The Philippines is gradually known to have the largest fans in the world. Many countries start to notice Filipino fans whenever there are major competitions happening around the world, in which some competitors are of Filipino descent. The influence of fans makes the Philippines more popular around the world. Other nationalities started to notice Filipino fans all over the world due to the immense support provided by the fans to their favorite idols. This makes Filipinos interesting because they render their loving support to their fellow Filipino, who is trying to make waves in major international competitions.

Other nationalities commonly quoted Filipinos as the craziest fans in the world. You will observe that there are multiple angles of cheers in various portals as a way how proud they are that there is someone who manages to make an international attention to other communities around the world. The intensity of craziness is so intense that Filipino fans spend their time, money, and effort to pour their support to their idols. Foreigners may regard it as an unusual thing because they have not seen that kind of support applied by Filipinos, especially during an international competition. Filipino support indicates their tender loving consideration towards other Filipinos who are representing their country in the international scene during competitions.
Filipino fans are regarded the largest and most supportive in the world
Filipinos competing in major international competitions are expected to gain more popularity by fellow Filipinos in either local or international setting. You will observe multiple campaigns promoted by Filipino fans through social media by posting videos, photos, and articles about their favorite competitors. Filipino-based broadcasting companies generate multiple reports certain Filipinos competing for an international event.

One of the most distinct recognitions that made Filipinos as the largest fans in the world is their ability to create the loudest cheer in several international pageants. One perfect example is during the coronation events of Miss Universe. Whenever Philippine delegates are called to move forward as one of the semifinalists, the crowd generates the loudest cheer that is comparable to an atomic bomb. Similar scenarios are observed during the finals night of Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss World, and Miss Grand International. The impact of Filipino fans surprises fans from other countries because they were not expecting a very supportive way of boosting the morale of their favorite contestant, which is Miss Philippines.

For sporting events like boxing, basketball, volleyball, and soccer, Filipino fans unleash their loudest cheers to support a Filipino athlete who is competing to bring honor to the Philippines. The intensity of Filipino fan support attracted the organizers of major sports management committees to host international sporting events to the Philippines. Fans from other countries envy Filipino supporters because it is incomparable to other nationalities to boost the morale of the candidate who is aiming to bring home the glory to their country. Foreigners became curious how Filipino fans support their representative that eventually led them to witness it by attending a certain competition such as Miss Universe.

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5 Facts why the Philippines has the best fans in the world

1. The Philippines has a large population: With over 100 million Filipinos as of 2016, the Philippine population ranked 12th in the world. At the end of the year, the country's population will further increase to 105 million. The population of the Philippines indicates that it has a very wide fan base to support their representatives to international competitions. Filipinos always create their personalized version of memes, photographs, videos, and articles to honor their representatives who are currently competing in international events.

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2. Filipinos speak English Fluently: The Philippines is an English speaking nation. Filipinos can easily understand and speak the English language fluently with other foreign nations. The Philippines has a very high literacy rate of 96%. When coming to the Philippines, almost all Filipinos can interact with foreigners using the English language. So you don't need to bring or hire personal translators or dictionaries when coming to the Philippines. This is one of the main reasons why several countries in Asia such as China, Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, and Taiwan hires Filipinos to learn the English language.

3. Filipinos are nationalistic: This is a normal behavior for a certain individual to patronize their country and nationalism. Patronizing products, services, and accomplishments from your country are signs that you are proud of your country. The idea of promoting your nationalistic idea indicates that you are proud of your nationality as well as the accomplishments made by your fellow countrymen. No wonder that every Filipino fan is seriously considering an immense effort to support their representatives in major international competition. Support from a large number of Filipino fan towards their delegate boosts the confidence of their representative to win the event.

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4. Filipinos are scattered all over the world: Considering that the Philippine population is expected to increase to have a total estimated number of 105 million by the end of 2017, there are more Filipinos that can be found around the world. There are at least 12 million Filipinos who are currently living and working abroad. From the continents of Asia, Europe, North America, and Oceania, you will find more Filipinos in South America and Africa. Speaking of Antarctica, there are a few scientists with a full or partial Filipino descent conducting a research in the area. So whenever there are major international competitions that involve a Philippine candidate, expect a flock of Filipino fans who will cheer for their representative.

5. Filipinos are the most supportive fans: When there are international competitions involving a Filipino delegate, fans provide generosity to their representative. They usually offer numerous gifts, grants, or financial support towards their representatives to boost their morale. Sometimes, fans bring food to their representatives along with their personal assistants to show their support and compassion. In every segment of an event that involves public appearances, expect Filipino fans to gather the venue just to cheer for their representative. Filipino fans create fan pages in social media websites or groups to support their representatives.

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