When you walk along the street, you always see different varieties of foods that cause your mouth to salivate. The brightly-colored foods engage your appetite to have an interesting impression to have a try on some of these food items upon looking at them being cooked along the streets. However, you might not know that there are risks that can be associated with consuming foods that are served on the streets that might have already affected other individuals without your knowledge.

A variety of street foods

Street foods are referred to foods that are readily prepared along the streets. These are foods that are already either commercially or manually prepared by the vendors that you can see along the way. Most street foods are those you can dip it with a unique sauce that is prepared by the vendors where it makes the food taste even better.

You can pick a variety of street foods as you pass along the street that is composed of street food vendors. Examples of these foods are fish balls, squid balls, sweet corn, shawarma, flour-coated quail eggs, grilled squid, sausage varieties, barbeque, and exotic animals. Most of these food varieties are instantly prepared to slow the waiting time for customers walking along the street.

However, consumers are not fully aware regarding the dangers that can be caused by eating street foods on a regular basis. The reason behind is that they tend to acquire health risks associated with the consumption of any food that came from a variety of questionable sources, which could lead to numerous threats affecting their health and well-being.

For people who loves to eat street foods, you should have to be cautious about the things that could affect your health. The reason behind is that you might be regretting once you acquire several diseases that may cause a severe discomfort after consuming contaminated foods.

5 health risks of eating street foods

1. Acquiring contagious diseases: If you eat street foods, you often acquire a several variety of diseases that affects your health on either a temporary or permanent basis. When you diseases caused by a species of bacteria, you can treat these diseases through antibiotic as prescribed. However, if you contracted a viral-borne disease, the condition will be permanent, especially if the disease that you acquired is still not curable up to the present day.

2. You can contract worms: Streets are some of the most dirtiest parts of the cities. Streets are filled with fecal matters being left behind by animals who always dwell along the street and defecate. The dust and air that is carried by the wind will descend in some of the street food, which you will eventually consumer when you buy it.

3. Develop allergies: Eating street foods could cause a severe allergic reaction to your body, especially if you are eating foods that are mixed with ingredients that contain allergens. When you contract these allergens in your body, you might develop a reaction that could cause numerous discomforts in your body. Your skin starts to react severely, causing inflammation to some parts of your body.

4. You are at risk of developing cancer: Street foods are always prepared in charcoal. The problem is that the charcoal will pop out and then will get stuck into the food while you are going to consume it. These substances are referred to as carcinogens, which are substances that increases the amount of free radicals in your body to cause cancerous substances.

5. Suffer from food-borne diseases: Unsanitary street foods can cause food-borne diseases such as bacterial infection to your digestive system. If you happen to consumer some of these harmful pathogens in your body, you develop diarrhea, vomiting, and loose watery stool. When you suffer from this particular ailment, you might be at risk for dehydration.

Things to prevent health risks associated with eating street foods 

  • Always check the facilities used for cooking the street food. 
  • Buy freshly prepared street foods. 
  • Cook the food very well before consuming it. 
  • Use freshly prepared sauce when eating street foods. 
  • Ask the ingredients with the vendor.
  • Wash your hands before eating the food.
  • Only purchase street foods that are prepared indoors. 
  • If possible, seek an immediate medical advice or treatment if discomforts happen.  

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