Dengue Fever disease is a widespread epidemic around the world because there are millions of patients who contract the disease. Some patients even die due to the lack of medical equipment to save their lives and restore their health. This disease can cause numerous damages to the affected community due to complications that affect human lives. If there is a single reported case of dengue fever in a certain community, then the whole community will be at risk because infected mosquitoes continue to spread the disease to other parts of the community. If you happen to be in the area where there is already a growing outbreak of the disease, it is better to start protecting yourself or you will be the next victim that can be infected with the disease.

You should always remember that prevention is always better than cure. So you better watch out for any health risks that could threaten your life as well as the lives of your family members or friends who happen to visit your area that can be exposed from the disease without their knowledge.
Dengue fever is caused by an aedes aegypti mosquito
As you all know, dengue fever is a highly contagious disease because it is easily transmitted by just one single bite, which is the most hated insect in the world. And yes, you are correct, it is the mosquito that is always responsible for spreading the disease like a wildfire. If the mosquito was not yet killed after infecting someone, it continues to hunt for another potential victim to spread the disease.

Aedes aegypti is the mosquito is a vector of the disease. They are the low flying and day time active carriers of the virus responsible for causing the Dengue Fever disease to spread to other communities. Any confirmed reports of dengue fever in a certain community would likely risk the population staying in the same community could cause health risks to nearby communities.

Dengue fever is a viral disease. Even though there are already vaccines allocated to several areas around the world. Controlling the disease is not yet contained. There are still more reported cases being documented by several health care institutions, causing a public dilemma on how to control the growing number of population affected by the disease.

10 health prevention tips against dengue fever disease

1. Drain all stagnant waters at home: Dengue fever is always caused by an insect vector. Killing the breeding grounds of vector insects will help decrease the number of health risks associated with the spread of the disease. Mosquitoes love laying eggs to any stagnant waters because it is clean and sustains the lifeline of their eggs and larvae. Stagnant waters are waters contained at flower pots, tires, bottles, flower vase, drums, clogged canals, and artificial ponds.

2. Wear long sleeve clothing: Arms are one of the most exposed part of our body that is secondary to our face to outside environment. This is the part where it is the easiest and accessible for the mosquitoes to bite and has several micrograms of blood. Wearing long sleeves allow mosquitoes to have a hard time biting your arm, which makes you safe from being infected with the disease.

3. Wear pants: It is important to also cover your legs and not only your arms. If wearing long sleeves is already enough to protect you but still wearing shorts, skirts, or dresses, you are still at risk of contracting the disease. Wearing pants help to protect you from contracting dengue fever disease by preventing mosquitoes bite your legs because there is a barrier that prevents their proboscis to penetrate into your skin.

4. Apply insect repellent lotions: Applying lotions that contain active ingredients that could drive away mosquito dispells any health risks. There are numerous brands offering insect repellant cosmetics to help reduce the number of dengue cases that affects an innocent victim. As vaccines and damage control is still not enough to the community, applying insect repellant lotion is a good choice to combat against the risk of contracting dengue fever disease anywhere.

5. Placing mosquito nets at your bed: It is important to know that mosquito nets can free you from any buzzing sounds that could risk your health from contracting dengue disease. Mosquito nets prevents mosquitoes from getting near you because there is a barrier that will not cause any health risks. However, position your body away from the mosquito net because the proboscis of mosquitoes can still reach you if you get too near with it.

6. Use insect repellant plants at home: Insects hates plants that releases strong odor. Plants provides a fragrant smell that makes your home atmosphere to embody its natural ambiance and encapsulating the wonders of nature. Insects hates plants that emits strong odors, driving them away to an area where there is no odor. Most insects use their strong sense of olfaction, which makes them not totally comfortable to any strong smell.

7. Spray insect repellant spray: This is the most powerful tip against the spread of dengue fever disease. Insect sprays contain toxic chemicals that can easily kill small insects and even animals. Spraying to an area infested by insects such as mosquitoes prevents the spread of any infectious substances at home. Once you spray areas infested by mosquitoes and other parasites, they can instantly die.

8. Fogging: This is a massive fogging operation by using a specialized equipment that can release heavy loads of fog that can incinerate all flying, crawling, and jumping insects. This is usually made by insect control companies or government agencies that are equipped with these specialized facilities that can control any impending health risks in the area. Fogging are usually applied when there are an emergent outbreak in a certain community where there is a significant increase with the number of reported cases of dengue fever diseases.

9. Take vitamin B1 supplement: It is good to know that taking vitamin B1 supplements actually works for driving mosquitoes away. Biotin or vitamin B1 synthesizes the body to produce a yeast-like smell, which drives mosquitoes away. If you are taking vitamin supplements regularly with high doses of vitamin B-complex, your body may actually drive mosquitoes away on a regular basis.

10. Observe regular hygiene: Mosquitoes love people who does not regularly take a bath. One main reason is when the body releases odor, it emits carbon dioxide compound that is suitable to attract mosquitoes. people who are suffering from athlete's foot usually attracts mosquitoes and are more likely to contract diseases than people who regularly take a bath on a daily basis.

Hope you learned something from this article.

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