Rumours are now speculating that Miss Universe Organization will finally cement its annual pageants in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since the organization is also responsible for handling Miss USA pageant, the same will be also held annually in the same mentioned place in the State of Nevada. Pageant enthusiasts will be delighted with this latest update because they will have a more accessible way to watch and witness their favorite contestants to claim one of the most important crowns in the universe as well as in the United States.

All contestants from both Miss USA and Miss Universe will be going to Las Vegas for a few weeks until the coronation night of their respective pageants. If this will be true, Las Vegas will be stormed by numerous pageant fanatics from all over the world to watch the candidates to every major competitions and gala events where they can take a picture with the contestants during the competition.
Las Vegas Nevada theaters
Miss USA 2016 pageant is currently being held at Axis theatre, which was recently used for the preliminary presentation of 51 candidate to gain the license to represent the stage. Miss USA candidates presented their catwalk skills during the swimsuit competition as well as waving their gowns during the long gown competition.

The preliminary that was just recently held at the Axis theatre will be the basis for selecting the top 15 delegates to enter the semi-finals round. This will be announced after the opening ceremony of the coronation night of Miss USA pageant that will be held on June 5, 2015 at the same venue. semifinalists will have to undergo another round of swimsuit, gown, and question and answer portion to select the most beautiful woman in the United States.

Similar procedure has been already done for the Miss Universe 2015. This was the first pageant handled by new management, which is also responsible for handling IMG model management agency. Candidates will also have the chance to be selected as models to represent several international brands all over the world through the management of Miss USA and Miss Universe beauty pageants.

Pageant analyzers are optimistic about the latest announcement because they can have the reason to visit the United States and tour the area while the pageant is taking place. They can not just only visit the candidates, spectators can have the chance to experience the ambiance on what is it like to be in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Organizer of both Miss Universe and Miss USA will have to pick the best sponsors who will be teaming up with their local and international annual beauty pageants. This is to provide a win-win situation to develop the market brand of the pageant organization as well as the venue where the pageant will be held, which attracts more event organizers to rent their respective venues.

Las Vegas, Nevada is home of the country's playing arenas. This is a haven for celebrities, gaming enthusiasts, and event organizers to organize some of the most important entertainment shows to attract audiences from either local or international marketplace.

The format for both pageants will be similar from what have been presented from the recent Miss Universe beauty pageant in 2015. There will be a preliminary show that will showcase both swimsuit and gown competition. All candidates will be grouped into ten while presenting their swimsuit skill and ability to embody elegance.

As for the performance during the coronation night, each candidate will be selected from the prelimiary where it will be announcing the top 15 performers. 15 candidates will be battling to seek for a spot in the top ten through the swimsuit competiton.

After calling out the top 10, candidates will now have to battle against each other during the gown competition to seek a spot in the top 5.

The top 5 delegates will now be screened through question and answer. Each candidate will be asked by either the audience or the judges. The top 3 best answers will be selected to vye for the the crown.

Top 3 delegates will be given one question. While one will be called out, the other two will have to cover their ears to observe fairness during the question and answer question.

Answers will be deliberated by the judges through their scores. The accountant representative from Earnst and Young will be tabulating the score, which will indicate the winning candidate by printing the names on the enclosed cards.

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