Christmas season is usually the high-end season for consumers to purchase all kinds of necessities as a way to maximize their holiday season. Since everyone is rushing to buy something to fulfill their Christmas holidays, they consider transportation as the most important facility that should be maximized in order to accomplish their tasks. This is when people compete against each other to avail taxi services at any corner of the streets in every community. You will notice this during Christmas holidays when people opted to ride a taxis for more convenience.

But here is the problem. What if the most convenient way for you to reach your destination is one of the main reasons that could bring a disastrous Christmas experience for you along the way? Numerous reports of sky-rocket fare prices caught the attention of the Land transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), issuing a warning memorandum on their official FB page on December 14, 2016. Some commuters are shocked to find out that UBER and Grab Taxi are also claimed by fellow passengers being victimized by paying a very high ticket taxi fare rates even in shorter distances. LTFRB mentioned that they strongly warn Grab and Uber not to take advantage of the holiday season to initiate an excruciating increase in their rates.
LTFRB issues a statement warning UBER and Grab due to overpriced fare matrix from their Facebook page.
UBER and Grab are both technology companies that offer logistics and ride-hailing services across the world. Grab is currently operating in Southeast Asia, which is a younger logistic company than UBER. These logistic operators are private operating services. One of the most utilized services being offered is the taxi based ride-hailing for land commuters. Both of these companies offer a fixed-pricing logistics for consumers depending on the services being acquired.

Going back to the issue of overpricing, there are commuters who are now complaining due to the surge in metered taxi fares. Some passengers are overwhelmed with the pricing matrix that goes as high as Php 28,000, which is way more expensive than airline fares. Consumers voiced their dismay over the alleged overpricing issues made by some taxi operators of UBER and Grab taxi services. This is because what they thought that the most convenient way of acquiring land transportation would give them the most horrific ride of their life. Many believe that acquiring taxi services from UBER and Grab spares them from abusive local taxi operators due to surging taxi price matrix. But due to this advisory, commuters realized that they are all the same.

The issue of having several incidents of overpriced taxi fares are not new in the Philippines, especially in Manila. Delinquent taxi drivers have been reported by commuters to the authorities for allegedly manipulating their taxi meters as a way to extort their passengers. Most victims are returning overseas Filipino Workers and tourists from Ninoy Aquino International Airport as well as local travelers from bus stations. This is one of the reasons why foreign tourists are advised by various traveling agencies to avoid riding taxis to prevent being victimized by overpriced taxi fares when they land in Manila, which is why NAIA is tagged as one of the worst airports in the world. Commuters are advised to report similar abusive incidents by emailing LTFRB along with screenshots, videos, and photos to

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Grab 's response to LTFRb's Directive posted on their Facebook page
Grab's Official response to LTFRB Directives

Grab indicates that they always ensure that commuters will acquire the best rates and transportation services during this holiday season. Grab's official response are posted by the LTFRB admins at their Facebook page. The company is strictly implementing a cap in compliance with the LTFRB, which is effective between December 24, 2016, and January 30, 2017. Grab is also requesting commuters to report any suspicious or abusive incidents by emailing them to in order to prevent similar future circumstances.

However, Uber have not yet released their response statement towards the directives/advisories published by the LTFRB through their official Facebook page. LTFRB is also expecting a response from UBER since the issue regarding unacceptable taxi rate increase is alarming for both local and international commuters traversing across Metro Manila and nearby provinces. Especially that Christmas Season is the time where there is a high influx of commuters to celebrate the Yuletide Season. The LTFRB is issuing a 48-hour period for Uber to respond or face legal consequences.

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Helpful Reminder against Abusive Taxi Drivers

Commuters are always advised to take photos or videos that will serve as strong evidence when you decide to take the incident into legal action. Always remember, evidence plays an important role to ensure that all allegations will be confirmed by the media platforms you've recorded during the time and the place of the incident. Verbal testimonials are not enough when you are involved in any legal disputes concerning any alleged abusive activities by third parties.

Remember to remain calm whenever you notice something suspicious. Emotional outburst increases risks of engaging in heated arguments with anyone such as the taxi drivers. Even if you notice that something is already fishy that is already going on with the way the meter of the taxi behaves, you should act in a courteous and orderly manner. Remember, being calm controls your emotions and can always result to professional discussions that could possibly result in positive results such as reversing abusive acts.

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Never ride a cab when the taxi has a companion. Always remember that safety is your main priority when traveling. If you doubt something or smell something wrong with the cab, better not ride on it before you will regret riding in that cab for the rest of your life. Abusive cab drivers often bring with them with their companion that will act as an accomplish to establish illegal practices along the road.

The Philippine government is struggling to increase the number of foreign passengers to boost its tourism campaign brought about by a series of scams. The first concern is regarding the issue of bullet-planting scam, which is victimizing both foreign and local tourists to extort money ranging from Php 10,000 to Php 50,000 by corrupt security personnel. Another concern is regarding the issue of scamming taxi drivers that set sky-rocketing fare matrix prices for passengers from the NAIA.

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Did you experience these kinds of unfortunate incidents?

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