Belmonte's online remarks.
Regina Belmonte on the left and Mocha Uson on the right
Regina Belmonte is the daughter of Miguel Belmonte, who is the current president of The Philippine Star magazine. She claimed that she informed her father about her dismay in the decision of her family's newspaper magazine regarding the inclusion of Mocha Uson. Since the company already decided about Mocha Uson's inclusion, Regina's disappointment might prolong it further.

As based on her post, Regina indicated her dismay stating that after waking up in the morning, she was very distressed to know that Mocha Uson is now a part of their company. She believes that Mocha Uson can be a disgrace to her family because Mocha is allegedly using questionable contents from her social media account, which has been seen by her followers. Apparently, her followers started to share her series of posts online that created an online attention to the public. After her posts went viral over the internet, there were several memes and articles that came out and talks about her. Even if Mocha Uson was criticized by the daughter of Philippine Star Newspaper president, she still apologized to Regina.

Mocha Uson is a celebrity blogger who is now known as a major supporter of President Rodrigo Duterte. The celebrity already placed her support to the president even before he was still running for the highest position in the country. Mocha's support towards Rodrigo Duterte is just an example how a person would want to show unity to the current administration of the Philippines, even if she knows that there are numerous challenges who will try to crack her support towards the president. In this case, Regina Belmonte is one who became her new critic after the posts of Regina became viral over the internet.

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5 Interesting facts why Regina Belmonte is trending

1. She made a tirade towards Mocha Uson: This is the most significant reason because she is currently the most hated girl online as of today for bashing Mocha Uson. As the daughter of The Philippine Star's president, she believes that she can have the power to fire Mocha Uson due to her personal rants against her. She believes that employing Mocha Uson as one of The Philippine Star newspaper's commentaries could bring a disgrace to her family as well as to have a negative impact on the image of the newspaper.

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2. Regina is the daughter of Miguel Belmonte: One special thing about Regina's trending issue is that she is the daughter of the president of The Philippine Star. This is an issue because netizens believe that even if she is the daughter of the president of their company, her behavior should not be only based on her personal perception. This is unlikely that the member of the company's executive is ranting towards a certain employee because of her emotional bursts. Her behavior could affect the image of the company to outside interests.

3. Mocha Uson is a local celebrity: Even before she became a prominent political activist and a blogger, Mocha is already a celebrity in the Philippines. She formed her new girl dance group known as Mocha Girls. Mocha is carrying more than a million followers in her various social media accounts and fan group. This is the main reason why there are followers of Mocha Uson who were not happy about the comment of Regina Uson that made her an instant internet sensation over the internet.

4. Mocha is a supporter of Rodrigo Duterte: Aside from Mocha Uson, President Duterte's supporters were also dismayed by the comments of Regina Belmonte. If you try to publicly comment against Rodrigo Duterte, expect hundreds of thousands of angry supporters who will ready to leave negative comments back at you. The immense number of Duterte is so large that you will be surprised with the outrageous feedback if you happen to be a critic towards the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte.

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5 Publicly commenting a series of negative emotions online: If you happen to be a person who gets disappointed towards a certain issue or a person and you post it online, you will definitely generate an online attention. Regina Belmonte is the daughter of Miguel Belmonte, which makes her as an elite member of the society. As an elite, she is always monitored by her father's rival as well as her company's supporters who always want to keep an update about owner of the Philippine Star.

6. Business rivalry: In every business, there are always competitions that are going on wherein businesses will take an advantage to a certain scandalous practice by their rival. Competition is always a challenge for every business, which is why scandals are very important because this is an efficient tool to degrade the reputation of their competitor. This can be a probable case of Regina Belmonte's situation wherein The Philippine Star's rival companies will take an advantage about her behavior to create a propaganda against their company.

Here is the comment of Regina Belmonte
Regina Belmonte's controversial posts

Mocha Uson's reply to Regina Belmonte
Mocha Uson made an apology from her Mocha Uson Facebook page

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