Did you know that houseflies can risk your health by just allowing them to land on your food? They are small flying creatures that seem to look harmless, but you might not know about the potential threats that they can do to your food or with your health at no time. This is because houseflies land from one surface at a time. They always fly from one place to another, risking your delicious meal to be contaminated with numerous diseases. Many people might not know the dangers that can be affected by a common housefly, which could risk individuals from health risks in the near future.

Food poisoning can significantly endanger your health due to the contaminants that affects the integrity of the food. Ignoring these small flying creatures can cause you a significant risk to your health due to the lack of knowledge about the effects of having numerous flies at home. People who were hospitalized will soon realize that they made a mistake for ignoring these creatures to cause contamination to their foods. So if you have these creatures hovering around your home, you better do something before it can affect your family's health at the least expected time.
A common housefly that causes food poisoning
Flies are small crying creatures, which is commonly found elsewhere around the world, roaming around the kitchen or any areas that are known to have a plenty supply of food. These are creatures that are easily attracted to any food material where they search for it and then try to approach it in order to sustain their basic need. So if you cook something that stimulates your sense of smell, you are not the only one being attracted by the food, you are also attracting somebody that might be interested in sharing with your favorite meal.

A housefly is known scientifically as Musca Domestica, it is a creature that belongs to the suborder cyclorrhaphan. They are measured to have a size to at least between 8 and 12 millimeters long. Females are larger than the males due to their adaptability to store, incubate, and sustain the lives of their eggs for the new generation of flies. Their average lifespan can extend between two to four weeks, depending on the condition of the environment. They can hibernate during the winter months, but only for the species that are adapted to a cold environment.

The relationship of flies is somewhat considered a disaster when they are linked to food. They are creatures known to carry at least more than known pathogens that are harmful to human being. Any food that they land will be easily contaminated with a live pathogenic microorganism, which is no longer safe for human and animal consumption. Flies are responsible for causing food-borne diseases that could risk the health of anyone who will consume the food that is already contaminated by these creatures.

Here are 5 health facts why houseflies can cause food poisoning 

1. Carries deadly pathogens: Flies carries deadly pathogenic microorganism responsible for contaminating any food that they land on it. They are responsible for causing salmonella infection, parasite infestation, viral infection, and fungal infection when consumed by anyone. Pathogens can risk a person's life due to the health risks that can impact their body, which is infested with dangerous microbes and parasites to their body.

2. Houseflies carries feces: Houseflies always land anything they can find it beneficial to their health. This includes landing on highly infectious substance that can cause their health to deteriorate instantly. These are feces of animals such as dogs, cats, and other wild animals that they can find it suitable for sustaining their basic need in the long run. Feces that are mixed with food contains parasites that can directly integrate with the digestive tract.

3. Causes spoilage to food: Flies carrying contagious fungi can cause food spoilage in just minutes after they land on food even if it is freshly prepared. They land on a surface that contains active molds, which contains fungal substances to cause food to spoil immediately. Spores from fungi will be stuck within the feet of the flies that can affect the lifespan of the food, making it unsuitable for humans and animals to feed on it.

4. Carries live worms: if you see your food that is infested with worms, you can blame the flies responsible for bringing another creature to the food. When you leave your food unattended and then kept it in a safe storage, these foods could help parasites to grow as they also consume some portions of the food that will now highly dangerous to the health. The reason behind is that there are live wiggling small worms that can cause a disgusting feeling towards the food.

5. Houseflies can lay eggs to the food: If you did not notice, your food that was stored will then be infested with larvae when you left it unattended. Larvae can hatch just hours after the fly already laid on it some time ago. These are dried fish, sausages, and even pork chops can surprise you with live wiggling larvae of houseflies. Larvae hatches and then also unknowingly shares the food that you are also going to consume it.

How to prevent housefly infestation at home

  • Always cover your food at all times. 
  • Keep your food at a safe storage away from flies to prevent them from landing towards your food. 
  • Observe hygiene to prevent any transmission of an infection through your hands. 
  • Always wash plates, glass, and other kitchen utensils to prevent contamination. 
  • Use screens to your doors, windows, and other portals of entry of flies to your home. 
  • Spray insecticides around your home to prevent flies from being attracted to the food. 
  • Never leave your food to open environment. 
  • Use aromatic flowers that can drive flies away from your home. 
  • Place fly-catching pad to catch houseflies and instantly killing them. 
  • Regularly clean your house's premises to prevent any waste materials and other infectious substances that can be transmitted by flies. 
  • Use nets outdoors so that your home will provide another line of defense against the entry of flies aside from the screens to your home. 
*Always remember that having a clean and tidy environment can keep your home safe from harm.

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