Germany issued a statement after Philippine President Duterte made a public remark regarding his comparison between Adolf Hitler's Holocaust to his campaign on illegal narcotics war. Anything that compares with the past holocaust is truly unacceptable to the Germans due to the atrocities caused during that period. Adolf Hitler was responsible for starting the Second World War due to his obsession to exterminate all Jews living across Europe. Adolf Hitler was the chancelor of Germany before he transformed it into Nazi regime.

Duterte cries foul for comparing him with Hitler. President Rodrigo Duterte stated that his statement was only meant for all illegal narcotics addicts and pushers. These criminal individuals are responsible for criminalizing the Philippines. The statement may have been about Hitler, but his intention was only focused towards criminal individuals responsible for escalating the negative elements of the law. This is not all about him idolizing the most hated person during the Holocaust responsible for perpetrating genocide during the Second World War. Both local and international media are trying to twist the story in order to establish a negative impression towards him.
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte
On September 30, 2016 during a press conference, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte likens himself to Adolf Hitler. in his statement, Hitler was responsible for neutralizing at least over 3 million Jews during the Holocaust. Duterte likens this idea by comparing it with his illegal narcotics campaign. This is because there are at least more than 3 million Filipinos who are documented as users, pushers, and manufacturers of illegal narcotics all across the country. His statement made another worldwide attention, receiving negative criticisms from international countries around the world.

Rodrigo Duterte's top priority is to establish a firm campaign against the users and distributors of illegal narcotics in the Philippines since he was elected as the president. There are now at least three thousand individuals who were executed for allegedly involved with the illegal possession and use of illegal substances all over the Philippines.

The Jewish community also indicated their disappointment against Duterte's public statement by likening himself to Adolf Hitler. The Jews are disturbed about the Philippine president's statement against the perpetrators on the use and distribution of illegal substances. The Jew community was not expecting that someone from Asia is likening himself to the person responsible for slaughtering Jews during the holocaust in the Second World War. Even though the president is pertaining to his campaign against illegal drugs, it is still unacceptable to compare himself to Adolf Hitler.

Germany summoned the Philippine ambassador in their country to explain about the Philippine President's statement with regards to Hitler. Germany feels that they are disturbed by Duterte's comments about likely comparing his ideology with the war on illegal narcotics with Hitler's campaign against the Jews. Both the Germans and Jews are now demanding for a public apology for the Philippine President due to his unacceptable remarks for comparing himself with Adolf Hitler.

The Pentagon Chief indicated that the latest statement by Philippine Rodrigo Duterte was regarded as deeply troubling. They understand that the war on drugs is the main reason to curb violence and criminality in the Philippines. However, the statements may have gone wrong.

Germany suffered a significant political and economic devastation when Adolf Hitler started his campaign to exterminate Jews. Not only focusing on the Jews, Hitler established Nazi regime responsible for conquering every country across Europe. The Nazi regime conquered as far as Northern Africa.

Jews suffered the most because they were the main targe of Hitler during the Holocaust. Every Jew are then arrested and then brought to concentration camps where they are expected to be executed. Jews were treated worse than animals during the holocaust.

The Philippine administration denies allegation, stating that President Duterte was just indicating about his campaign on illegal drugs. Media statements was just twisted in order to gain criticisms against the president.

Philippine President cried foul regarding the allegations about him idolizing Adolf Hitler. He cited that these are all false allegations. But he is still willing to exterminate all criminals involved in the use and distribution of illegal narcotics across the Philippines.

President Duterte won a landslide victory during the May 2016 elections. He gained over 16 million votes, solidifying his support from Visayas and Mindanao regions in the Philippines.

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