After several hours from now, the world will begin to face a new year right after December 31 of 2017, which will officially mark a new era. People will now begin to start a new life every New Year that will help to overcome challenges in their lives. New Year sparks numerous festivities around the world, marking the end of a year and the beginning of a New Year. Celebrating New Year is one of the most special events that people never miss the last part of the year until the beginning of each year. The question is, are you ready to know more about the Year of the Rooster this incoming year 2017?

The Year of the Rooster falls under the year of 2017. This is related to an animal sign as based on the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. In this year, the year of the rooster represents the chicken, which is also related to other species of bird during this time of the year. The year 2005 when the year of the Rooster that took its 12-year cycle under the Chinese zodiac. Basing from the Chinese calendar, the year of the rooster officially starts on January 28, 2017, and it will end on February 15, 2018, when basing from the Gregorian calendar. No wonder people are associating their luck that is compatible with the year of the rooster.
2017 is the Year of the Fire Rooster
In this year, it will be the Year of the Fire Rooster. As based from Feng Shui, metal is the element that is closely associated with Rooster for 2017 until 2018. The balance will be Yin. The lucky Flowers are cockscomb, gladiola, and impatiens. Lucky colors for this year are brown, golden, yellow, and brownish yellow, orange, and red. Colors that should be avoided are green and white.

Metal and fire are the most compatible elements this 2017. This means that all issues associated with metal and fire will have better chances of becoming more prosperous for the next year. This means that metal is the most valued object this coming year. People should be aware that metal brings good luck for every activity and shortcomings this Year of the Rooster. All metals favor all endeavors that people aims to consider, which is regarded as good news for the next year. Metal is regarded as a lucky charm to have this incoming New Year that people should consider having some of it while they want to welcome a new chapter with a bang.

Fire is the most compatible element for the Year of Metal Rooster. The reason behind is that it can transform an ordinary metal into a golden metal, making colors yellow, yellowish brown, orange, and reddish. This makes the year of the metal rooster interesting because metal does not have any problems being with fire. Both fire and metal compliments with each other because their elemental value does not initiate incompatibility or arguments. However, the only issue in these two elements is aggression over issues that could lead to problems this coming New Year. People are warned regarding the issue of aggressive behavior, which is more common this coming New Year.

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5 Feng Shui Tips for the Year of the Rooster this 2017

1. Business and Industry: Companies operating mainly under the metal and fire business are more likely to gain more prosperity than other industrial companies around the world. These are metal manufacturers, mining companies, telecommunications, technology companies, energy companies, and electronic producing companies. Expect that there will be more prosperous opportunities to come in this Year of the Rooster. They will always coincide with metal and fire, which fuels an optimistic way to maximize their earning potential. Military facility suppliers, shipbuildings, construction, and real estate companies can also see a significant improvement during this time.

2. Health and wellness: During the year of the Rooster, spas and beauty shops also prosper during this period. Salons and pampering shops are believed to further improve your health because the yin theory promotes an aggressive way to boost your energy level, which improves your physiological well-being. The aggressive factor of fire and metal enables your cardiovascular system to further escalate, which cleanses unwanted fats, empowering healthy blood products to circulate across your body. This is also good for those who are going to the gym, practicing yoga, rehabilitation centers, hiking, and committing to fun run events.

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3. Friendship: The year of the Rooster symbolizes an aggressive behavioral factor. In this case, people are more emotional and sensitive. If a person becomes emotional, there are higher chances that they become more aggressive. As an advice, it is important to control your emotions because this is the year wherein you will encounter more individuals who show impulsive behavior. Controlling your emotions will prevent you from encountering unavoidable confrontations that might lead to misunderstandings to other individuals.

4. Best time for travelers: Since traveling is a part of a wellness program, travelers can become more successful with their career as a traveler. This is the reason why you will observe that there are more people who become as travel bloggers. One main thing is that as a traveler, they depend on social media, which is associated with metal and fire. As they utilize telecommunication channels that are powered by internet cables, they initiate impulses that enable their career to boom during the year of the rooster. As a result, many travel bloggers are becoming more successful by visiting more places around the world.

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5. Career: One of the best booming careers in the Year of the Rooster is being employed under the Business Process Outsourcing companies. You can be either a technical or customer service representatives because you are mainly outsourcing big companies through telecommunication facilities. For individuals who are opting to choose to be working in the police force, army, or security forces, their career will prosper during this year because they are often associated with metal and fire. Engineers, drivers, computer programmers, online journalists, information technologists, mechanics, jewelers, and manufacturing for metal-related productions will show a significant improvement in their career.

Always remember, Feng Shui serves only as a guide for you to help support and keep your lifestyle in a positive manner. No matter what you believe in, make sure that you will always associate yourself in a positive environment. Avoiding negativity in your life will prevent any misfortunes that might cause imbalances in your life. You might or might not believe in Feng Shui, but it is still important to always check all tips and guidelines to make your life easier.

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