Miss Universe is the most anticipated international beauty pageant in the world with over 85 confirmed candidate this December. The number is expected to rise as there are still major national pageants that are still underway to select their official representatives to compete for the 65th edition of Miss Universe. Since it is just a few weeks before the official pageant competition will kick-off, there are almost one dozen candidates who are expected to make a scene to grace the event. Are you ready to follow and watch the 65th edition of Miss Universe?

The beautiful islands of the Philippines is the official host of Miss Universe 2016 after sponsors and major supporters for the hosting of the pageant have already fulfilled the requirements for Miss Universe Organization. Miss Universe beauty pageant competition will start on the first week of January of 2017. Miss Universe candidates for 2016 will now start to prepare and are also given the time to take a holiday break on during Christmas and New Year breaks before they will be flying to the Philippines. The coronation night of Miss Universe is set to take place on January 30, 2017, which will be held in SM MOA (Mall of Asia) Arena in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
Miss Universe 2016 top 20 favorites and predictions
The 65th edition of Miss Universe will showcase the beautiful scenery and landscapes of the Philippines. Miss Universe delegates as well as with their national directors and supporters will be able to experience a unique travel experience with a heart-warming hospitality. Both the Philippine tourism board and the Miss Universe Organization hopes that the number will rise in order to make a historic Miss Universe with the most number of delegates.

Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is very happy to crown her successor in her own country after reigning for more than one year since she won last December in 2015. Pia will have a duo hosting with Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina. The two Filipinas are expected to showcase their hospitality abilities to experience a once in a lifetime experience for the delegates to experience the wonders of the Philippines. All participants will travel across the country before, during, and after the course of the pageant competition.

This edition of Miss Universe is the third time that the Philippines will host the most anticipated international beauty pageant in the world. The country hosted previous editions of Miss Universe that was way back in 1974 and 1994. This edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant is considered to be as one of the fiercest and challenging for pageant contestants. This is because there are more than half of all contestants who underwent rigorous trainings and pageantry workshops to increase their chances of becoming Pia's successor. As of now, there are several ladies who are now being monitored by pageant fanatics for having the highest chances of winning the pageant.

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Miss Universe 2016 top 20 Predictions and Favorites

1. AUSTRALIA (Caris Tiivel)
Caris Tiivel
It seems that Australia is always sending competitive delegates year after year. This time, Caris Tiivel is another potential lady who can show her undeniable beauty that everyone must have to watch out for. Caris is a fashion model and by just looking at her photo frame, she always know how to play with the camera. Every angle makes her appealing to every photographer and anyone who wants to take a glance to her photos. It will not be a surprise if she translate her modeling performance into the world of pageantry. She can reach either top 5 or top 3.

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2. BARBADOS (Shannon Harris)
Shannon Harris
An interesting delegate from the Caribbean region between North and South America is also generating attention from pageant enthusiasts and critics. Shannon has a fresh face that can surprise anyone during the 65th edition of Miss Universe. But when she will wear even a little make-up, her real beauty can smolder other delegates. If she can walk well and could show her competent self-confidence, Barbados will make Latin delegates shiver with nervousness. Barbados can reach as far as top 10.

3.  BRAZIL (Raissa Santana)
Raissa Santana
One of the most watched delegate from South America. Raissa made headlines for trending a traditional bouncing Afro-hairstyle that complimented her aura, catwalk, and bubbly personality during the coronation night of Miss Brasil. This girl is undeniably a complete package. She has the aura, she has the personality, and she has a very strong stage presence every time that she walks through the runway. She can reach as high as top 3 during the coronation night if she delivers a consistent performance.

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4. CANADA (Siera Bearchell)
Siera Bearchell
This country sends delegates that delivers fluctuating performances, but if they send a stunning delegate, expect an extreme positive result. And this time, they are sending a delegate with a promising placement in this year's edition of Miss Universe. Siera shows an enigmatic personality that could be a formidable force to reckon during the course of Miss Universe competition. She is a people person, which can easily adapt to any environment that surrounds her. We can see her fly as high as top 10.

5. CHINA (Li Zhenying)
Li Zhenying
China is a country where there are millions of beautiful girls who can make a worldwide attention in the world of beauty pageantry and fashion industries. But this year, they will send a delegate that can deliver a stellar performance in Miss Universe. Li Zhenying is a fashion model. She is tall with a well-proportioned and a statuesque body structure, Li can gain a more surprising attention to any crowd. If she combine her fierceness persona with her stage presence, she can exceed what Lou Zilin have had accomplished in 2011.

