Bullet planting scam is one of the most concerning issues for traveling in the Philippines. Aviation authorities in the Philippines is now considering a relief for travelers not to worry about the planting of bullets because they are now allowing any passenger to be seen with bullets even if it will be detected by the scanners at the checkpoints at the boarding area. Both local and foreign passengers who wants to either go to the Philippines or away from the country will no longer have to worry about the past scandals that were faced by previous passengers who boarded their flights to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila.

This will enhance more interests for international travelers to explore more about the country because they know that this will bring more privilege to sustain the country's hope to improve its tourist attraction. The country's efforts to ease restrictions for passengers carrying ammunitions or amulets are not bringing hopes to eliminate future scandals that are blanketing the positive image of the country.
Packages are wrapped against bullet planting scams
All airports in the Philippines will no longer file charges for any passenger who are caught carrying bullets while they board their flight in any airports. Unlike before, travelers will be undergoing a comprehensive process of interrogation, which is an indefinite process that delays or postpones their flight.

Passengers will now breath again comfortably because they will no longer have to fear for being planted with bullets while boarding their flight at the airport. The package, bags, and other items will no longer be at risk for being planted with ammunition that can cause a delay or postponement with their flights.

Authorities grant any passengers to board their flight even if they have been found to be carrying live ammunitions such as one bullet from their baggage or pockets. Passengers are still allowed to board their flight without causing any delays brought about by the bullets that are found by the electronic scanning equipment.

Philippine aviation authorities no longer prohibits passengers on carrying bullets while traveling. They now allow tourists to carry one bullet and may use it as part of their amulets from bad luck.

However, one bullet per passenger is only allowed. Carrying two bullets is now prohibited. So if you carry more than one bullets, you will be immediately interrogated that will surely delay your flight.

Passengers will not be undergoing interrogation, which will no longer cause any disruptions with their travel itineraries.

If any passenger will be caught carrying live ammunitions, they will be given the option to stay and face the interrogation, or to proceed to their flight.

The decision is considered an every passenger's dream because they will not have to worry about the risk of being planted with the bullet planting scam.

This is a breakthrough with the problems that are hampering the image of the Philippines against international travelers, which could eventually help solve the country's problems with the perception of other country's aviation facility.

The Philippines has one of the lowest tourist arrivals in the Southeast Asian region as based on the annual count of inbound travelers arriving in the country from several airports.

As based on the annual count, the country is only generating at least five to six tourist arrivals, which is dwarfed by Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Cambodia to be at least more than 15 million tourist arrivals.

Bullet planting scandal is one of the many reasons why travelers opt to relocate their destinations to another tropical paradise area due to this particular issue, which is a humiliating concern for the country's tourism image, despite from their efforts to boost their tourism campaign to other parts of the world.

In the Philippines, bullet planting scam is locally known as "tanim-bala", which is an illegal practice that is made by planting live bullets inside the baggage and pockets of passengers. This scandal involves security personnel and other aviation authorities in Philippine airports, concerning travelers.

"Tanim-bala" scam seriously hurts the tourism industry of the Philippines. Involved personnel responsible for getting involved in the scam are responsible for further degrading the positive tourism image of the Philippines due to these series of incidents.

Both foreigners and local travelers have already been reluctant from traveling to the Philippines due to fear of being victimized by corrupt and unruly personnel.

Involved security personnel who should have been protecting the security of the passengers were blamed as the main culprits of the scam, citing low-wage with lesser benefits that force travelers to commit illegal acts against the passengers.

The scandal is also one of the reasons why the customs agency is regarded as one of the corrupt in the country.

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