Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali was pronounced dead at the age 74 after he was rushed to Pheonix Hospital to treat his severe respiratory condition. As he was suffering from respiratory distress, he was then regarded by health care practitioners to be in a grave condition. He is now being monitored by his family, relatives, and close friends while recuperating in the hospital.

After having been known as a former heavyweight champion of the world, the former international boxing star is now being challenged by another bout. This time, it's all about his health condition that is now hampering his lifestyle and threatening his health. As a courageous boxer, he is now placed on life support due to the complications of his respiratory condition. Fans from all over the world who have been informed about condition are shocked by his present medical illness that is now concerning his medical condition.
Legendary Boxer Muhammad Ali
The 74-year-old boxing icon's family is hoping for Ali's speedy recovery as he has been suffering from other major diseases. At this age, his immune system is no longer that strong enough to have a faster recovery period due to the loss of elasticity in some of his muscles that affect his movements, breathing, and mental capacity to comprehend with the outside environment. Ali has also been battling with an advanced Parkinson's disease for the past decades, which is a condition that is affecting his psychomotor responses aggravated by his brain's abnormal response to movements.

The family is now requesting for the supporters of Muhammad Ali to never stop continuing their prayers for the former heavyweight superstar. Some members of the family indicated that this is the time for Ali to need the support of his followers and fanatics as he is again battling another challenge that is now affecting his health and longevity. Family members truly appreciate the pouring support and never-ending prayers for the former athlete recuperate sooner.

Muhammad Ali is also suffering from Parkinson's disease, which is a chronic medical condition that affects the nervous system of the patient. This is a progressive disease that is characterized by muscular rigidity, tremor, and slower precise movement. Parkinson's disease affects mostly the middle-aged as well as the elderly individuals, Muhammad Ali initially showed signs and symptoms of the disease right after he retired from boxing.

He was born on January 17, 1942 and died on June 4, 2016

The disease is associated with the basal ganglia degeneration of the brain of the patient. This leads to the deficiency with the dopamine transmission that impacts the movement of the patient's psychomotor activities.

When Muhammad Ali showed visible signs of involuntary movements, it greatly affected his ability to maintain his posture as he starts to struggle with his psychomotor  movements. Athletes who exhibit

Ali's respiratory condition is closely associated with his current Parkinson's disease condition. There is a significant link between the progress of Alzheimer's disease with the respiratory system. Ali's brain has been gradually depleted by the part where it controls his breathing pattern, causing him to suffer from a respiratory distress.

As a complication of Alzheimer's disease, respiratory complication is one of the most dangerous because it affects the airway and breathing pattern of the patient.

The last public appearance of Muhammad Ali was when he attended the University of Louisville awards ceremony that honored his boxing legacy and career, taking pride for his hometown.

Muhammad Ali was born under the name of Cassius Marcellus Clay Jr. He is a former American professional boxer and considered one of the greatest heavyweights in boxing sports history. During his career, his symbolized his racial identity in order to take pride in his own identity while taking part in numerous boxing matches.

Cassius converted his name to Muhammad Ali when he pledged his faith to Islam. He was influenced by Malcolm X, which was his political and spiritual advisor during the height of his career.

Malcolm X's influence radicalized Muhammad's principles to become an outspoken athlete, taking the chance to use his boxing career to inspire minority groups to fight for their civil rights. Muhammad Ali became one of the most prominent human rights activists during the height of the Civil Rights movement in 1960's.

Muhammad Ali's professional career had 56 wins (with 37 knockouts and 19 decisions), 5 losses (with 4 decisions and one knock-out).

His last career match was against Trevor Berbick where he lost at the age of 39.

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