As the saying always says that "True love does not always define friendship because it is a feeling that you express it to someone else, regardless of who the person is", feelings is not always intentional. When your friend will fall for you, you will be shocked, but somehow, you can always be there to start developing something interesting to improve your relationship with that particular person in your life. 

Friendship is something that a person treasures because these are some of the most important things that treasure their well-being. This is because you already know the person who is now offering their feelings so that you will soon be a future partner. The only thing is all about the way that you can handle the pressure of having a close friend that is now developing a certain feeling that cannot be controlled. As a person, you acknowledge the feelings or expressions of emotions; however, you are now being pressured if you will either choose to accept or still remain friends no matter what the consequences are. 
Friendships can transform into romantic relationships
Another saying goes "never chase your friend away while they are still interested being with you. Once that you push them away, you will no longer be their main priority even if you are going to gain their friendship back", this is all about the consequences when you push a certain friend. Ignoring someone or something will take any opportunities away that you will regret it for the rest of your life. The reason behind is that you will start realizing that that person made a significant change to your life wherein it transform your ability to believe that this person made significant choices that brought your emotions to the next level. 

But if the person starts to show their feeling of affection towards you, this is the chance wherein you will be feeling what it is like to be adored. This is a feeling that you don't want to ignore it, because, in time, there is something positive applied between your friendship with each other for a certain period of time. At this point in time, you will feel that being always treasured makes you feel special by your friend who is always with you. 

If your friend is showing signs that they are starting to fall in love with you, you should not ignore it, because that particular feeling may soon become beneficial between the two of you. If you chose to ignore it, there will be bad consequences that might happen with your friendship towards that particular person. Identifying several signs will let you understand that particular emotion of that person so that you will know how to handle pressure, as well as a stressful situation that can affect your friendship in the future. 

10 signs that your friend is falling for you

1. They start staring at you more often: If you observe that your friend is always looking at your face in a weird manner, there is something fishy going on. You will start feeling awkward whenever your friend looks at you in a long time. That staring moment makes you feel that there is something with that look that you should explore further because your friend is signalling more about their feelings for you.

2. Becomes more touchy: Being touchy on an occasional basis is a normal thing between friends. However, if that friend becomes more touchy, there is already something that you should attend to. This includes holding your hands more often, which could signify that they are already showing their affection by just allowing your hand to hold against their palms. 

3. Spends more time with you: Having a friend is always a treasure for you to keep it until your last breath. Being always with a friend is something that makes us more comfortable because it is where we show our personality. But if that friend will always spend more quality time with you that is now more than the regular amount of time, this will enable you to think that your friend might be already in love with you. 

4. He prioritizes you more than others: This time, being considered special is a thing that makes yourself flattered. As a priority, your friend is always thinking about your welfare that is not usually a normal routine for his daily activities. He always thinks about your situation more than others, which is not usual for a friend. Therefore, you would consider this as a sign that you are already loved by your friend. 

5. Gives gifts frequently: As a friend, gifts are usually received during special occasions such as weddings, baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, or Christmas parties. However, if your friend always gives you anything they can manage to buy on a non-special occasion, then you might be expecting more special treatment because that friend may have already been considering you as a special person to their heart. 

6. Always invite you to lunch or dinner: As a friend, you ignore any hint that your friend might be hitting on you when you are going out for a dinner. But when that friend frequently invites you to have a meal together, there is already a hint that there is something special that is already shown by that friend towards you. This is simply called as a "hidden date" with a desire to let you unknowingly having a date that is discreet. 

7. Makes sacrifice: Aside from spending more time and prioritizing you, there is already something special if that friend has already been sacrificing their time, money, effort just to provide the best for you. They take more advantage of keeping you more satisfied in an exchange with their efforts to make you happy.

8. Always misses you: If you and your friend just parted ways and went to each other's home for just a couple of hours and starts to say that they miss you on a regular basis, there is already something going on with what they feel about you. Being missed is something that you will feel to a person whom you did not be with for a long time. But when a friend frequently misses you on a regular basis, they might start falling for you. 

9. Talks about you a lot: If you are not with that friend, you will be always the topic to other friends, which you are not aware of. Your friend always does talks about your past activities over and over, even if other friends already finds it repetitive. When you learn that you are always the topic initiated by that special friend, something is already brewing up with their emotional well-being. 

10. Courageous enough to say I LOVE YOU:10. Courageous enough to say I LOVE YOU: This is the most confirming part that makes you melt in front of that person who actually made up their mind to finally show their true feelings for you. When you finally knew it, this is already up to you if you will either accept it, or still remain just friends with that person. 

*Always remember, if that person is rejected, you will risk your friendship due to heartache. 

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