With just more than a week left, Miss Universe beauty pageant is set to kick-off in the beautiful islands of the Philippines this January. After 22 years, Miss Universe will once again take place in the Philippines this January of 2017 since 1994 when it concluded Sushmita Sen who won the crown during that time. The country is now preparing for the official venues across the archipelago to cater a world-class entertainment experience for the delegates, organizers, tourists, and local government units. The delegates and organizers are expected to visit Vigan, Baguio, Cebu, Davao, Siargao Islands, and other places across the archipelago during the course of the competition.

The 65th annual Miss Universe pageant is expected to be aired live from Manila, Philippines on January 30, 2017. There are over 1 billion viewers around the world who will be watching the event live on television and online via telecast from various broadcasting networks and internet service providers around the world. Miss Universe beauty pageant is regarded as the most watched international female beauty pageant around the world than any other international beauty pageants in history. Each year, almost all countries from around the world are anticipating the pageant because it is the grandest and the most competitive beauty pageants.
Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina
Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina is the official representative of the Philippines for the 65th edition of Miss Universe. Since this edition is hosted by the Philippines for the third time, Maxine Medina will serve as the host delegate. Maxine Medina is accompanied by Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach who will also accompany the delegates while they travel all over the Philippines.

Maxine Medina is currently undergoing training and a series of workshops in preparation for Miss Universe competition. There will be less than two weeks for her to prepare and further shape up her styling, communication skills, and catwalk training before the pageant officially starts. The pageant is expected to draw numerous fans from all around the world and will take the chance to ride with the delegate as they visit several tourist destinations around the Philippines. If you are planning to visit the Philippines, you should already book your ticket to avoid suffering from flight delays during the coronation event of Miss Universe. Foreign tourists can have the chance to visit some of the Top 10 most competitive cities and metropolitan areas in the Philippines

The most anticipated question is, will Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina make a back to back win for the Philippines? On December 20, 2015, Pia Wurtzbach brought the third Miss Universe crown for the Philippines after 42 years since Margie Moran got the second crown in 1973. Pia Wurtzbach's crowning moment generated a worldwide storm due to the announcing mistake made by Steve Harvey. The host announced Ariadna Gutierrez as the winner instead of Pia Wurtzbach. Pia Wurtzbach is set to crown her successor at SM MOA (Mall of Asia Arena), Bay City, Pasay City, Metro Manila.

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Can Maxine Medina make a Back to Back win?

The answer is yes, but do not over expect to avoid disappointments or backlash in the future. Maxine prepared for more than half a year, making her as one of the most prepared delegates for the 65th edition of Miss Universe. She has been trained by multiple beauty pageant camps right after winning Binibining Pilipinas Universe 2016 last April of 2016. Since international beauty pageantry is now getting more competitive, Maxine should be watched out for in this year's edition of Miss Universe.

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Maxine Medina was previously surrounded by backlash because pageant fanatics during that time was frustrated that their favorite delegate failed to clinch the ultimate title. However, with all the pageant trainings and a series of complex workshops by beauty pageant camps in the country that are willing to train Maxine, she blossomed into a super beauty. Her transformation is sending a powerful signal to all other delegates around the world that she should not be ignored because she will definitely give them a tight competition.

Top 5 spot

If in any chance, Maxine only reached top 5, it would still be recognized as one of the greatest achievements by the Philippines in Miss Universe. It is not easy to penetrate the semi-finalist spot because every delegate is trained in their own countries just to overpower other delegates. Top 5 spot is already a big accomplishment for a delegate who is representing her country well. This is one of the most achievable moment that every delegate wants to accomplish, which could only happen once in their lives.

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But if Maxine fails to penetrate the top 3 position, this will be weighed by her answer to the top 5 question that has not been delivered in an accurate or relevant manner. During the top 5 round, answer plays an important role for every delegate because it will help to determine if they could further enter the last three spots during the coronation events. Communication skills, accuracy, confidence, and the relevance of their answer will help them push through as one of the top 3 delegates to have the higher chances of winning Miss Universe on January 30, 2017.

Top 10 spot

If Maxine failed to enter top 5 and just only entered top 10, her fate will be similar with Mary Jean Lastimosa who also landed on top 10 during the 63rd edition of Miss Universe. Maxine may have not delivered well during the gown competition where she had the chance to display elegance and class while wearing a unique gown made by some of the famous designers in the Philippines. Maxine will still be happy if she made it this far because being in the top 10 is already an honor for the Philippines for dominating Miss Universe.

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Evening gown competition allows each delegate to display their designer's creations. Each design is representing their country's culture and tradition that is encrypted by the details of the gown. Audiences and the judge will have the chance to witness the personification of the candidate while they are presenting the designs of the gown that they are wearing to symbolize their character, culture, and nationality. Maxine Medina is still thankful when she landed this spot because she still had the chance to showcase Filipino designs to the universe.

Top 15 spot

For many ladies, it is already a luxury to be included to the top 15 semi-finalists during the final competition. Maxine Medina is believed to enter this particular spot because she has been working so hard to maintain her fit body, mental toughness, and psychological integrity in order to maintain her chances to land in this spot. If Maxine Medina failed to enter top 10, this means that there is something about her confidence level as well as body image during the swimsuit round that was not enough for her to move further forward.

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Before a delegate could penetrate top 15 or perhaps top 20, they should be focusing on the preliminary competition. This is where all delegates will have to showcase their skills and confidence when they will be walking the runway. They will take the chance to walk using two-piece swimsuit and unique evening gowns. Each delegate will also be interviewed by the panel of judges, which plays an important role to weigh their chances of penetrating the semifinalist cut. For Maxine, the preliminaries are one of the most anticipated screening procedure, which she prepared for months.

If Maxine Medina fails all of the above placements, this will cut the placement streaks of the Philippines in Miss Universe since 2009. However, the chances for Maxine for being a clapper is very slim because she has been preparing for numerous months in order to continue the placement streak for the Philippines. During the pageant kick-off of Miss Universe on the second week of December, Maxine has already presented her deadly pageantry skill, which is confidence, eloquence, and class while hosting other delegates from other countries.

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