The Supreme Court of the Philippines finally ruled out the final verdict of former president Ferdinand Marcos who ruled the country for 20 years or two decades. This time, Ferdinand Marcos is now eventually allowed to be buried at the Hero's cemetery (Libingan ng mga Bayani), which is one of his last wish before he died in Hawaii. This is a cemetery where the former heroes of the country were buried by the past administrations to pay respect for those personalities who made a significance to the Philippine society.

Ferdinand Marcos is now permitted by the Supreme Court of the Philippines to grant his burial to the Hero's cemetery. There were at least 9 justices who voted in favor for the burial of former president, outnumbering the other 5 justices in the Supreme Court. The 9 justices were Brion, Velasco, Peralta, Bersamin, Del Castillo, Perez, De Castro, Mendoza, Perez-Bernabe. The 5 justices who voted against the burial of former president were Carpio, Sereno, Leonen, Jardeleza, and Caguioa. The latest decision made by the Supreme Court is expected to be challenged by several groups and personalities who sare disappointed for the former president to be buried in Hero's cemetery.
Leila Delima on upper left, Bam Aquino on lower left, Pnoy Aquino at the center, Risa Hontiveros on the upper right, and Leni Robredo on lower right
Hero's cemetery is one of the most controversial places in the Philippines because it is where former leaders and heroes are currently being buried. This is regarded as one of the most sacred places in the Philippines because a candidate should have to undergo a due process before they will be allowed to be buried. But for former president Ferdinand Marcos, this is the greatest challenge even if he already joined our creator.

As expected, there will be another wave counter-affidavits that will be filed by the opposing groups and individuals who are very disappointed with the recent decision by the Supreme Court. The new wave of counter affidavits will surely cause a headache for the Marcos family because it can still threaten to delay the decision to bury the former president Ferdinand Marcos. There are several venues where opposition groups are currently hosting a rally against the burial of the former president who ruled the country for two decades. The rallies will now establish a new petition to collect thousands of signatures to challenge the current verdict of Marcos' burial in the Hero's cemetery.

Although there are still who are dismayed by the recent decision of the Supreme Court, the Marcos family is very happy that the former head of state is now given the chance to have a proper place to rest. Imee Marcos, Bong Bong Marcos, and Irene Marcos are surely delighted with the decision. Both Bong Bong and Imee made a separate interviews, stating that they were never been this happy that their father's wish is now granted. Imelda Marcos is also happy that her former husband will now have a safe place to rest after a series of political chaos

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11 Interesting Facts about Ferdinand Marcos

5 People who are disappointed to bury Ferdinand Marcos

1. Leila Delima: Obviously, she is a former Human Rights commissioners in the Philippines when she was appointed by former president Gloria Arroyo. Now that she is a senator, she is going up against the Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Senator De lima is disappointed because there are still unsolved cases in relation with the human rights cases during the administration of Ferdinand Marcos. In addition, Delima is the most prominent opposition leader against President Duterte and his political administration in the Philippines.

2. Bam Aquino: The only Aquino who is the remaining politician occupying one of the highest political positions in the country. Bam is also very disappointed that his family's nemesis is given the chance to be buried in the "Libingan ng mga Bayani" Hero's burial. Bam Aquino is the nephew of former president Benigno Aquino III, which is the son of former president President Cory Aquino. He feels that the latest decision of the Supreme Court could badly damage the repuation of the Philippine democracy for allowing a leader responsible for violating human rights when he was still the president.

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3. Risa Hontiveros: Another ally of Leila Delima who is a vocal senator of the Philippines, wanting to serve and defend human rights to the public. Risa indicated that she will still be helping the opposition to challenge the latest decision of the Supreme Court. She will still fight for the latest decision, hoping that it would delay, or reverse the decision of the Supreme Court not to bury the former president of the Philippines. Risa is also a prominent activist in the Philippines, taking part in numerous demonstrations to express her opinions and thoughts about social and political affairs.

4. Leni Robredo: The vice-president of the Philippines is a known supporter of the past administration, which is headed by president Benigno Aquino. The overall message of her statement is all about disappointments from the latest decision of the Supreme Court. Leni is under the Liberal Party of the Philippines, which is the main opposition group of Duterte's political administration. However, Leni Robredo still respects the decision of the Supreme Court, indicating that she respects the Philippine law.

5. Benigno Aquino III: The former president is surely disappointed on the latest decision of the Supreme Court because after all, his family is the main nemesis of the Marcoses. During his administration, the Marcoses expects that Ferdinand Marcos' wish will not push through because Benigno Aquino wants to sacrifice for his father's legacy, which is Benigno Aquino Sr. But when the Supreme Court already decided burying the former president, Aquino still hopes that it will be overturned with the help of his allies to challenge the decision through legal means.

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On the other hand, here are other personalities who respected the decision of the Supreme Court

  • Senator Panfilo Lacson indicated that the decision of the Supreme Court should be respected. This is after all, there are no law that prohibits any former leaders of the Philippines to be buried in the Hero's Cemetery. We should move on and should concentrate with our professional affairs. 
  • Rodrigo Duterte is happy that the decision of the Supreme Court finally addressed to bury the former president. he promised that every former president has the right to be buried into the Hero's cemetery. After all, former president Ferdinand Marcos is still qualified because he was the head of state. 
  • The Marcos family is very optimistic that their father, the former head of state has been granted by his final wish. Imee, Bong Bong, Irene, and Imelda Marcos are now enjoying the moments, regarding it as a victory to their family after 30 years of waiting. 

So what are your thoughts about the latest decision of the Supreme Court?

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