Language translators are regarded as common practices that we see in several public events that happen within our community. In almost all beauty pageant contests, there is one thing that concerns candidates and their supporters. This is all about the presence of interpreters. In major international competitions such as Miss Universe, Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Intercontinental, Miss Supranational, Miss World, and other pageants. There are interpreters from countries where English is not their first language. These are countries from Asia, Latin America, Europe, Africa, Oceania, and in Caribbean regions.

The 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant is currently being hosted by the Philippines. Miss Universe is the most followed international beauty pageant in the universe in the modern era because there are more than a billion followers who are always anticipating the pageant event on a yearly basis. The world will now get to see how is it like to be in the largest beauty pageant fans in the world than any other country in the world. Filipino beauty pageant fanatics are already used to watching translators for delegates from various international beauty pageants experiencing language barriers. If you are organizing an international beauty pageant, expect that there are ladies who have difficulties in speaking the English language.
Miss Universe delegates and their interview using different languages
As Janine Tugonon's answer when she represented the Philippines in Miss Universe 2012. She says that being Miss Universe does not need to speak a specific language. This phrase alone is already meaningful enough for every ladies around the world not to be concerned having an interpreter in order to express and absorb any interests.

The issue of translator has escalated due to an intense pressure towards Maxine Medina's communication skills. There is an overwhelming number of pageant critics who were not personally satisfied with the way she delivered her communication skills in front of the stage. Whenever she talks in front of the camera, critics and bashers often observe her grammar and the way she conveys her ideas in every single letter. The beauty pageant camp responsible for handling Maxine Medina were reportedly open for her using an interpreter during the question and answer portion. After all, even if the Philippines is regarded as an English speaking nation, Tagalog is still the most spoken language across the archipelago.

Since the beauty pageant camp of the Philippines is aiming for perfection in order to ace the question and answer round, a translator is necessary to help Maxine make a back-to-back win. If Maxine Medina will really use a translator as decided by her handlers, this will be the first in the history of the Philippines in an international beauty pageant competition. Opting to use a translator will shut down all critics responsible for establishing negative comments against the host delegate. Maxine will now have the chance to answer the question using the language where she is comfortable with during the question and answer portion.

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The language barrier is the main reason why there are delegates who really need translators to help them answer the question. There are hired translators who will be translating from their native language to English, which is the general mode of communication being used in all international beauty pageants. Translators help candidates to express their insights, ideas, and interests in a comfortable environment. Countries who are always seen using translators are the Hispanic nations, Asian nations, European nations, and African nations.

Another benefit of using translator is to allow the candidate to use his or her comfort when answering the question. Being comfortable when answering question boosts the confidence level of the candidate that enables them you to answer accurately and efficiently. For example, if Maxine Medina will finally use an interpreter, she will freely express herself that can express all thoughts and insights that are relevant to reckon the question and answer portion of the pageant. If a candidate is not comfortable answering the question due to a language barrier, the question will not be answered correctly or never answered at all.

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Translators are not only used verbally. The world has a dynamic way of translating other languages into their language of their own. One creative example is when the language of a particular nationality will be translated into either English of other native languages in a textual form. This means that there is an implied way of translating words of phrases from a particular native language to the general language to convey understanding between the two or more individuals or groups. There are also dictionaries that can help a person to understand the word by searching a specific word that is automatically translated.


One main issue about translators is the degree of proficiency of translating the words or the full answer of the delegate. If there will be a mistranslated word or a phrase could create a severe misunderstanding between the two groups with different language. Once a translator suffers from a difficulty translating the answer of the candidate, there will be a pressure wherein words and phrases will be misinterpreted. The words will be translated wrongly, affecting the score of the candidate. Inefficient translators are often blamed for failing to translate the correct word or phrase that causes the candidate to lose the competition.

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Another is the attitude of the translator. When the translator is very rude, the confidence of the contestant suddenly backdrops. This is because the arrogance of the translator blocks the desire of the candidate to answer the question confidently. Instead of being optimistic with the answer, the candidate will start being concerned with the approach of the translator, which will intimidate their thought process to change their strategy of answering the question. In the end, the candidate usually fails to answer the question in an inaccurate manner due to the rudeness of the translator even in front of the stage.

If the translator has an existing sensory difficulty such as problems with their hearing perception as well as their speech, the flow of information will be disrupted in front of the stage. The translator will be having a difficulty understanding the thought due to an existing problem with their hearing or speech. In the end, they might serve as an actual failure instead of a help that should have increased the candidate's chances of winning the pageant. The candidate that usually experience this kind of situation ended up answering the question by themselves even if they are linguistically challenged.

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