She looks so innocent and seems just like a simple girl that you randomly see along the streets or inside the malls. But don't be fooled by her innocent and angelic appearance because there is something in her that is disturbing and unusual for a normal girl like her. Her name is Liezyl Castana Margallo, who was just passing by across the shores in Cebu to spot a place where she could relax and have an ample time for herself. While she was walking along the coast, she was spotted by the authorities, apprehended her, and then forwarded her into custody. These were the members of the National Bureau of Investigation responsible for handling her case.

It was then revealed that this woman was responsible for large-scale trafficking cases that are now under investigation. Many were shocked that this girl has been under surveillance by the Philippine authorities for a quite some time due to numerous reported incidences of human trafficking involving very young minors. She was dubbed as a notorious child trafficker who lures innocent children to have a lucrative lifestyle under her supervision. Liezyl targets households belonging to the poorest of the poor with no permanent house and just begs for food across the street. This is the opportunity for her to manipulate the young children by offering food and small amounts of money and then will try to kidnap them and then used for trafficking purposes.
"The Savage Girl" is Liezyl Castana Margallo who also uses Shannon Carpio
Liezyl Castana Margallo is a 23-year-old Filipina who looks slightly younger than her age, known popularly as the Savage girl. This is due to her heartless treatment of innocent victims whom she falsely offered a brighter future. She is also facing 12 counts of human trafficking-related cases in Cagayan De Oro City, which was tipped by the Australian authorities.

As a person of interest, Liezyl still continues to attract online attention due to her disturbing footage who was engaging in an abusive act against a minor. This is the reason why she was labeled by the authorities as the "Savage Girl" due to her disturbing engagements that regarded her footage as the worst ever by the investigating team of NBI. Netizens poured their empathy to those victims, which have been victimized by her manipulative and barbaric actions. The videos were extremely graphic enough to be taken down by various streaming sites because it is a disturbing footage, in which only individuals suffering from a sadistic personality disorder. Netizens and various media compare her to a monster due to her cold heart treatment against innocent individuals.

Her involvement in vicious media clips will be used as evidence against her including her partner, which is from Australia named as Gerard Scully. Earlier in February of 2015, Australian authorities tipped off the Philippine government regarding a pending criminal investigation associating Gerard with international syndicates preying on innocent victims. Gerard Scully was then arrested during that period. This is when authorities have identified Gerard's accomplish, who is Liezyl Castana Margallo who continue his illegal trafficking practice. Liezel was just recently arrested on January 5, 2017. Both suspects are now facing multiple charges of different kinds of criminal activities such as trafficking, physical abuse, murder, and cyber criminals under the Philippine law.

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5 Facts about Liezyl Castana Margallo

1. She is a notorious repeat offender: As a notorious offender, Liezyl is already facing multiple counts of crimes. Authorities warn the public that Liezyl is highly dangerous and may pose a risk to safety, especially among the street children where she lured them into a greener pasture as a way to convince them to come with her and then get trafficked. Although she is aware her status as a fugitive, she still continues to repeat similar offenses that she already committed in the past. In this regard, Liezyl is regarded as a professional offender due to her compulsive behavior as a way to satisfy her lifestyle even if she is already being persuaded by the authorities from the Philippines and abroad. She is violent, manipulative, and exploits the innocent lives of the victims.

2. Sadistic Personality Disorder: Liezyl is suffering from a sadistic personality disorder. Similar to her partner, they exhibit similar behavior wherein they are satisfied whenever they see or being involved in an action that involved in an abusive behavior. This behavior is characterized by being a manipulative, aggressive, and cruel towards other individuals. Instances of abuse are observed, similar to what Liezyl did to that young victim that have led to either injury or demise. This has been attributed with the manipulative behavior that she was associated to when working with the syndicates until she became sadistic herself.

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3. A member of an international syndicate:
As a professional human trafficking offender, Liezyl is linked with an international criminal group responsible for trafficking their young victims. Authorities are searching for other groups linked to Liezyl and her partner responsible for exploiting victims and trafficking them to other parts of the world. Liezyl's partner is the main persons of interest who produced explicit contents to other members of the syndicates. They distribute the explicit products for their clients who are also suffering from a sadistic personality disorder, which is a way for them to satisfy their anxiety.

4. Worked as a female guide to foreign visitors in the country: Liezyl is known to some foreigners who were fond of hiring tourist guides who provide an extra service either before or after they tour their patrons across the selected parts of the country. Before being apprehended by the authorities, Liezyl also works as a local guide to foreign visitors coming to the Philippines. She initially identifies herself as a tourist guide before luring them into a sexual contact in exchange for either a financial amount or a free tourist service for a day. She is often being recommended for satisfied patrons who were satisfied by her services.

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5. Works as an online model in several dating sites: Online dating site allows any individual who can become as models, which is banned under the Philippine constitution. This is the reason why Liezyl has been spotted as a performer in several of these media who portrays as a sadistic performer against their victims. Syndicates give Liezyl a lucrative amount of compensation for every performance that she makes and then publishes online. This practice was initially published by her partner who was already nabbed by the Philippine authorities. Liezyl receives a lucrative compensation as high as $1000 in every explicit media performance that she made.

Liezyl is just one of the few girls linked with the international cyber syndicates operating online. Traffickers usually offer an impressive amount of income as a way for their new models to continue what Liezyl have left off. For this reason, there are still more performers like Liezyl who is being hunted down by both local and international authorities to stop similar disturbing incidents circulating online. When human trafficking hits online media, it is very hard for the authorities to track the assailants because they can easily change their profiles and manipulate their online networks from the authorities including their assets.

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