Since a former student posted a photo of this model in Instagram, it sparked a life-changing transformation for the former engineering professor. Pietro Boselli was having his lecture during that time when some of his fascinated students irresistibly took photos of him during his class. Since day one, students were paying attention to him due to his angelic aura that easily captivated the hearts of every student who were lucky to have him as their professor. Photos were taken without Boselli's knowledge because he was busy with his lecture, which is a normal routine as a professor in a certain university.

As soon as the photos of Pietro were uploaded online, students who recognized him as their hot math teacher immediately liked it, shared, and commented it. The sensational attention of Pietro's photos immediately became a trend online. Boselli became curious whenever he enters the school campus, everybody pops their eyes out towards him and started smiling at him. Out of curiosity, he then asked some of his colleagues and researched online and found out that some of his stolen shots have begun going viral online. The viral photos made him as the new sensation in his campus and then started being called as the hottest math teacher in the campus. When his photos further circulated to international audiences, online users tagged him as the most adorable math teacher in the world.
Pietro Boselli
Pietro Boselli is an Italian engineer and started his professional career as a math teacher in the University College of London. He is very good at any mathematical problem solving, gaining an interest in engineering after graduating in senior high school. He stands 6 foot and 1 inch tall. But the most interesting about him is his charm, body built, and being an approachable person.

Way back in his early childhood, Pietro Boselli was discovered by Giorgio Armani and then booked him to model for Armani's junior fashion brand. But when Pietro grew up, he initially thought that he would pursue his academic goals by taking up a course that suits his interests. After graduating in high school, he went to London and enrolled at the University College London to take up an engineering course. After obtaining an engineering course, Pietro further escalated his academic background by enrolling himself in graduate school. His academic trend further escalated when he finished a doctorate degree, allowing him to become a math teacher to undergraduate students.

Undergraduate students of Pietro Boselli thought that they discovered a new talent, which is a potential model material. As expected, the photos of their math teacher became a viral hit online, gaining attentions to both local and international audiences through social media websites. Little did the students know that their math teacher was already booked by a major modeling agency since age 5. Even before obtaining his doctorate degree and becoming a math teacher, Pietro already modeled for several fashion brands.

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5 Facts why Pietro Boselli is the hottest math teacher in the world

1. He is Italian: Italy has another reason to be proud of because one of their countrymen is now regarded as the most sought fashion model. Pietro Bosselli was born on December 3, 1988, in Negrar, Italy. After being invited by several fashion companies to promote their fashion brands, Pietro then moved to the United Kingdom. By the name itself, you can easily distinguish that he is representing Italy through her complete name. He started to model professionally at the age of 18 while taking up an engineering course.

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2. Pietro is an engineer: This person is not only the hottest. He is also incredibly one of the few models who got the brains by being a superb mathematician. When he moved to the United Kingdom, Pietro did not think twice to enroll to a university. He is aware that modeling is not a long term position because he will be replaced by hotter and younger models from the next generation, overtaking his fashion industry career. He seriously took up mechanical engineering, which is the best solution for him to be employed in the future after his modeling stint. Pietro further advanced his academic career until he obtained a doctorate degree at the University College London.

3. Pietro is regarded as the hottest math teacher: Pietro Boselli admitted that his fame is always concentrated on his physical appearance and not his character. He is seen as the face of Georgio Armani, Emprio, Abercrombie, Equinox, GQ Style, and Attitude. However, he is very thankful that followers always look up to him and to be blessed as the ambassador and a role model to them. Just recently, he signed up another modeling contract with Bench as the new brand ambassador. With his angelic face and well-chiselled body, he is definitely the most desirable former math teacher that his former students look up to. He continues to appear in several runway fashion shows being held all over the world.

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4. He is also a fitness model: Aside from a brand ambassador to several fashion brands all over the world, Pietro Boselli is also a fitness model. He always go to the gym to maintain his muscular built as often as 2 hours or more per day and then 6 times a day. His perfect body built is suitable for several fitness ad campaigns to bolster their fitness products and brands. As a fitness model, he is an active YouTuber, publishing some of his workout routines under his account Pietro Boselli on YouTube. You can see several routines that he usually does as well as getting to know more about him through that profile.

5. He is now in the Philippines: Another fact is that he got the charm of another fashion brand in the Philippines. Pietro Boselli is in the Philippines to sign a new modeling contract with Bench fashion brand. He is now the new brand ambassador of a Philippine-based fashion brand, who will further transform it into a world-class lifestyle apparel. Pietro is currently in the country to sign and then take some photo shoots with the production team of Bench. After signing a contract, Pietro wants to explore more about the Philippines by visiting several places across the archipelago. Aside from being a fashion ambassador of Bench, Pietro wants to know more about the cultural heritage of the country, learning more about the traditions, language, beaches, and cuisines.

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