Binibining Pilipinas is one of the most anticipated national beauty pageants around the world. Each year, winners produced by this beauty pageant in the Philippines always placed to various international beauty pageants being held elsewhere around the world. This reason alone made the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant in the Philippines is now becoming popular in various foreign countries around the world. Pageant fanatics and enthusiasts are looking forward who will be monitoring various potential delegates who will make a mark in the world of pageantry on an international stage.

One of the main interesting parts of this edition is all about the rumored new crown for this edition of Binibining Pilipinas. This is Miss United Continents title, which will be given to one of the 40 delegates in this edition during the coronation night of Binibining Pilipinas. If this will be confirmed by one of the representatives of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities incorporated, there will be seven delegates who will be crowned this year. Pageant fanatics will expect that there will be more titles that the Binibining Pilipinas will include due to the increasing number of international beauty pageants in the world that are now sprouting like a mushroom.
Miss United Continents crown
This year is the 54th edition of Binibining Pilipinas national beauty pageant. This is the most prestigious national beauty pageant in the Philippines. There are at least 40 lucky delegates who were just announced as the official candidates who were chosen down from 99 applicants from a series of screening procedures. Some of these delegates will have the chance to represent the country in major international beauty pageant competitions.

Jeslyn Santos is the reigning Miss United Continents 2016. She is the first Filipina who won the Ecuadorian-based international beauty pageant. She won the Miss United Continents title in Guayaquil, Ecuador after answering the question in the Spanish version, which melted the hearts of Ecuadorian judges as well as the fans. She will be expected to crown her successor who will be representing the country to the next edition of Miss United Continents in Ecuador this year. Jeslyn Santos might also be with the pageant directors of Miss United Continents who will grace the coronation event this coming April in the Araneta Colosseum.

Technically, the Binibining Pilipinas has two winners last year. The first is Jeslyn Santos who won Miss United Continents title and the other is Kylie Versoza who won the country's 6th Miss International crown. Both international beauty queens will be crowning their successor to vie for a back-to-back win for the country in the upcoming pageants this year. Apart from the reigning titles, winners from other titles will also aim to win an international title to bring honor to the country. Winning an international crown will open more doors for the Philippine representatives to enter more opportunities aside from being a beauty queen. These include as a talent in the entertainment industry, model, and a brand ambassadress of a certain brand.

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Here are the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Official 40 Candidates

In 2016, Binibining Pilipinas crowned at least six delegates who successfully represented the Philippines in international beauty pageants. The most successful beauty queen is Kylie Versoza who is now the reigning Miss International 2016. Nicole Cordoves successfully represented the Philippines and was declared as the first runner-up in Miss Grand International 2016. Nichole Manalo ended up 3rd runner-up in Miss Globe 2016. Maxine Medina came close as one of the top 6 in the 63rd edition of Miss Universe that was held at SM MOA Arena. Jennifer Hammond reached the top 15 semifinalists in Miss Intercontinental 2016 in Sri Lanka. And Joana Eden landed as a quarterfinalist in Miss Supranational 2016.

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Last year's Binibining Pilipinas winners are regarded as one of the most successful in the history of the most prestigious pageant in the Philippines. None of the representatives failed to make the cut as either semifinalist or quarterfinalist. Non-titleholders who were also handpicked to represent the country in other international pageants also reached the top 10 round in Miss Tourism International 2016. Jeslyn Santos also joined Binibining Pilipinas in 2014 and 2016, making her as the alumna of the pageant. Although she failed to clinch a crown, she is still proud that she successfully represented the country and the Filipina to win Miss United Continents.

While Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated have already announced its official 40 candidates vying for at least 7 national crowns, administrators are still undergoing a background check to all the delegates. This include ethical and legal issues concerning with the status of the delegates, which might affect their position as an official candidate of the Binibining Pilipinas beauty pageant. Investigators are now checking all past professional backgrounds, other employment issues, personal affairs, and other relevant information concerning the candidate's personal information.

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Binibining Pilipinas have had past issues with regards to the disqualification of its official candidates. There were several heavy favorite delegates who were suddenly disqualified, after a few days when it announced its official candidates from the past years. Last year, Kim Ross and Janelle Olafson were disqualified when the BPCI officials discovered that they were involved in a graphic photo shoot, which has been found out to be unacceptable. This means that if you want to join Binibining Pilipinas, make sure that you did not have any past photo shoots that will not violate the rules and regulations of the Binibining Pilipinas.

As for the announced official 40 candidates of the Binibining Pilipinas 2014, all are hoping that none of them will be disqualified by the staff of BPCI. If this happens, 7 out of 40 delegates will have the chance to represent the country in international competitions and could make a historic back-to-back win for the country in Miss International and Miss United Continents this year. This batch hopes to either replicate the achievements of past Binibining Pilipinas batch to produce more crowns and placements for the country.

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