Right after New Year of 2017, Russian warships visited the Philippines while they docked to a port in the Manila Bay. The recent visit made by the Russian envoy to the Philippines marks a new era between the two nations to establish new hope to become better partners in a variety of horizons in the future. The two Russian warships hope to play a bigger role not only in the Philippines but also in the South China Sea. This is the first time that a pair of Russian warships visited the Philippine islands after numerous decades, aiming to strengthen a new diplomatic relationship with the Southeast Asian nation.

The two Russian warships who are in the Manila Bay South Harbor Port are the Boris Butomato sea tanker and the Admiral Tributs Russian destroyer. The Russian envoy is in Manila for a goodwill tour visit to bolster Russia and Philippines' bilateral relations. The envoy will be in the Philippine waters between January 3 and 7, 2016. The visit was headed by the Russian Navy Rear Admiral Eduard Mihailov and seeks to improve cooperations with the Philippines to combat terrorism and piracy across the region. The Russians are aware that the Philippines has been struggling to contain extensive problems with regards to piracy and terrorism.
Russian envoy visited the Philippines to improve bilateral ties with the country
Since President Rodrigo Duterte won the presidency to become the 15th President of the Republic of the Philippines, his international goals are to diversify bilateral relationships with the second-world countries and not to over depend on first-world countries. This means that diversifying bilateral relationships to other international territories and countries that seeks to improve the country's international relationship to other nations.

Earlier, President Rodrigo Duterte went to the People's Republic of China for a scheduled visit. Duterte was welcomed by Chinese President Xi Jinping with open arms. The People's Republic of China is totally happy that the head of state from the Philippines wants to reestablish its bilateral relationship with their nation. During Duterte's visit to China, he returned back to the Philippines, bringing more than $25 billion worth of investments from Chinese investors. After Duterte's visit from China, the rift between the Philippines and the largest country in Asia was then gradually evaporated, limiting confrontations between the Chinese coast guards and Philippine seafarers and navies.

After winning the elections, President Duterte vows to neutralize all perpetrators of illegal substance trafficking. The crackdown on prohibited substances has been intensified across the country, sweeping all perpetrators for trafficking all illegal substances across the archipelago. However, Duterte's crackdown on illegal substances is heavily criticized by the first world nations and international human rights advocates. This prompted the president to limit his ties with the United States, EU nations, and the United Nations. For this reason, his goal is to diversify his country's political goal to establish a new bilateral relationship with Russia and China.

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5 Beneficial Facts when Philippines and Russia strengthens bilateral relationship

1. Combat Terrorism and Piracy: Russia is concerned over the growing threat of terrorism across the world. The plight of ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has been tremendously bombarding coercion, intimidation, and violence all over the world with numerous jihadist-based attacks around the world. Piracy is also an issue that has been concerning the safety and security over the South China Sea, Sulu Sea, Celebes Sea, Philippine Sea, Molucca Sea, and in the Luzon Strait. Russia is aiming to provide security support and assistance for the Philippines to limit terrorism and piracy threats.

2. Provide arms supply to the Philippines: Russia is willing to supply brand new arms to the Philippines because it wants to be the other resource for the Philippines to strengthen its military capability. Although the Philippines is not under threat from invasion from other countries, it is still reeling with the problems of internal insurgencies across the nation. Russia wants to supply brand new weapons, which is in contrast to other countries who are providing second-hand arms and weapons to the Philippines, which is more powerful and reliable.

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3. Improve bilateral relationship: Since Rodrigo Duterte is willing to strengthen its relationship with the second-world countries such as Russia and China, this is the perfect opportunity for the Kremlin administration to initiate bilateral relationships. Russia's initiative to provide arms and improve bilateral relationships with the Philippines provide a win-win situation wherein the Philippines will benefit from Russia's technological skills while Russia will also benefit from Philippine's hospitality industry.

4. Possible alternative supply of natural resources: Russia is regarded as a number one producer of petroleum products. Its vast land area is very rich in mineral resources, making it a consistent producer of energy resources such as petroleum products. In return, the Philippines will be an alternative resource for tropical based perishable products such as fruits, spices, and textile products that will be shipped to Russia via the Vladivostok sea port. Both countries will compliment each other since products that are lacking from each country could provide an alternative resource to prevent scarcity of resources.

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5. Improve economic ties: Russia is an economic superpower. Even though the country suffered from an economic collapse when it transitioned its political governance in 1990's the country is still very productive in terms of producing both energy, technological, and natural resources. Russia could benefit from the Philippines as well due to its natural resources that will supply the country's food supply. The Philippines is the fastest growing Asian country, which is the perfect time for Russia to immediately establish trade with the Southeast Asian nation.

In terms of the arms trade, Russia is willing to provide any weapon to the Philippines. Surface to Air missile is one of the most productive weapons that Russia wants to provide to the Philippines to fight insurgency and combat piracy. Sea vessels are also going to be provided because the Philippines is an archipelago country with vast coastlines. The Philippines will be also provided with air transport vehicles that are beneficial for transportation of cargo and for humanitarian assistance. Warheads and vehicles carrying missiles are also essential to improve the defense capability of the Philippines.

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