The 65th edition of Miss Universe is already heating up since it is just a few weeks away from the coronation night. Pageant fanatics are setting up their favorite delegates who can penetrate the semi-finalist spots. Some are predicting ladies who can enter the top 15 spots, some fanatics predicts ladies in top 10, others include their personal top 5, and there are critics who wish that their favorites will land on top 3 spots. As the day nears, many are excited about the last major international beauty pageant that will be held on January 30, 2017.

Miss Universe crown has been tagged by numerous pageant fanatics and jewelers around the world due to its extravagant design and unique creation. One major issue is regarding the prize of the crown, which will be only worn by the winning delegate during the coronation event. The lucky contestant will wear the most coveted crown in the universe, which symbolizes neutrality, diversity, and confidence while displaying their beauty. Wearing the crown is representing Miss Universe Organization with humility, confidence, and universality. And if you wear the crown, you are representing the whole universe because you are the new inspiration to the younger generation who will soon follow your footsteps. You will also know the shocking worth of Miss Universe crown.
The rumored new crown on the left and the original Miss Universe DIC crown design on the right 
The Philippines will host the 65th Miss Universe annual beauty pageant on the 30th of January of 2017. This is the third time that the country will host the most beautiful event in the universe after 23 years since 1994. Sushmita Sen from India won Miss Universe, which is the first woman from her country to bring home the most elusive crown in the universe.

Before a delegate will be lucky enough to wear the crown, they should first undergo challenges that would ensure their placements during the coronation event of Miss Universe. Ladies who will be entering the semifinalist spots will be determined after tabulators will select the top performing ladies after preliminary competition. All participating contestants will be mocking with their catwalk skill during the swimsuit competition. Aside from the swimsuit competition, the delegates will showcase their uniquely designed dresses made by their selected local and international fashion designers to present it to the public.

Going back to the crown, pageant fanatics are somewhat confused with regards to the new design of Miss Universe crown. The original design is a skyscraper inspired design as based on the skyline of New York City in Manhattan. The rumored design is quite different because the design features a diagonal looking design that is visible to the body of the crown. Although the large gems stay intact, the overall appearance of the rumored Miss Universe crown still appears to be different from the original design. If this tell-tale will become a reality, it reflects the nature of Miss Universe Organization's modernized attitude to bring more spice to beauty pageant fans by regularly changing the design of its crown on a regular basis.

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The rumored new design of Miss Universe crown is quite similar to the original design. The skyscraper designs that is used to be the original design is now changed into a cross-hatched appearance to all sides of the crown. The design appears to be like a wall of barb wire across the horizon of a certain private agricultural area that being grazed by cattle, horses, and ducks. This is because the cross design forms a diamond shape on its spaces, making it look like a rough-looking crown with luxurious jewels on it.

But the good thing about the crown is that the overall appearance is still similar to the original design. The prominent jewelry items that are placed in the original design is also placed with the newly rumored design that will be worn by the successor of Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. There are no other changes that can be observed with the metal base of the crown, that contains parallel lines of small jewelry. The only thing that can be seen from the rumored crown is the absence of the skyscrapers that are made up of crystals.

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It features the tall skyscrapers of New York's tallest buildings, with several towers that are regarded as ultra-high skyscrapers, reaching to more than 400 meters above sea level in height. The skyscrapers are symbolized by the crystals that are placed vertically in front of the crown throughout the sides. The most prominent that is very noticeable is the crystal designs that are embedded similar to a wall, which is the main foundation of Miss Universe crown. These vertical crystals hold the largest sapphire gemstones, which is the most expensive part of the crown.

The original DIC crown is worth at least USD 300,000, which is one of the most expensive crowns in the world. Every winner of Miss Universe will have the privilege to feel like a royalty during the course of their reign, provided that they will not be dethroned during that period. If the rumored crown will replace the original DIC crown, the worth might be less than 300,000 due to the absence of the vertical clear crystal frames. Miss Universe 2014 Paulina Vega and Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach were the only two winners who wore the DIC crown when they were crowned until they passed the crown to their successors.

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It will not be a surprise when Miss Universe Organization decides to change the design of the crown in the future. Basing from history, Miss Universe Organization already changed the design of Miss Universe crowns numerous times. The recent change in the design was in 2014 when Miss Universe Paulina Vega wore it when she was crowned by Gabriela Isler. Miss Universe 2009 Stefania Fernandez was the first woman to wear the Diamond Nexus crown when she was crowned by her fellow Venezuelan predecessor, Miss Universe 2008 Dayana Mendoza.

For sure, we will wait for the official announcement of Miss Universe Organization and IMG/WME from their official website for more information. As of now, we should enjoy anticipating the most sought international beauty pageant in the world where ladies have trained for several months that will hope to bring back the bacon to their home countries. Pageant fanatics are encouraged to visit the Philippines to personally witness how Miss Universe delegates battle neck-on-neck to become the ultimate fairest in the universe.

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