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6. COLOMBIA (Andrea Tovar)
Andrea Tovar
When we think about vengeance, this girl will surely make a deal out of it. With a very satisfying placement of Ariadna last year, Andrea is expected to bring another outstanding performance in this edition of Miss Universe. She is well-trained with a very superb catwalk skills and well-proportioned body structure. Her beauty is remarkable, revealing a soft tone in every angle. But with her strong stage presence and outstanding personality, Andrea will surely give other contestants a very competitive match during the course of the competition.

7. COSTA RICA (Carolina Rodriguez)
Carolina Rodriguez
Carolina previously went to the Philippines to experience the ambiance of the country's tropical paradise in the past months and she will return to apply what she have learned during training and workshops. One of the most appealing qualities that can be observed is her fighting spirit and confidence. She is also trained by both her handlers in her country as well as some beauty pageant camps in the Philippines. Her queenly aura as well as appealing body structure is some of her best assets she can always slay to make her consistently stand out. She can reach probably either top 15 or top 10.

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Sal Garcia
This edition of Miss Universe is very interesting because you can witness several girls that stands more than six feet tall. One of them is Sal Garcia, who stands at a towering height of 6'2. One of her greatest skill is her catwalk and strong stage presence that was seen when she performed well during the conclusion of her national pageant. Her past modeling experienced helped her built a top-caliber confidence that made her standout. Her bouncing catwalk skill could push other contestants away from reaching the semi-finals round. Better watch out for this beautiful woman.

9. FRANCE (Iris Mittenaere)
Iris Mittenaere
France is one of the most successful countries in Europe that consistently places in every edition of Miss Universe. This will still be a possibility under the persona of Iris Mittenaere. She possesses a bubbly personality with a unique beauty that will make Filipinos admire her. Iris has a unique sense of having a strong vibe whenever she presents herself in front of the crowd that could make her a symbol of hope and attraction. Her personality can raise a sparkling performance during the preliminary and finals night of the pageant.

10. INDIA (Roshmita Harimurthy)
Roshmita harimurthy
Many seem to observe that India is slowly coming back to life in the world of beauty pageantry. This will help Roshmita to carry a very strong sash in this edition of Miss Universe. Roshmita is regarded as a beautiful woman with a bomb. This is because she can be regarded as a candidate who silently earns high scores during the preliminaries with her well-trained catwalk skills, personality, stage presence, and a charming ability to smoothly penetrate until the finals.

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11. INDONESIA (Kezia Warouw)
Kezia Warouw
Another very tall delegate will generate a round of attention during the course of Miss Universe. Her country is also gaining an optimistic sash factor due to her predecessor's consistent placement in Miss Universe. Indonesia is also helped by Filipino pageant mentors to boost their confidence by showing a great catwalk skills, personality development, and a strong stage presence. Kezia can guarantee a spot in top 10 during the finals night of the competition with her consistent and competitive stage presence.

12. JAMAICA (Isabel Dalley)
Isabel Dalley
In the warm Caribbean Island of Jamaica, they can expect a promising delegate to place in this year's edition of Miss Universe under the name of Isabel Dalley. This woman is probably the most photogenic candidate this year with a perfect smile, appealing jaw structure, and a bubbly personality. She is surely being trained by her pageant mentors who made successful placements from the past editions of international beauty pageants. Her sweet aura with a magnetic stage presence can quickly generate thousands of followers and admirers.

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13. MALAYSIA (Kiran Jassal)

This neighboring country of the Philippines is still hoping for their second placement in Miss Universe pageant through Kiran Jassal. This candidate is obviously charming with a regal pageant aura. If Miss Universe Organization will announce for an additional special award, she could be the recipient of "Miss Creamsilk" award with her noticeably wavy and smooth hair. Kiran has been training for months to achieve an optimum Miss Universe caliber, which could break the urban legend for Malaysia's long-term denial to penetrate the semi-final's spot.

14. MEXICO (Kristal Silva)
Kristal Silva
Many are waiting for the arrival of Miss Mexico to join other competitive ladies to watch out for during this edition of Miss Universe. Kristal is a veteran in the world of beauty pageantry. She was the finalist of Miss Earth 2013 and was one of top 8 finalists, but was beaten by Alyz Hendrich from Venezuela. Kristal is already pageant ready, equipped with a great catwalk skills, strong stage presence, and eye capturing facial beauty. She can be considered as one of the strongest delegates in this year's edition of Miss Universe that every pageant fanatics should watch out.

