As the first woman from the Philippines who won Miss Universe in 1969, Gloria Diaz followed the pageant until this day. She played an important role for the younger generation representing the Philippines in Miss Universe about some helpful tips and other supportive advice so that these delegates can place during the coronation night. In short, Gloria Diaz is the oldest and the most veteran mentor for Miss Universe since she won. Others say that she is regarded as a living legend because she made history as the first Filipina to win the most prestigious pageant in the universe.

Just weeks before the pageant, former Miss Universe titleholder Gloria Diaz shocked the whole Philippines regarding her statement towards the fate of Maxine Medina. Gloria Diaz insisted that for the 65th edition of Miss Universe, Maxine should not win. But then she insisted that Maxine should focus on clinching the second highest rank, which is the first runner-up. Who knows, the winner might not fulfill her duties due to inconsistencies with her immigration papers or her character behavior. In that case, when Maxine Medina ended as the first runner-up, she will definitely be the next in line who will take the winner's place after all.
Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina on the left and Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz on the right
Maxine Medina is currently the bearer of the Philippine flag while gunning for the fourth Miss Universe crown to the Philippines. The current titleholder who will only have a day to end her reign is Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach. Maxine is hopeful that she will make history for making the Philippines as the first country in Asia to have a back-to-back win.

Miss Universe 1969 Gloria Diaz surprised the judges during the coronation night by unleashing her quick and unique wit while answering the question of the judges and the host aside from displaying the beauty of a Filipina. After winning the beauty contest, Gloria became a phenomenal sensation when she got back to her country. She made a grand parade across the streets of Manila, capturing the hearts of the Filipino people. Gloria eventually became an actress and a commercial model in the Philippines after serving her one year as a Miss Universe.

Gloria Diaz is still positive for Maxine Medina's fate during the coronation day of the 65th Miss Universe 2016. She is hopeful that Maxine will penetrate the semifinalist spot during the big day of Miss Universe. As Maxine has been preparing for almost more than 9 months, she can deliver an impressive performance during the gown competition and the swimsuit round on Monday. Since Maxine Medina can communicate well, she could land as far as top 3 and that's it. Gloria admits that if Maxine Medina will be the fourth woman to win as the new Miss Universe, this will be the first time that she will eat her words and will admit her perception about the outcome of the 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant.

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5 Interesting reasons why Gloria Diaz say Maxine should not win

1. Host country issue: Gloria Diaz believes that as a host country, the host delegate is responsible for serving as the usherette of the event. In this case, Maxine Medina will take more than one responsibility as a flag bearer for the Miss Universe beauty pageant and as a host for the event. As a host, she should always give way to other candidates the chance to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to win the crown. This is a better way for her to fulfill her duties and responsibilities as the host delegate for the 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant.

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2. Prevent scandal: From the past major international beauty pageants, there were host countries that experienced scandal. This is because their delegate won the beauty pageant competition being held their home court. Several pageant followers and fanatics were and disappointed about the results from previous pageants that were stained with scandals. Pageant followers and fanatics decided to unfollow pageants who did a terrible way of selecting their winners due to alleged conspiracy theories from the personal choice of the national directors.

3. Prove that the Philippines provides a fair competition: It is always nice to see, hear, and experience a competition that is free from any allegations of scandals and unacceptable practices. The Philippine wants to show the universe that this is a confident country where competition is always hosted with a clear heart without any manifestations of corrupt allegations. Unlike other events and competitions from other parts of the world, the Philippine government will always respect the laws and the policies of the management of any competition being held while they provide assistance such as accommodation and security.

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4. This is her personal opinion: As a full-fledged citizen of the Republic of the Philippines, Gloria Diaz is always given the free will to state her opinion that she may think could bring a benefit to a certain individual or group. Under the Article III, Section 4 of the Philippine Constitution, Gloria Diaz is just abridging her freedom of expression and is just utilizing her privilege to speak her mind about the 65th Miss Universe pageant.  Any people could express what they want to speak their minds for as long as they do not have any intent to cause violence, intimidation, and coercion against others.

5. Her thought brings another challenge to Maxine Medina: Let us admit, we cannot please everybody. No matter how we do things perfectly, we really cannot please anyone because every person has their own preferences. The only thing is the essence of respect. Each individual deserves respect. Maxine will take this as a challenge for her to strive more, bring more surprises, and make her country proud. Like Maxine, if you believe that you can accomplish your goal regardless of the challenges and pressures that block your path, you can still do it will full dedication, hard work, and faith in the Supreme Being who can shower all blessings to help you succeed.

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