In the fashion industry, designers are the ultimate sources of creative designs in any fashion sense across the world. Designers are responsible for initiating their ideas and resourcefulness to become an icon in the fashion industry by means of initiating a trend with regards to fashion and clothing styles. Each year, there are different trending items and designs patronized by fashion enthusiasts until it will become a household item. Creative designs of fashion designers come with a hefty price because they are responsible for causing a new trend that allows the public to embrace a new sense of fashion taste as can be materialized in their clothing and their stylish adventures.

However, the fashion industry faces challenges constantly over a period of time such as every season of each year. This is because some of their designs are being copied by any third parties and then claiming it as their own. For the case of Mark Bumgarner, which is a well-known fashion designer, he is now crying foul over the alleged copying of Miss Universe-Peru 2015 Laura Spoya in one of her wedding gowns. Mark is pertaining to his clover design, which was seen being copied and then worn by Laura Spoya during her wedding day. As the original designer of the gown, Mark is extremely disappointed because he never expected that his design was then allegedly copied by the former contestant of Miss Universe in 2015.
Laura Spoya's wedding gown sparks controversy
Miss Universe Peru 2015 Laura Spoya represented Peru during the 64th edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant. Pia Wurtzbach is the third woman from the Philippines won during that edition of Miss Universe. However, Laura Spoya ended up unplaced during the pageant.

Mark Bumgarner was talking with his friend and expressed his disappointment with Laura Spoya's behavior towards him. Mark mentioned that Laura was interested in his clover gown design. Laura sent her pictures and body measurements and indicated that she is interested in buying that particular clover design from Mark Bumgarner. Laura initially told Mark Bumgarner that the wedding was eventually canceled for no apparent reason. Mark then took it lightly and then moved on to his endeavors and attended to other clients as well as concentrating to his new sets of designs for the next fashion launch campaigns. Mark was shocked to find out that he was blocked by her in Facebook

On February 13, 2017, Laura Spoya tied the knot with Brian Rullan in Acapulco, Mexico. Laura invited some of her fellow contestants during her wedding day. They are Wendy Esparza of Mexico, Glady's Amaya or Panama, Clarissa Molina of the Dominican Republic, Francesca Cipriani of Ecuador, Idubina Rivas of El Salvador, Toria Nichole of the Bahamas, and Anindya Putri of Indonesia. Mark was then tagged during that wedding day and only to find out that she was wearing a replica of his clover design in one of Laura's wedding dresses. After seeing the replica, Mark commented that it was a bad copy because it is not an original design and it was just a replica of his clover design.

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In addition to the controversy, Mark Bumgarner also indicated that he needs an apology for what Laura have done to him. This is because the alleged gown copying issue is a serious matter, given that he discovered Laura's intention to replicate his design without informing him. Although Mark Bumgarner is very upset about the situation, he can't do anything because he believes that fashion design is not included in a law with regards to infringing intellectual properties. This means that Laura is safe from being sued by Mark because it would take him more time, effort, and expenses if he will pursue a legal case.

Conversation between MarkBumgarner and mv_notelopangas in Instagram
Mark Bumgarner is a Filipino fashion designer. He is known for dressing up Filipina celebrity. One of them is Heart Evangelista who wore his black version of his clover inspired gown design. The other is the reigning Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza who wore his pink-colored clover design gown when she was competing in that particular event. Since then, this clover design sparked other interested celebrities, foreign personalities, and royalties who also became interested in this particular design.

Miss Universe 2015 issue

After the controversial announcement of Miss Universe 2015, which is Pia Wurtzbach, the girls were divided over the result. Even though it was a terrible mistake committed by Steve Harvey, Pia Wurtzbach still emerged as the rightful winner of the event. However, there were supporters of Miss Universe 2015 First Runner-up Ariadna Gutierrez who claims that she was robbed and the winner doesn't deserved it. Germany was the main candidate who lamented against the result of the pageant. And here comes Laura Spoya, who was also allegedly dissatisfied with the results of the pageant during the coronation night.

The 64th edition of Miss Universe was then under a new management by IMG/WME, which is a large entertainment company. The new management is also responsible for recruiting new models who will make a new debut on the runway as well as will be featured in several magazine spreads. The group purchased Miss Universe franchise that was then sold by Donald Trump who was its former management team.

Laura Spoya's successor Valeria Piazza competed in the Philippines by representing Peru in the 65th edition of Miss Universe. Valeria was called as one of the top 13 semifinalists during the coronation day on January 30, 2017.

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