After a thrilling and final playoffs, the Golden State Warriors remain to be the dominant team in the Western Conference finals. They scored 96 against 88 from Oklahoma Thunders. The Golden State Warriors will now represent the Western Conference to NBA's upcoming finals. They will be facing the winner of the Eastern Conference finals that was won by the Cleveland Cavaliers that is represented by Lebron James.

Fans from Los Angeles will now have another contender to represent their community for the upcoming finals. This will be the second NBA team from their home community to enter the finals round that will be facing the winner of the Eastern conference. Both players, the management personnel, and the fans are now excited to witness the next game of Golden State Warrior for the upcoming finals of NBA this season.
The Golden State Warriors is Eastern Conference finals champion
With a gap of 7 in favor of the Golden State Warriors, the team will now represent the western half of the United States to the Finals of NBA. Stephen Curry, one of the most awaited basketball athletes from the Eastern conference will be facing off with the former most valuable player from previous NBA season, LeBron James.

The Golden State Warriors will appear back to the finals of NBA and will take another faceoff round against the Cleveland Cavaliers. The team is set to look for their second straight win against the Cleveland Cavaliers, making it one of the most valuable games in the history of the team. This is their second win that was held at the Oracle Arena in Oakland, California.

Oklahoma Thunders dominated the first and second quarter with dominating points of 24 for both first and second, while Warriors only made at least 19 and 23 for the 1st and second quarters.

But the main difference was in the third quarter. Golden State Warriors boomeranged to 29 points while Thunders just made it to 12 points. Thunders managed to replace their deficit by gaining more 28 points, but Warriors were just close behind at 25 points, maintaining its dominating gap and eventually won the Western Conference finals.

Highlights of game 7 finals is all about the astounding performance of Stephen Curry. He was responsible for further increasing the gaps against the Oklahoma Thunders with several three-point free throw shots during the extended period of the 4th conference finals.

After a sluggish start at 3-1 in favor of Oklahoma Thunders, the Golden State Warriors paved their patience and perseverance to clinch the second spot as a finalist team. Curry, along with its basketball team comrades were grateful to have their composure back at the later matches of Western Conference finals on May 30, 2016.

After winning the license to represent the other half of the United States to the NBA finals, the Golden State Warriors are expected to undergo more rigorous trainings and workouts in order to overpower the best team from the Eastern Conference.

The team and its members admitted that finals NBA conference is the most challenging match that they can face to the finals because they are going to face the former champions from the past seasons.

Managers and handlers of the team are convinced that the team is at the peak of its golden career. This comes after a back to back appearance to the NBA finals with one successful championship as headed by Stephen Curry.

As for the scores, Golden State Warriors had 19 points in the first quarter, 23 for 2nd, 29 for third, and 25 for the 4th quarter with a total of 96.

Meanwhile, Oklahoma Thunders made 24 points in the first quarter, 24 in the second quarter, 12 in the 3rd quarter, and 28 for the 4th quarter with a total of 88 points.

Player statistics show that Kevin Durant made 27 points while Curry gained 36 points with 8 assists. Robertson from Thunders had 12 rebounds while Green had 9 rebounds and 2 blocks.

Congratulations to the winner and representative of Western Conference for the Finals of NBA

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