The preliminary competition is the most crucial part of Miss Universe beauty pageant competition. This is the part where all the delegates are required to undergo a rigorous screening procedure before being selected as one of the top 12 semifinalists. Before the coronation night, the judges will now forward the scores to the tabulators and begin the computation to determine the scores and rankings of each delegate. For the 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant competition, there are over 86 contestants who will be tabulated by licensed accountants who will choose the magic 12 candidates. The top 12 semifinalists will be called during the first part of the coronation event in SM MOA Arena in Pasay City, Metro Manila.

Maxine Medina is the Philippines' representative for the 65th edition of Miss Universe. She is the hometown delegate responsible for maximizing the Filipino hospitality to other delegates, international fashion designers, stylists, the staff of Miss Universe Organization, and the foreign tourists who are in the Philippines to watch the annual beauty pageant. The radar has been focused towards Maxine Medina because the outgoing Miss Universe is Pia Wurtzbach, who won last December 20, 2015. Pia will be crowning her successor just a few days from the preliminary competition of the international beauty pageant.
Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina
The 64th edition of Miss Universe beauty pageant was held in Las Vegas Nevada on December 20, 2015. Pia Wurtzbach represented the Philippines after her third attempt to join the national pageant (Binibining Pilipinas). After a controversial announcement by Steve Harvey by announcing the first runner-up, Ariadna Gutierrez from Colombia, Pia emerged as the rightful winner as shown from the cue card.

Maxine Medina is hopeful that she could be the fourth candidate from the Philippines to win Miss Universe in her home country. Pia Wurtzbach is very happy to crown her successor in her home country, which is a once in a lifetime experience for the beauty queen. In the case of Maxine Medina, she is regarded as the most pressured delegate because she is serving as the host delegate as well as vying to make a back-to-back win for the country. The front-runners, which is observed as the most competitive delegates are mostly from Asia and Latin America. They are the delegates from Brazil, Venezuela, Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, Indonesia, Dominican Republic.

Since Maxine won as Miss Universe-Philippines 2016 last April, she immediately undergoes comprehensive beauty pageant training regimen. Her beauty pageant mentors rigorously studied her communication skills, catwalk skills, styling, body built and posture. For over 9 months, Maxine worked so hard to transform into perfection like what audience saw during the preliminary competition on January 26, 2017. Maxine did not let perfectionist bashers to intimidate her while brushing her way through the runway and displaying the masterpiece by proving doubters about her skills and ability to possibly replicate the win of Pia Wurtzbach.

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Watch the beautiful transformation of Maxine Medina

Preliminary Introduction

Maxine Medina initially appeared on stage by wearing a casual pink dress with a high slightly on the side. What is interesting is her strong fan base, which is one of the most appealing parts of the show. She introduced herself in front of billions of fans on stage at the venue and around the world via satellite and social media live streaming by stating her full name. Upon vocalizing her name, "Maria Mika Maxine Medina, Philippines", the crowd went ballistic as they cheered the host delegate.

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Swimsuit competition: 9.6

The second part of the program is the swimsuit competition. All the girls are grouped into ten, and from that group, the ladies are divided into three and two. Maxine Medina was grouped with Paraguay and Peru wherein she was called as the third in that sub-group. Maxine obviously showed her superb catwalk as she was with the two other delegate while they appeared in front of the stage. After Paraguay and Peru made their catwalk, it was Maxine's turn.

Maxine took at least four steps forward as the sea of Philippine supporters loudly cheered her in front of the stage. Maxine made a unique twirl with giggling aura. The most interesting part of her twirl is her contagious bubbly character that personifies her vibe during that moment. The position of her hands also highlighted her twirl, making it very unique than other delegates who just made an ordinary twirl during the swimsuit.

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Gown competition: 9.4

With the same group during the swimsuit, Maxine Medina glamorously slayed the runway using her green emerald gown. With her ball-shaped bun hairstyle, her overall look was perfect, transforming her aura into an elegant and fashionable charm on stage. The green gown embellished her fit and alluring body, creating a silhouette look in front of the audience. However, the most interesting part was when she started walking on stage that changed everything. Maxine's gown came into life whenever she is in motion, making it bouncy that stimulates the visual perception of the audience looking at her. It is not clear if Maxine will use the same emerald gown during the coronation night of Miss Universe.

Overall: Maxine Medina's full performance during the preliminary presentation is 9.5, which is more than a very satisfactory score. She is guaranteed to penetrate the semifinalist spot during the coronation day of the 65th Miss Universe. The interview was a closed-door activity wherein it is also a part of the preliminary competition for the delegates. If Maxine Medina will be called as one of the semifinalists, she will be the 7th woman from the Philippines who continues the placement streak for the Philippines in Miss Universe, one of the longest streaks in history.

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Will Maxine Medina make a back to back win or a runner-up?

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