Clark International Airport is now encountering another luggage pilferage incident. A couple is now crying foul over the incident after arriving at the Clark International Airport when discovering that their luggage's locks were opened. The couple didn't notice that their set of luggage was pilferage at first after arriving at the airport. The victim then decided to file a case against the management of the airport responsible for the negligent action who were responsible for allowing their luggage to be violated by greedy staff. Even arriving safely at home, it is still a risk when your personal belongings were ransacked.

A Facebook post by a user named Paula Khayenne Yandan Santos posted on her personal profile regarding the incident. She indicated that her family and of course her were happy to finally see each other during the holidays. Her family opted to chose Clark International Airport because the distance provides less hassle to where they are currently living. They were excited when they arrived at the Clark International Airport on the third week of January. Little did they know that their pieces of luggage were already opened. They only noticed it when they already arrived home safely.
Clark International Airport
Clark International Airport as management by the CIAC (Clark International Airport Corporation) is an alternative gateway to the Philippines. It serves as the third largest operating international airport in the Philippines after the Ninoy Aquino International Airport with 38 million passengers and Kalibo International Airport with 3 million passengers annually. Clark Airport is just 50 kilometers away north of Metro Manila.

Upon discovering that the locks of their pieces of luggage were destroyed, the victims felt that they were violated. As a concerned passenger, they immediately checked their luggage to check if there are items that were no longer there. The owners were shocked that some personal items are already missing and nowhere to be found. These are shoes, bags, clothing, and other valuable items that are luxurious, which may have been the main target of thieves. These victims were traumatized upon realizing that they are not safe in that particular airport.

The victims were very disappointed with the incident, thinking that their own countrymen are the cultprit of the alleged incident. All missing items were documented to ensure that there will be enough evidence to bring their experience to justice. After preparing for pressing of legal charges to the airport police department, the informed plaintiff is now waiting for the result of the investigation to make sure that the alleged suspects will be terminated and then apprehended. The airport police are now currently managing this particular legal case and vow to identify the personnel responsible for the luggage pilferage.

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This is the second time that Clark International Airport encountered such incident. Earlier this January, a passenger cries foul over his whole set of luggage that has been pilfered by the baggage staff of the same airport. The worst part of this incident was that there was nothing left from the pilfered set of luggage. Jovenil Dela Cruz did not expect this to happen to him in this particular airport. He also managed to report the incident to the airport police department of Clark International Airport.

Jovenil posted his video to his personal Facebook account that went viral. The viral status of his Facebook video generated an intense online media debate towards the baggage staff of all airports in the Philippines. The attention managed to reach the Office of the President, prompting Rodrigo Duterte to recommend a termination notice to the staff as well as the management agency handling the baggage department of Clark International Airport, which is identified as MIASCOR. The agency filed a motion for reconsideration to appeal the termination case.

Clark International Airport is now under the watchful eyes of the government. This is after the recent two incidents involving the baggage department who were allegedly involved in ransacking luggage of passengers. The incident is regarded an embarrassment to the tourism department of the Philippines due to the unacceptable behavior of corrupt staff who are not contented with their salaries while working at the airport. The recent luggage incident reminds the public to wrap all their luggage while traveling via air route.

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