Since Rodrigo Duterte was elected as the 15th President of the Philippines right after May 9, 2016, police heightened their operations against prohibited narcotic users, sellers, and manufacturers. Across the Philippines, there were more than a dozen individuals or groups being persecuted and apprehended by the Philippine National Police. As of February 2017, there are more than 7,000 individuals who are believed to be either apprehended or fatally persecuted by the police force and vigilantes across the Philippines. And since President Rodrigo Duterte reigns supreme as the leader of the Philippine Republic, this trend will continue until the end of his term.

Operation "Tokhang" is a term for police operations going against the users, sellers, and distributors of prohibited narcotics. This is because these perpetrators are responsible for escalating violence, coercion, and intimidation that risks the safety of the society. This police operation aims to decrease the number of incident rates related to negative elements of the society across the country. The Duterte administration believes that cleansing the Philippines through this campaign will decrease the number of criminal activities across the country. So even before the term of the president ends, the Philippines will be one of the peaceful nations in the country where every Filipinos can walk along the streets in the middle of the night without being at risk of harm.
Amulet to protect you from operation "Tokhang" by rogue policemen
The Philippine National Police operations across the country prompted Filipinos to seek protection from the power of nature's elements. This is the first and main priority of President Rodrigo Duterte who wants to sweep all negative elements of the law. President Rodrigo Duterte wants both locals and foreigners across the country to feel safer during his term as the president, which he wants his successor to continue what he had done to the country.

However, there are rogue cops who are taking advantage of this situation as a way for them to get involved in illegal practices. This includes using the operations just to extort unsuspecting victims who were actually innocent. Rogue cops are very dangerous and they pose a significant threat to the society for using their licensed firearms in a wrong way. They list innocent individuals as one of the enlisted personalities who are currently under surveillance that seeks to cover up their illegal practice such as extortion and physical injuries. Rogue cops who were caught by the authorities are mandated to be destined to Basilan to clash with the insurgents.

As a solution to rogue cops, people started resorting to an alternative solution to prevent themselves from being victimized against rogue cops. Individuals who wants to change and to start all over again are also fearing that their lives could be still at risk because they already have a record from the Philippine National Police as a violator of RA 9165 that is also known as the Comprehensive Dangerous Narcotics Act of the Philippines. This will now involve the use of amulets as a protection from stray bullets that were accidentally pointed at them. By wearing these amulets, it is believed that it will use an invisible force that serves as a shield to any metal objects from threatening their lives as well as their safety. All these amulets can also protect you from mass shoot-outs, terrorism, or violent robbery-extortion.

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5 Amulets or lucky charms to protect you from rogue cop's Operation "Tokhang"

1. Coconut stone: This is made up of coconut, which is dried and then turned into a stone. According to folklores, people who will wear this amulet will spare them from any object with a very fast acceleration speed towards them. These are bullets, flying knives, stones being thrown out towards a person, or any object that will be thrown out will be redirected to another direction. It provides an invisible energetic barrier that will seal the person wearing it from any sorts of harm. This is a popular amulet in the Philippines due to the threat of "Tokhang". which is available to all markets across the country.

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2. Fang of the thunder: A person who wears the Fang of a thunder as an amulet will be spared from any risk of danger at any time. The stone appears thunder-shaped stone, resembling the shape and the symbol of the thunder. The stone is believed to be struck by a lightning during a thunderstorm. The electrical force of the lightning is transferred and then stored to the stone, making it as a powerful amulet. The stone is believed to contain a superpower force that could drive away evil spirits, bad vibes, and negative elements of the law such as unlawful Tokhang. So if a person wears it, there is a little chance that they confront harm.

3. Shell amulet: This is the amulet that comes from the sea because it is made up of the shell. When the amulet shows a shiny greenish appearance, the shield energy is turned on against negative elements such as illegal Tokhang operations. It provides an invisible shield to whoever wearing the amulet. The superpower force creates a barrier to allow any object that has an accelerated power towards the person to be redirected. This invisible structure can also prevent any negative elements to harm the person wearing or carrying this particular amulet. The power of the ocean and the gods of the seas provide extra protection to the users against evil spirits that will spare the carrier of the amulet from any bad intention or vibe at any time.

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4. Bullet: This amulet is an efficient amulet for driving away bad luck. If you happen to be in an area known to be a hotspot of Tokhang operations, it would be likely that you will be ignored by both legitimate and illegitimate policemen.However, bullets are not allowed in Philippine airports because erring airport personnel could use it as an advantage to extort you. This is similar with the vigilantes who will spare you from any harm because the invisible force of the bullet will stimulate their brain's perception to ignore you, even if you are with the person of interest that they are targeting. For this reason, it will likely that your life will not be at risk for any impending harm from this particular activity in the area where you are located.

5. Wooden amulet: This is usually a wooden object that is often being carried by older women who believes in this particular practice. Wooden amulet are usually a small twig of a Pine tree. It is more powerful if you tie together with the rabbit's hair. According to most folklores, touching a wood could always bring you good luck. Any cases of mistaken identity will be prevented from any Tokhang-related operations by either the authorities or the vigilantes. Carrying this type of amulet will spare you from any negative omen on that particular day. If there will be an ongoing Tokhang operation in your area, your place can be either spared, or just simply visually inspected by the operatives without entering your home or harming any individuals located inside your home.

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