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15. NETHERLANDS (Zoey Ivory)
Zoey Ivory
Another woman from the Netherlands can also make a successful placement this year. Zoey Ivory is a fashion model, appeared in past fashion week in Amsterdam. As a model, she knows how to angle her natural facial structure and able to create an artistic angles to symbolize artistry. As a fashion model, it is already given that she is already charming, with a pleasant catwalk skills, and a creative sense of styling. Her bouncy hair reflects her charming personality that can generate new friendships with other delegates, pageant fans, and Filipino spectators.

16. PHILIPPINES (Maxine Medina)
Maxine Medina
There are three reasons why Maxine will never fail her Filipino and foreign pageant fanatics. One is that it will be the home court advantage, in which she is the most favored candidate in this edition of Miss Universe. Miss Universe Organization, businesses, and foreign pageant fanatics are yet to experience the ultimate sound of roaring fans everywhere across the Philippines, making it as a potential advantage. Second is her full package training and conditioning wherein she has been working hard in personality workshops, fitness training, and catwalk improvement. And third, she is carrying a very strong sash because the reigning Miss Universe is Pia Wurtzbach from the Philippines as well as her colleagues never stop winning international pageant crowns year-by-year.

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17. THAILAND (Chalita Suansane)
Chalita Suansane
The land of smiles could further widen their mouth and jump with joy for Chalita's placement. One interesting fact about Thailand is that they consistently surprises the audiences by making a creative national costume. Chalita's presence could make a promising achievement, replicating her predecessor last year. Thailand is equipped with a superb team of beauty pageant experts who are providing her with the essential elements to fulfill their country's dream of transforming her into an ultimate caliber candidate.

18. UNITED STATES (Deshauna Barber)
Deshauna Barber
During Miss USA national pageant, Deshauna was regarded an underdog. But when she surfaced in front of the judges, they never expected her to show an immense strong stage presence, which is her main weapon that made her the ultimate winner that will represent the United States for Miss Universe. Off-stage, her humility can transform into a "girl next door" type of woman. But when she comes out on stage, spectators usually will suffer from her unexpected sonic boom aura that could push anyone backwards, making her a stand out.

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19. VENEZUELA (Mariam Habach)
Mariam Habach
Either you like her or hate her, she is probably the most prepared contestant than any candidate for this edition of Miss Universe that Venezuela has been preparing for. Mariam is the hope of inspiration for Venezuelans who can light a candle that can spark a hope and inspiration to her country's political and economic chaos. Mariam has already been trained even before winning Miss Venezuela national pageant in her country. Her vibe is similar to Gabriela Isler and there is no reason for her to win her country's 8th crown during the conclusion of the pageant night.

20. VIETNAM (Dang Thi Le Hang)
Dang Thi Le Hang
The last time that Vietnam placed was in 2008. Last year, Vietnam though they could repeat the same scenario but failed. She is a fashion model and already made several runway walks, which can help her brush the runway when she will be vying for the top spot during the preliminaries. But this year, there is a new hope for this nation to penetrate this year's semi-finalist spot. Dang could even overshine last year's performance through her exquisite oriental beauty to the audience and pageant analysts. The only thing about her is about the catwalk.

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DARK HORSES: Ladies that can replace favorites 

  • PANAMA: She is an experience delegate, which can make a promising placement if any of the top favorite ladies fail to deliver a stellar performance. The preliminary competition is the only way she could elevate herself to reveal her true competitiveness by hammering her skills in catwalk, poise, and presentation to the audience. 
  • RUSSIA: This lady is underrated by many. Her unique facial structure makes it interesting for her to utilize it and can maximize as her main weapon to penetrate the semifinals. Watch out for her during the preliminary competition. 
  • CROATIA: One of the most facially alluring delegates in this year's batch. Her regal beauty can make an advantage to enter the semifinalist round of the competition. Keep in mind that if there are others who did not perform well especially during the preliminaries, this delegate will succeed. 
  • NICARAGUA: She is fresh, charming, and regal. However, she should show more fierceness and not just about displaying her beauty. If she could materialize all expectations during the course of the pageant, it will not be a surprise if she will out-shadow several favorite delegates in this competition.
  • ECUADOR: This Latin American country is also gaining momentum year after year. If she will play her cards well, she can obviously make it to the top. She is trained, prepared, and ready to showcase her pageantry skills to prove that the selected favorites will be out shined. 

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