2016 was a spectacular year for several beauty pageant events being held to various parts of the world. It was a year that several beauty pageant organizers did not realize that beauty pageants are one of the most influential events in the world. Every beauty pageant generates an immense amount of pageant fanatics who are supporting their national delegates for that particular pageant. But the most interesting part is during the coronation event. Pageant crazy supporters attend the pageant and then live streaming it to their social media accounts, making the pageant more popular to the fans who are watching online.

While pageant fans are cheering the best female candidates vying for the crown, little did they know that male pageants are also fairly placing with female beauty pageants. Male beauty pageants are also flourishing, with some organizers are now being able to organize new male counterparts with their existing beauty pageants. One example is Mister Supranational, which have just made a debut after Miss Supranational was crowned the day before the pageant. Other than Mister Supranational, there are other international male pageants such as Mister World, Mister International, and Manhunt International.
2016 International beauty pageant reviews
Reviewing international beauty pageants in 2016 is just amazing due to unexpected circumstances that attracted media attention from around the world. In this case, organizers will have reasons to organize new beauty pageant and could invite ladies from all over the world to participate with their newly organized international event.

Before, there were only four major beauty pageants that were annually being held around the world. These are Miss World, Miss International, Miss Universe, and Miss Asia-Pacific. But now, there are more than 50 international beauty pageants being held annually around the world. These are Miss Earth, Miss Supranational, Miss Grand International, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Globe, and Miss United Continents. One interesting issue is about the worth of their crown. You can check 7 Interesting Facts on the worth of 7 Grand Slam international beauty pageant luxurious crowns.

The only remaining international beauty pageant is Miss Universe. This will be in its 65th annual competition that will be joined by at least more than 80 contestants from around the world. The pageant will be held in a country where there is a very high concentration of pageant enthusiasts, the beautiful islands of the Philippines. Reigning Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach is very delighted to crown her successor in her home court. Pia Wurtzbach and Maxine Medina will be teaming up with each other to show the world how beautiful the Philippines as both local and international tourist destination, which will further intensify tourism campaign while hosting Miss Universe during the month of January.

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Miss Universe 2016 top 20 presentation

2016 International Beauty Pageant Reviews

1. Miss World 2016: Regarded as the oldest reigning international beauty pageant after it had successfully accomplished its 66th edition after it crowned Stephanie Del Valle from Puerto Rico. The crowning of new Miss World sparked disappointments. This is when heavy favorite Catriona Gray from the Philippines only landed in top 5 and was announced as the third runner-up. Many are questioning how Miss World organizers pick their winners each year. Miss World is known for their unpredictability regarding on the way they choose the winner.

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2. Miss International 2016: Another major pageant based in Japan also crowned one of the favored delegates. This time, it crowned Kylie Versoza from the Philippines to win its 6th Miss International crown. One of the most classiest and modest international beauty pageants in the world had optimistic reviews by pageant enthusiasts and critics after it crowned Kylie Versoza. The pageant only made its unpleasant controversy when Ikumi Yoshimatsu from Japan was crowned and later on made a rift with the organizers of Miss International in 2012.

3. Miss Earth 2016: After previous controversies from the past editions, Miss Earth continues to catch up and prove detractors that it is still considered as one of the Grand Slam beauty pageants. When it crowned Catherine Espin from Ecuador, the organizers of Miss Earth received positive feedbacks, especially from the Latin American countries. All top 4 finalists are from Latin America; namely, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil. The only issue is about Miss Earth-Philippines 2016 Imelda Schweighart, who continues to post numerous raunchy comments towards other contestants, praising a former dictator, and unacceptable rants. Imelda resigned after her controversial comments against the reigning Miss Earth Catherine Espin became viral on social media.

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4. Miss Grand International 2016: An international beauty pageant based in Thailand also generated positive feedbacks when it was held in the United States. However, issues with regards to food, accommodations, itineraries surfaced on social media. Miss Iceland generated social media attention when she was allegedly asked to control her diet due to her body image. During the coronation night, the pageant generated a mass media attention when the final question asked the top 5 delegates on who will they choose if either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton to win US Presidential elections. Candidates who answered in favor of Hilary Clinton was applauded while candidates who favored Donald Trump were booed.

5. Miss Intercontinental 2016: One of the longest international beauty pageants who just recently generating social media attention gained controversies with regards to the final result. Miss Intercontinental was held in Sri Lanka, and during the coronation night, the delegate from Sri Lanka landed as first runner-up. Another controversy was about the issue on Miss Intercontinental 2016 from Venezuela was also dethroned and then was replaced by Colombia. Despite from controversies, heavy favorite Heilymar Rosario from Puerto Rico wins Miss Intercontinental 2016, which generated positive feedbacks from fans and pageant supporters.

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6. Miss Globe 2016: Another international beauty pageant based in Canada and Turkey is also gaining popularity around the world. During the coronation night, Dimple Patel from India was concluded as the ultimate winner of Miss Globe 2016. Heavy favorite Nichole Manalo from the Philippines only landed as third runner-up, which was announced days after the coronation night. Pageant fans and analysts were concerned about the staging of the pageant, which is presented in a very simple way. Pageant fans were disappointed due to overlapping delays of the pageant's coronation program. In addition, the age of Dimple Patel generated social media attention because she is already 29 and turning 30.

7. Miss Supranational 2016: Srinidhi Shetty was officially crowned as Miss Supranational 2016. She is the second woman from India to win Miss Supranational crown. Miss Supranational organizers are now gaining more positive thoughts and feedbacks due to their creative production presentation. The stage is one of the most impressive even if it just started in 2009. The pageant is currently based in Warsaw, Poland, and is expected to par with Miss Universe, Miss International, and Miss World productions. It will not be a surprise if there will be more than 100 delegates who will be interested in participating the annual beauty pageant contest initiated by the organizers of Miss Supranational.

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