Many are wondering about Miss Universe Indonesia 2016 Kezia Warouw's mysterious photos circulating around social media wherein she was seen with the members of Philippine beauty pageant camps. In other occasions, Kezia Warouw has been photographed in full makeup, courtesy of a Filipino beauty pageant camp stylist. Then there are several photographs of Miss Philippines Universe 2016 Maxine Medina together with same training personnel from one beauty pageant camp. However, there are no photos of Maxine and Kezia that were taken together. Netizens and pageant fanatics are wondering, is Jonas Gaffud open to training beauty pageant candidates from other countries?

The answer is yes, this is based on an interview from with Jonas Gaffud where Jonas Gaffud speaks about why he is training beauty pageant candidates from other countries. Jonas Gaffud wants to clarify during that interview to clear things out regarding misconceptions and to rule out confusions to other beauty pageant fanatics all over the world. Other than Jonas Gaffud's Aces and Queens beauty pageant camp, there are other local camps in the Philippines who are also offering similar services for aspiring beauty pageant candidates. Some netizens became irate regarding the issue of a beauty pageant camp for being open to accepting clients from other countries. but some beauty pageant critics seems to be open with this particular scenario.
Miss World 2013 Megan young on top left, Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach on lower left, and Miss International 2016 Kylie Versoza on the right were all trained by Jonas Gaffud in the center 
Almost all beauty pageant competition nowadays is getting more competitive. For a candidate to reckon their chances to reach the top, they must have to work hard through training and attending beauty pageant seminars consistently. Even if you are gifted with charm, height, and an appealing body structure if you have little knowledge on how to flaunt it, you will only have a slim chance to own the stage.

In the Philippines, there are several beauty pageant camps offering training sessions for aspiring beauty pageant candidates, models, and personalities from the entertainment industry. These are Aces and Queens, Kagandahang Flores, John Dela Vega's camp, RL's Angels & Team Macoy, and Gouldian Atelier. Aside from these five prominent beauty pageant camps, there are other regional beauty pageant camps across the Philippines that are yet to catch the attention of the national entertainment and beauty pageant industries. These camps do not only consider training local artists and aspiring beauty queens, they are also open to international beauty pageant contestants from around the world to increase their chances to seek for a better endeavor in the world of pageantry and entertainment.

This makes the Philippines as one of the countries in the Asian region to become a reliable haven for foreigners who wants to improve their pageantry skills. National directors of beauty pageants from around the world are considering the Philippines as an important option to allow their candidates to train for a certain period of time. Even though there other foreign countries in Asia that are already building up their local beauty pageant camp, they still rely on the beauty pageant camps based in the Philippines to be their inspiration for future pageants.

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5 Interesting Facts why Jonas Gaffud is open to training foreign beauty pageant contestants

1. Promoting universal beauty: If the majority of national directors, beauty camps, and international beauty pageant organization say that beauty is universal, and so with the training. As the owner of a beauty pageant camp, promoting diversity is one of the most important consideration by accepting all clients regardless of nationality, culture, race, and socio-economic standing. In the end, there is only one goal when training a beauty pageant contestant, which is to win. This means that foreign nationals are welcome to be trained under the beauty pageant camps in the Philippines such as the Aces and Queens managed by Jonas Gaffud.

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2. Share the opportunity for aspiring younger generations: It is important to share your thoughts and knowledge to the younger generation so that they will take the responsibility to do the same to other generations. Sharing is always caring because you are giving an optimistic opportunity as a way to set yourself as an epitome of inspiration, which will develop a positive relationship with your followers. Concentrating on your greed will never let yourself succeed in life, which is why other camps fail to succeed due to their self-satisfactory vision.

3. It is all about business: This is an undeniable factor when you are establishing a successful business industry that is concentrated on enhancing the talents of entertainment personalities. A beauty pageant camp is a type of business wherein it provides services for clients who are seeking to improve their skills and knowledge with regards to pageantry skill enhancements. Foreign delegates and national directors never hesitate to pour their sponsorships and transactions if they know that there is a very high accuracy rate for a business to produce a competitive product or service.

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4. Promote Asian beauties: Jonas Gaffud is a Filipino beauty queen maker in the Philippines. He is not only concentrating on training Filipino beauty queens, but also foreign beauty pageant contestants. By successfully helping a candidate to place in international beauty pageant competitions, this will be the ultimate dream to promote Asian beauty to other parts of the world. When a major international beauty pageant contestant from Asia and was trained under Jonas Gaffud's beauty pageant camp, they will further escalate their level of appreciation to Asian beauty.

5. Show the unique and competitive talent of Filipinos: As a beauty queen maker from the Philippines, Jonas Gaffud wants to establish a new culture to the world where Filipino talents also excel in beauty pageantry. Through his beauty camps and several beauty camps based in the Philippines, he wants to expand the horizon of foreign beauty pageant candidates and national directors to consider Filipino talents as one of their options to improve their beauty pageant skills. No wonder the Puteri Indonesia Organization trusts Jonas Gaffud to train Miss Universe Indonesia 2016 Kezia Warouw who is rumored to be training with Maxine Medina.

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