In the aftermath of the US presidential elections in 2016, the public was surprised to know that Donald Trump made a very slim victory over Hilary Clinton. Donald Trump is officially announced as the 45th President of the United States of America. Trump eventually won at least 279 primaries over Clinton's 228 in a race to 270 total number of primaries. The day after the national election in the United States, hundreds of thousands of protesters rallied on the streets to maximize their freedom of expression and speech.

On the other hand, Rodrigo Duterte won the Philippine presidential election as the 16th president of the Republic of the Philippines. He won via landslide victory with a total of 16 million votes all over the country. The victory of Rodrigo Duterte was totally supported by his followers nationwide who were ecstatic about his recent triumph for being the head of state of the country in modern history. After winning the Philippine national election on May 9, 2016, the result made a peaceful consequence because there were no street demonstrations that were carried out on the streets after Rodrigo Duterte won as the new leader of the country.
Rodrigo Duterte on the left and Donald Trump on the Right
The politics in the Philippines and the United States are heavily monitored not just by political analysts but also the residents of their respective countries. Residents in these respective two countries are now more observant, who not just analyze their political candidates. They are also oriented how to scrutinize the credibility of the candidates vying for a public position.

Presidential elect Donald Trump made history as the first president of the United States who is a business tycoon. Before announcing his candidacy to run for the presidency, Donald Trump was a very busy businessman who runs his multi-billion groups of companies along with his immediate families and relatives. One of Trump's well-known establishment is the Trump Tower installed in several parts of the world. The Trump tower installed in key cities around the world symbolizes the accomplishments and dominance of Donald Trump's companies that are now operated by his offsprings.

Rodrigo Duterte is the first Mindanaoan who won the Philippine presidential election on May 9, 2016. He was hesitating to run at first because of financial constraints. When several business tycoons offered to support his political campaign to run for president, he eventually agreed and now, he is the 16th president of the republic of the Philippines. As a new president, he continuous to impress every leader of a certain sovereign nation that he visits. Foreign countries are impressed by the gradual positive remarks that have been made by president Rodrigo Duterte, diminishing negative impressions against him.

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6 similar facts between Presidents Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump

1. They are nationalistic: Both presidents wants to promote their sense of nationalism by means of maximizing the pride of their nation. They want their constituents to strengthen their sense of nationalism, which will build more trust and promotes their sense of credibility to improve their national identity to the world. These presidents want to diminish overdependence with other countries because they believe that they have the resources, manpower, and very talented professionals to rebuild their nations.

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2. Loves Vladimir Putin: President Vladimir Putin is the current President of Russia. What is interesting about Putin is about his sense of possessing a strong national pride that makes Russia as an independent country. Russia is the long-term nemesis of the western allied due to their political differences since the end of World War II. Putin's strong determination to isolate Russia from the rest of the world captured the hearts and soul Donald Trump and Rodrigo Duterte, which is unlikely for these two nations who were close associated with the western countries.

3. Wants to improve ties with the second world countries: Both Rodrigo Duterte and Donald Trump wants to rebalance the political global powers. This means that the Philippines and the United States plans to eliminate the gap between the communist or socialist countries and the western countries. In this way, the there will be a lesser division of power and influence that the western and communist countries that can prevent political and social differences. There will be a long-term solution that will eventually solve differences and global conflicts that affect other nations around the world.

4. Outspoken: Both presidents are very outspoken, especially when they will be in front of a microphone. Donald Trump has always been verbal about his plans to flush out immigrants away from the United States and building a new great wall of borders to prevent migrants from sneaking in the United States undocumented. Rodrigo Duterte also made waves in mass media for lamenting against the western powers. Duterte is very disappointed how western countries due to the issue in extra-judicial killings.

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5. Economists love them: Donald Trump is a well-experienced businessman, which is the reason why he became a business mogul. Several businesses and commerce industries are in favor of Trump's economic policies because he can deliver a very competitive advantage of revitalizing the economy of the United States. This is similar to President Duterte's plan for adapting former administration's past economic provision and then integrating with new measures to further accelerate the growth of the Philippines to become more competitive in the world.

6. Good governance: Don't blame Donald Trump if he wants to flush-out migrants in his country because he wants to diminish terrorism in his homeland. This is similar to Rodrigo Duterte's campaign on illegal narcotics, which is one of the poorly controlled criminal activities in the Philippines. Both presidents only want to serve the best interest of their constituents so that they can provide the most peaceful communities that their government has to offer. Although their visions are quite challenging, their strategic plans always materialize efficiently and accurately.

What are your thoughts? are they similar or different?

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