For us, it is always fun to have a new gadget because it is a way for us to provide ourselves a tangible present as a form of reward for all the good things that we successfully did in our daily routine. Having a new property enables us to have a possession to represent our accomplishments in life. By having a simple property, we take pride to show some memorable items that enable us to value our recent accomplishments. As a right, we seek to ensure that our valuables can best represent milestones that became an important part of our lives. But then, what if there will be a new law that imposes taxes on all gadgets that might limit ourselves from buying the most important thing to assist us in our daily living?

PBA Partylist Representative Mark Aeron Sambar is now eyeing to propose a bill that will impose a tax on electronic gadgets. The representative indicated that this is a new measure to impose new taxes towards vanity. Instead of implementing vanity taxes, the lawmaker wants to translate the name of the tax into gadget taxes since there are many Filipinos who are fond of buying electronic gadgets. By imposing a new tax, the bill seeks to increase at least 5% increase towards electronic gadgets purchased by anyone across the archipelago. This only applies on individuals who are purchasing excessive appliances or electronic gadgets as part of their daily lifestyle.
Electronic Gadgets
Electronic gadgets are referred to any products that are operated electronically. These products are made up of electronic chips and accessories that are powered by the electricity. The most common electronic products are cellular phones, iPod, tablets, laptops, and other wireless devices. Appliances are electronic devices used for accomplishing household tasks as well as for entertainment. Television, Refrigerators, radio, vacuum, oven, microwave and water dispensers are just some of the common items you can find usually at home.

After the recent announcement for planning to impose new taxes on gadgets, Mark Aeron Sambar indicated that the implementation is only applied to the higher class of the society. Aside from the elite class of the society, the middle-class members of the community will be also affected as they are also observed to be using gadgets. The tax does not target the poor because it is only applied to individuals or groups who are observed to be buying more gadgets and appliances. In this case, they will be taxed with gadget tax. The new law will only be applied after it will pass the deliberation of both the lower and the upper house.

Right after announcing his intent to impose gadget tax, several lawmakers responded to Sambar's intent to file a new bill, stating that the proposal is too broad to identify what particular household will be targetted. Another question is about the specific products that should be imposed with a new tax, which is an important consideration to make the bill more specific. There were no other lawmakers who backed Sambar's plan to propose a new bill for imposing taxes for every tax payer who just only want to purchase their favorite gadget. The proposal made headlines to mainstream media including social media networking websites online.

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Negative Response

The proposal generated mostly negative responses from the public. Most respondents commented that the issue could cause a conflict of interest with the basic human right. Since the law does not mention specific gadgets and appliances, it is clear that the bill is regarded inappropriate for ordinary users even if they do not fall under the upper-class households. As a person living in a society, people always have the right to purchase whatever things that they feel that it is comfortable with their lifestyle. This means that imposing taxes on electronic gadgets and other appliances will inhibit any individual to waive to their right.

Most netizens online raised their concern whenever this tax will be imposed. This is because there will be a limitation for them to access online services such as internet and online transactions. The proposal to impose new taxes on electronic gadgets are way too unacceptable because it is simply going to disrupt their socio-economic activities as well as personal lifestyle. As a constituent of the society, we have the right to do whatever issues or activities that could bring an essential benefit for as long as we abide by the rules of the law.

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Concern to small and medium enterprise

Many owners of a small and medium enterprise are concerned over the proposal of this particular bill. Entrepreneurs are shocked that the bill will surely affect their business as well as the human right as well. This is because imposing new taxes on electronic gadgets will essentially cause changes with their sales and investments. Large-scale companies are also concerned because the law will impact their manufacturing business. Imposing new taxes on gadgets affects the manufacturing business of electronic products. There will be lesser products that will be produced if this particular law will be passed.

The Philippines is one of the main producers of microchip products being shipped all over the world. There are large manufacturing businesses who are registered to the names of a certain entrepreneur. If the law will be passed, the owner will suffer more burden for having his socio-economic profile to be dismantled by a law that negatively impacts their business, personal activities, and financial security. The proposed bill's intent is to target the higher class societies; however, the problem in the country is about the full implementation of the law. Since the Philippines lacks infrastructure, the law will not be efficient for imposing to far-flung areas across the archipelago.

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Concerns towards over creation of new laws

Since this issue has been raised in mainstream media, Filipinos are already expressing their opinions over the number of new laws that are regarded as concerning. This is because there are new proposed bills that are causing a conflict of interest to other existing laws that could negatively impact the rights of any citizen. Businesses and financial securities of an individual, group, or an enterprise will be greatly affected by the newly proposed law. Most respondents say that the proposed law will not be approved by either the lower or the upper house.

Most respondents indicate their concerns about the need to amend existing laws that are still efficient to the interest of the society instead of creating new bills that impose more tax. There are provisions that need immediate amendments since there are already existing facts and failures that are needed to be changed. Other lawmakers also suggest that the need to improve infrastructure is regarded as an immediate measure to improve transportation services and facilities across the archipelago and not by just thinking about imposing new taxes on random facilities.

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Do you agree to impose new taxes on gadgets and appliances or not?

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