The Philippines is closely monitoring the latest presidential election where a new leader has already been announced. After hours of waiting the new leader of the United States of America emerged. Even miles away from the United States, Filipinos are always concerned about the situation of the United States political atmosphere. This is because United States has always been a brother to the country after it allowed the country to govern its sovereignty after it was liberated at the end of the Second World War.

On November 9, 2016, the United States finally elected its new president that comes from the Republican Political Party. Donald Trump is now declared as the new head of state of the United States of America after defeating Hilary Clinton from the Democratic Republican Party. He is expected to succeed outgoing president Barack Obama on January of 2017 during the inauguration of the next leader of the most powerful nation in the world. The latest triumph of Donald Trump surprised the whole world. Even the people of the United States did not expect that Donald will dominate the final verdict of the 2016 US Presidential elections.
The Philippine Map on the left and US president Donald Trump on the right
Donald Trump is a former business tycoon turned into a politician. And now, he is the 45th president of the United States of America. He is expected to be the most powerful leader in the world due to his country's immense influence to the political, economic, cultural, and security lifestyle of the world. President Trump is expected to revitalize the world with his new ideas, belief, and influence to the society.

For the Philippines, the Filipinos are divided with the latest result of the 2016 US Presidential elections that was just held on November 9, 2016. For the positive side, Filipinos who supported Donald Trump are not all supporters from the Republican side. Donald Trump's style and strategy is way different than the traditional politicians who will give another voice of America's political identity. Although he is from the Republican Political Party, his presence can transform and revitalize the traditional practice of conservativism to transform into a modernized political identity to the world.

However on the negative side, Filipinos were and still in shock ove the win of Donald Trump, citing that this will be a major blow for the political atmosphere of the United States. Many migrants started to plan for migrating to other countries due to their dismay for the future of the United States' politics and socio-economic platforms. The Canadian Immigration's official website crashed when there were large volumes of Americans who wants to contact the agency to acquire some advice regarding for their resettlement in Canada. And for some Filipinos, Trump's governance is believed to create a dark age that can blanket the bright atmosphere of the United States for upcoming years.

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5 facts that can impact the Philippines after Donald Trump wins as US president

1. Restore ties with the Philippines: President Rodrigo Duterte likens himself to Donald Trump, saying that they have similar persona. Donald Trump is the prototype of Duterte in the Philippines, having similar outspoken behaviors especially when facing the media. President Duterte believes that the new president will have similar political visions with its local and international affairs. Their similarities could restore bilateral relationships with each other just like what Duterte have done with China.

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2. Improves US economic stability: President Donald Trump is a business tycoon in America. He is known for establishing a widespread international business empire in real estate industry. During his reign as the American head of state, he is expected to make new strategies to improve the productivity of the Federal Reserve responsible for cushioning the economy of the United States. This is similar with his campaign to help reduce overspending by the United States to its international affairs that will help solve the country's growing foreign debts.

3. Controls outsourcing of jobs: US president Donald Trump is poised to control Multinational Companies who are known to outsource their operations abroad. In the Philippines, the Business Process Outsourcing is concerned about President Trump's plan to limit the number of foreign companies operating in the Philippines. Trump wants companies to have a cheaper expense to alleviate the burden of allocating their budget that should have been intended for their profits. This is a concern for countries who are dependent on outsourcing industry because it could mean that there are hundreds of thousands of jobs that could be lost from this possibility.

4. Blocking immigrants: Donald Trump also indicates that when he is elected as the president, he wants all immigrants to send back to their home country. Even if these immigrants have already gained their citizenship status. This is because foreign immigrants could pose a threat to the United States due to the rampant cases of terrorism across the country. Overseas Filipino Workers could be at risk for being deported back to the Philippines when Trump implements this new rule. Americans are now starting to plan for the emigration to other countries such as Canada, Europe, and in Asia.

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5. Improves tourism in the Philippines: There are growing number of foreign expats in the Philippines. Americans are one of the countries who are composed as one of the highest numbers of expats in the country. This means that the Philippines may experience an increasing number of foreign expatriates who can make a significant boom to the local economy of the Philippines. These foreign expats bring with them their monthly pensions, which could contribute to the consumer spending in the Philippines.

6. The social threat of Racism: Filipinos are regarded as one of the minority groups in the United States. Since Donald Trump is from a group of individuals who are portraying supremacist ideology, the minority groups are at risk of being discriminated and segregated. Aside from Filipinos, Latin Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, and Muslims will not be spared from the growing number of skepticism against the president's treatment towards minorities.

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