Each person has an average of either two to three hours per day when using the internet via desktops, tablets, and mobile phones before and after attending classes or routine job. This means that they are now getting inclined with the network systems by means of engaging online relationships with other users to exchange information that is usually related to their routines. The internet is the new norm in our society because almost all users are now inclined with online-related affairs and activities that are translated into the online world. With this response, people are becoming more dependent on computers, which has been a phenomenal trend in the modern society.

There are several social media platforms that are being used online by several individuals. But there is one major website that dominates them all. With over a billion active users online, Facebook is the largest social networking website in the world. It has more than 1 billion active users and the numbers are increasing exponentially. Facebook is the face of social media networking because users can easily access online using their electronic devices through their social media profiles. Whenever they logged-in, they are now technically active that can connect to other user, groups, and institutions who happens to be using the same social media network. Basically, Facebook could definitely complete one's routine because it helps them access any insights that they can acquire online.
Facebook Tips 
Speaking about Facebook's usage, there are users who are not aware how to properly maximize the features of this particular social media. This is the reason why the company launched its Facebook Tips page, which is a page that aims to provide a cause such as giving tips to anyone who wants to improve their user experience. Facebook Tips page is generally a guide and a support page to allow Facebook users to discover more features of the social media platform.

This is because online users are not that well-oriented with regards to dealing with online-related tasks. Some are just new to this kind of trend, which is a transforming trend in the modern society. People who were used to living in a society where computer networks were not available are having a hard time catching up with the new phase of the industrial society wherein the importance of network communication has been playing an important role, supporting our daily lifestyle as well as our creativity. This is a challenge for most online users who are not aware with regards to the transitioning features of the virtual networks.

For just a few weeks since it was launched, the number of likers and followers dramatically increased. After Facebook tips, it is expected that Facebook will launch more pages that will encourage users to have a sustainable way of enjoying their network connection while learning and relaying information online. This is because as the trend continues to transform, and so are the bad guys who already knows how to manipulate network systems as a way to take advantage against individuals who are vulnerable with online threats. Numerous reports of cyber-related crimes are being documented by the law enforcement agencies, risking their personal information.

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6 Benefits when you follow the Facebook Tips page

1. Learn more about Facebook's features: When you use Facebook as your main mode of online communication and networking with other users, this indicates that you should need more information to maximize the use of this social media. Facebook Tips page entices users to learn more about the features in order to further enjoy while being logged in online into this particular social media platform. Facebook is not just all about communication, this social media tool allow any users to explore more about social networking services, learning activities, and to improve their lifestyle not online through online but also to any personal routine.

2. Account protection guide: Facebook Tips Page is always concerned about the welfare of every user's security, especially when dealing with their personal social media profile. Tips provide as guides for users under the initiative of Facebook staff in order to help improve user-friendly issues that impacts their welfare while using this particular social media. Security is always an urgent concern for users accessing their personal profiles online. This is because cyber criminals are installing spyware that will try to take personal information of users to exploit it for their personal greed online.

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3. Recent updates: Whenever there are new announcements, Facebook Tips page is one of the portals for users to be updated in every new recommendation and upgrade. This includes announcements regarding the scheduled maintenance of the social media to restore any information that were lost. This also includes a new feature that will bring more excitement to every user to patronize the social media. Examples are the inclusion of new emojis, new live streaming options, and video-calling networks that will enable users to integrate their interaction with other users. All announcements will also be posted on that particular page for users to be informed.

4. Helps to build networking: If you are running a business, Facebook Tips page encourages you to become more productive using this particular social media platform. The page allows every business owners to become more productive by building their network. This is because the social media has an option for business owners to create their personalized page or groups. Creating groups that is specifically for that particular business allow consumers to explore more about the enterprise as well as the services that it offers. Basically, it is a simple network solution process that entices users within the same area to expand their business online.

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5. Improves your multimedia skills: Facebook tips allow users to become more skilled when it comes to tweaking multimedia such as photos, videos, and other graphical image presentation online. This involves knowing how to operate a live streaming activity whenever the users want to have a live event so that other users can watch it. Users will learn how to edit photos, which is a skill that can be learned by watching and reading tutorials online. By this tricks suggested by the page, online users could improve their photo and video editing skills, which could probably a ticket for their future career in terms of video editing management.

6. Becoming vigilant: Aside from protecting your personal Facebook account, becoming vigilant is also an important fact that a person should know to prevent being victimized by cyber criminals. This is because Facebook Tips page allow users to know the signs that they are facing scammers or online cyber criminals. The reason behind is that they are being able to determine real and fake profiles that are now circulating online to search for unsuspecting victims. For this reason, Facebook has been creating new platforms to prevent any sorts of scamming or any cyber-related activities that could risk their personal information online.

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