Cincinnati zoo is now facing numerous criticisms after they seek for police intervention for the death on one of the facility's most endangered animal. The gorilla's death sparked worldwide because both the zoo and the police authorities were responsible for exchanging the animal's rights while securing the safety of the boy who fell inside the enclosed area where the gorilla is sheltered.

There were claims that the Gorilla was just trying to approach the boy in a safe manner. However, the enraged mother of the boy made a false reaction that was driven by her emotions for believing that the gorilla was trying to attack the baby. After a thorough investigation, the photos and videos show that the animal was just curious about being with the boy without showing signs of aggression. The zoo personnel who shot the gorilla is now facing numerous criticism as well as with the mother of the boy who are now facing heavy loads of negative reactions due to her negligence for her young child at the zoo enclosure during the day and time of the incident.
Silverback gorilla
Meet Harame, the rare elusive gorilla that was shot by the zoo authorities because they believe that it is a significant threat to the boy's life after it has been believed injured. The boy fell into the encroachment area where the giant gorilla is enclosed as the gorilla approached the young man out of curiosity. The zookeepers were terrified and believed that the animal that is considered a great threat to the young boy and later contacted another zoo personnel to respond to the scene.

The decision to shoot the endangered animal with ammunition sparked an outcry because the zoo keepers made a wrong decision to exterminate the animal. Animal rights advocates indicated that tranquilizing the animal should have been the best option if the problem was to rescue the boy who fell into the animal's enclosure. However, the police authorities who responded the scene were quick to decide that the best solution is to shoot it because they only have guns while there were no tranquilizers available during that time.

The animal is a 17-year-old gorilla, which is a western lowland gorilla that is considered a critically endangered species. There are only at least less than 150,000 that are living in the wild, which is only concentrated along eastern African region. The animal species suffered multiple deaths associated with the poaching and illegal animal trade to other parts of the world.

Owner and proprietors of Cincinnati Zoo can be held liable for any legal and ethical constraints brought about by killing an endangered animal. In the United States, killing a critically endangered animal is already regarded as a felony. Both the zookeeper as well as the parents of the child can be apprehended by the authorities if they had been found guilty on felony charged by killing the elusive creature.

Animal rights activists are also blaming the parents of the young boy. The parents of the four-year-old boy have been heavily criticized after the incident due to allegations of negligence. Criticisms indicate that the parents were responsible for causing a scenario that can generate a worldwide attention for leaving the boy wandering alone until it fell into the enclosure.

On the defense of zookeepers, it was crucial to think alertly that they are responding to a critical situation wherein there is an animal that is a significant threat to the safety of the child. They need to trade the life of the gorilla in order to keep the boy alive.

The parents, Deonne Dickerson and Michelle Gregg are now the center of attention on why they managed to let the boy allow to fell into the closure. Social media accounts of both parents are now facing heavy unsolicited messages and posts, receiving harsh words from the empathizers of the dead gorilla who was killed in Cincinnati Zoo.

Animal biologists are concerned about the security barriers that were constructed in each animal enclosure. They cited that the zoo must have at least two barriers to totally prevent any wandering child from entering the enclosure and preventing similar incidents in the future.

The parents might be at risk for child negligence because they were not responsible enough for keeping the security and safety of the child. The video footage of the child being approached by the gorilla can be a clear evidence to apprehend the parents that are now gaining more criticisms from various social media websites.

Animal rights activists are now planning to charge the parents for several ethical and legal suits associated with the safety and welfare of the child. This is also in connection for the outcry brought about by the killing of a gorilla in Cincinnati zoo.

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