Almost all pageant fanatics around the world are rooting for Catriona Gray, who should have been the ultimate woman to win Miss World 2016. Several pageant pages and websites are weighing on her as the woman to beat in this year's edition of Miss World 2016. Catriona Gray was representing the Philippines in the 66th edition of Miss World in the United States. Several pageant critics made her as the most suitable candidate to clinch Miss World title during the coronation night than any other contestant.

Catriona Gray managed to reach the top 5 slots during the final's night of Miss World 2016. During the final question, Catriona was asked by Mireya Lalaguna on which quality does she think it will take to wear Miss World crown. She answered: it takes bravery and to become Miss World, this is to carry a burning torch, which is an action that will carry out by one to illuminate the lives of many individuals. As a new Miss World, I will dedicate myself wholly, my love for arts, and the voice to empower, educate, and uplift the people. This would be the greatest duty and honor to hold this burning torch high enough to allow the world to see and feel its light.
Miss World 2016 3rd Princess Catriona Gray
Along with Catriona Gray, Stephanie del Valle from Puerto Rico, Yaritza Reyes from the Dominican Republic, Natasha Mannuela from Indonesia, and Evelyn Njambi from Kenya was among the top 5. Fans are now waiting for the most important moment during the coronation night of Miss World 2016. This was the announcement of the new winner and the runners-up of Miss World 2016.

During the announcement of the winners, Natasha Mannuela was awarded as the second runner-up of Miss World 2016. And then Yaritza Reyes from the Dominican Republic was then awarded as the first runner-up. And then the most awaited moment has finally come. All pageant fanatics are rooting for the Philippines. But when Julia Morley announced Stephanie del Valle as the new Miss World 2016. Everybody was in shock. Pageant fanatics from all over the world was really disappointed with the results because they were not expecting Puerto Rico to win the pageant. Aside from being shocked, some fanatics cried and left the venue depressingly. Some are wondering, the result does not compliment their Miss World 2016 top 20 predictions and favorites.

Moments after the coronation night, controversies, complaints, and disappointment were raised to voice out their frustrations regarding the outcome of Miss World 2016. As expected, many pageant fanatics find it hard to move on because they felt that Catriona was really robbed from her crown during the coronation night. Miss World Organizers decided to proclaim Catriona Gray as the 3rd princess or runner-up while Evelyn Njambi from Kenya is 4th runner-up. This unusual post-coronation night awarding is rare for Miss World as a compliment with the raging complaints and disappointments after the coronation result.

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WATCH: 5 Theories why Catriona Gray from the Philippines lost Miss World 2016

1. Destiny Theory: Some say that if it is time for you to win, this is destiny. This is not a matter of perfection because no matter how hard you try if you are not destined to win, the crown is not for you. Destiny is always a matter of having an unexpected circumstance. Every person may not need to expect something to happen according to their plan. It is always being said by many that 90% of your plans are successful. The other 10% is either destiny or a failure to accomplish your duties and responsibilities.

2. National Director's Choice Theory: Frustrated pageant fanatics say that the director of Miss World personally handpicked the winners of the pageant. They are pertaining to Julia Morley, who is now blamed for using her position to pick her winner.  Miss World is not new to this controversy because the organization has had similar issues with the past editions. Radicalized pageant fanatics are now targeting Julia Morley, making her as the subject of hate due to their frustrations from the conclusion of Miss World 2016.

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3. The Answer Theory: Although Catriona showed her articulate answer to the top 5 question and answer portion, some analysts started assessing her answer. They found out that she might not have elaborated the term "torch" when she answered Lalaguna's question. Aside from being unable to expand the term "torch", Catriona also did not expound the advocacies of Miss World clearly, which is missing from her answer. This means that her answer is considerably general in nature. If she added extra answers such as her foundation in Tondo or explained some visions and missions of Miss World, she definitely won the pageant without a doubt.

4. Conspiracy Theory: In international beauty pageants, issues involving sponsors play an important role because they provide financial and material support for the pageant. Sponsors usually have the right to pick a delegate to enter the semi-finalists. National pageant directors from their respective countries are also rumored to influence the decision-making bodies of a certain pageant. Conspiracy theories are common in local pageants wherein politicians and businessmen try to influence the tabulators to let their preferred delegate to win the pageant. This is not a surprise for some international pageants who allow conspiracy.

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5. Venue Theory: Home-court advantage is also a theoretical factor for allowing a host delegate to have higher chances of winning a certain beauty pageant. Since the venue was held in the United States, critics claim that geographical factor can be a visible sign. Venue Theory is connected with conspiracy theory, in which local businessmen in the area will use their sponsorship as an advantage to influence the decision of the tabulators. However, Miss USA only reached top 10 spots. Puerto Rico is still under the jurisdiction of the United States, but allow the country to serve its own international sovereignty.

Another rumored issue is regarding the depleting confidence factor of Catriona Gray. It seems that other analysts were right when predicting the fate of Catriona Gray in Miss World. Although Catriona's superb answer won the hearts of many, there are other pageant fanatics who started analyzing her overall performance throughout the competition. Catriona Gray is still very happy to penetrate top 5 spots and was awarded as the 3rd princess, which is a very important accomplishment. The thing here is that we should move on and prepare for the next pageant, which is Miss Universe in January.

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