Miss Universe 2016 is now officially on with the arrival of selected delegates from the Asia-Pacific region to grace the most coveted pageant in the universe that will be taking place in the Philippines. The most awaited international beauty pageant is now starting its media campaign as a way to promote the event to the Philippines as well as around the world. Candidates are now busy exploring the tropical islands of the Philippines while promoting the Miss Universe event to be held a few weeks from now.

Starting December 20, 2016, Miss Universe Organization will formally allow its tickets to be sold. Since this is an international event, the tickets are not cheap. Prices starts at USD $150, which is convertible to PHP 8,000. VIP tickets are the most expensive, which is worth $1,000. This means that the upper class societies will be the If you really want to attend the coronation event of the 65th Miss Universe on January 30, 2016, you should start saving more money to watch the most memorable event in your life that will take place in the SM Mall of Asia Arena in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines.
The 65th edition of Miss Universe will be held in SM MOA Arena in Pasay City, Metro Manila, Philippines
There are 11 lucky delegates who will be taking part for promoting Miss Universe pageant. Delegates from the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, Myanmar, and South Korea will be helping to promote the 65th edition of Miss Universe by traveling around the country. The foreign delegates are currently being hosted by Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach.

Pageant fanatics from all over the world expect that buying tickets for the 65th Miss Universe is a big challenge. This is because they have to start saving money so that they could attend and participate as spectators during the grand coronation event of the most watched beauty pageant in the world. Regardless of the pricey tickets, there are still many pageant fanatics who are still willing to buy the tickets to watch their favorite delegates from around the world. Although the price is expensive, the most important thing is about the experience. As a pageant fanatic, it is a big fulfillment to attend your favorite pageant in the universe.

This is the third time that the Philippine will be hosting Miss Universe. The last time that the Philippines hosted the event was in 1994 when it crowned Sushmita Sen from India, which is the first from her country to win the pageant. The country hosted Miss Universe in 1974 during the Marcos administration. Imelda Marcos made the hosting of Miss Universe in the Philippines to be one of the grandest. The Department of Tourism of the Philippines hopes that the hosting of Miss Universe will bolster its tourism industry to attract more international guests from all over the world.

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5 money saving tips for Miss Universe 2016 tickets

1. Save 20% of your total monthly earnings: Slashing your overall savings will help you raise money in order for you to buy Miss Universe tickets this January. If your payments are paid on a twice a month basis, you still have three payroll period for you to save money. This will help you raise additional funds to help you purchase Miss Universe tickets. If you start saving now, you will be able to collect funds that will let you experience the most memorable moment by attending the event on January 30, 2016.

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2. Save your coins to a piggy bank: Aside from cutting your whole wage by 20%, you should start filling your piggy back using coins. This method could boost your savings for you to have enough money to buy for a ticket. You can do this regularly right after when you arrive home from work or somewhere else. You should start placing your coins inside your piggy bank, which could make you earn a significant amount after six weeks from this day. When you combine your earnings from your salary and from the coins that you place it inside the piggy bank, you might get yourself a VIP ticket.

3. Sell your personal items that you no longer need: The best way for you to save and earn more is to start selling your personal items that you no longer need or use it. The best personal items are mobile phones, old laptops, clothes, and beauty products that you seldom use. Post your items on social media because it is the most accessible tool for you to sell it. The revenues generated from these items can help you purchase a ticket to attend the most memorable event in your life, which is watching Miss Universe 2016.

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4. Apply for a part-time job: Having a permanent and stable job is already a luxury for you to have a sustainable income. However, having a part-time job will make it easier for you to earn and save more money to buy a ticket. For as long as you manage your time correctly, finding a part-time job enables you to increase chances of buying Miss Universe tickets ahead of time. While you save your money, you can also generate more money to buy Miss Universe tickets on January.

5. Avoid extravagant lifestyle: If you are serious about buying a ticket to attend the grand coronation event of Miss Universe, it is time for you to avoid a lavish lifestyle. Minimize satisfying yourself attending to bars, parties, or unproductive lifestyle that could urge you to spend more. Avoid going to bars, which could lead you buying alcoholic drinks and cigarettes that are bad for your health. Avoid going to any restaurants or any recreational facilities that will require you to pay, which will prevent you from earning.

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Rumored Miss Universe Ticket Prices

  • VIP: $1000 
  • Patron: $800
  • Lower Box A: $750
  • Lower Box B: $500
  • Upper Box: $300
  • General Admission: $150

Obviously, Miss Universe tickets are not cheap

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