In the month of December of each year, Christians are celebrating one of the most important holiday seasons of the year. You will notice that most individuals decorate their houses, business establishments, office, and everything that surrounds them. The most interesting part is that when the sunlight disappears, it will be replaced automatically by Christmas lights across structures and homes around you. In some places such as the Philippines, Christmas Season starts as early as September, which is becoming a norm in that particular part of the world.

During Christmas season, people always have the tradition to gather together to celebrate this particular holiday. Every household will showcase their culinary skills for other households and guests who prefers house-to-house visits. For some who are generous, you expect gifts that will make your holiday season more extraordinary. This is the reason why most people are excited during Christmas season because it is the time for them to exchange their presents with each other. The question is, how do you celebrate Christmas either at your home or at your office together with your workmates or friends?
This is how we celebrate Christmas. Happy Holidays!!!
Christmas Season is the time of the year where Christmas commemorates the birthday of Jesus Christ, which is the saint of Christian Religion. Christmas Day falls on December 25 of each year. Every Christian community celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ by means of gathering to church and pray.

Christmas Holiday is mostly celebrated in Christianized countries around the world. These are the entire European Union countries, North America, Latin America, Oceania, Christianized nations in Africa, and Christianized nations in Asia. Muslim countries around the world do not celebrate Christmas due to a difference in their religious beliefs, traditions, and cultures. This is similar in the Buddhist countries such as China, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Japan, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Despite the differences with regards to religious belief and customs, Christmas holiday season is still regarded as the most celebrated holiday seasons across the world where they still consider a few good reasons to celebrate "Ber" months.

Most businesses, offices, and online services took their holiday break to take part in the annual Christmas celebration. However, the emergency services such as the police department, armed forces, and health care agencies such as hospitals, and transportation agencies celebrate Christmas season while working at the same time. This means that not all agencies are allowed to celebrate Christmas season due to their responsibilities at work. Even though emergency services sectors are not allowed to take their break, they are still permitted to celebrate Christmas by having a small feast inside their workplace for as long as they are already done with their routinary or emergency tasks.

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This is how we celebrate Christmas

9 Interesting Ways to Celebrate Christmas Day 

1. Travel to visit your hometown: During Christmas Season, most individuals go home to their respective provinces as a way for them to celebrate holidays with their loved ones. Students, workers, entrepreneurs, and migrants travel back to their hometown to spend time with their families. This is a tradition for most Christian families as a way for them to fulfill Christmas Season with their loved ones at home. Visiting your hometown will be one of the best Christmas moments that you will treasure even if this is a rare chance that could happen in your life.

2. Prepare delicious meals:

holiday season. Food preparation is an important skill for you to learn and practice it when you return back at your place and master it using your unique culinary style. For every person, culinary skill is an attractive talent because you can easily capture the hearts of your peers and establish a deeper relationship in the future.

During Christmas holidays, food preparation is one of the most important activities for you to bond with your family, friends, and relatives. You will learn new things on how to prepare unique recipes that your friends and relatives share it with everyone during

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3. Exchanging gifts:
This is the most exciting moment during Christmas season. Kids love Christmas because they expect something from their relatives and friends who already prepare several gifts for them. Exchanging gifts usually happen at 12 midnight on December 25 of each year. If you slept early and missed having fun with your friends and relatives during midnight, you can open your gift tomorrow upon waking up in the morning. Gifts can be in a form of cash, gadget, jewelry, clothing, or luxurious items that you can bring it home.

4. Karaoke:

One of the past time during the Christmas Eve is when you do Karaoke with your peers, friends, family, and relatives. Karaoke is an interactive entertainment that requires a person to sing a recorded song using a microphone while reading the lyrics in front of an audio-visual platform such as television or electronic gadgets. You can sing your favorite song with your relatives while waiting for the final moment, which is during the time when you will be exchanging your gifts.

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5. Stockpiling round-shaped fruits:
It is a tradition to many that believing in good omen or a lucky charm has always been a part of their Christmas tradition. Although this is not usually a necessary practice, people always look forward to rely on lucky charms that will further enhance their inspiration to move forward for next year. Possessing lucky charms are one of the most valued items for some so that they will feel secured whenever they will eat, wear, or use the item to prevent anxiety.

6. Attending a night mass: For Christian devotees, attending a night mass is one of the most special ways to celebrate Christmas. Night mass is scheduled two hours before December 25, which is 10 in the evening on Christmas Eve. After folks prepare their food and then serve it for later's feast, they prefer to attend the night mass and then coming back at home just an hour before Christmas Day and then celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. Night mass is referred to as "Misa De Gallo" for our Spanish folks and "Simbang Gabi" for Filipino folks.

7. Celebrating with red wine:
Did you know that a cup of red wine is good for the health. However, you should observe moderation when you are going to ingest red wine. Red wine is good for your health, especially right after having your feast with your relatives, friends, and families. There are beneficial components of red wine such as antioxidants and anticancer properties such as resveratrol that destroy the DNA structure of cancer cell walls. Drinking this beverage could also lessen risks of developing heart diseases.

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8. Christmas Feast: 
After attending night mass, it is time for you to return and then celebrate Christmas feast. This is when you will start your midnight meal, which is referred to as the "good night meal". But in Latin America and formerly colonized by either Spain and Portugal, this is referred to as "noche buena". It is a famous feast in these countries where celebrants will eat their well-prepared foods on 12 midnight of December 25 right after the Christmas Eve at homes, businesses, and offices.

9. Fireworks:

If you want to spice up your Christmas celebration, you can do it with little bit of fireworks. Firing up your Christmas celebration with a bang could mean that you are ready to take a fresh new start during Christmas day. Lighting up fountains or aerial sparklers could fulfill your Christmas celebration with your families and friends. However, you should be aware that safety is always important to prevent yourself from getting injured from lighting up fireworks.

Celebrating Christmas with a Bang!!

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So how do you celebrate your Christmas?

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