The 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant is expected to be held on January 30, 2017. This time, the Philippines is currently hosting the annual beauty pageant event after more than two decades. As of 2017, Miss Universe is one of the most anticipated events being followed by billions of pageant fanatics and critics from all over the world. Miss Universe beauty pageant is an international event organized by the Miss Universe Organization in cooperation with IMG/WME. The event will search and judge the most beautiful woman in the universe, hoping to be the next role model for the younger generation of today.

As excitement heats up, a lawmaker in the Philippines wants to request the Malacanang Palace to declare the coronation day of Miss Universe as a special holiday. The purpose of this request is to allow all pageant patriots including the younger generation to experience a once-in-a-lifetime experience. As the Philippines rarely host a very big international event, declaring the day of the coronation night will take a new chance for pageant fanatics not only from the Philippines but also from other parts of the world to witness the crowning of the new Miss Universe winner during the coronation day at the end of the month. It would be a pity if most Filipinos and international pageant fanatics will miss the most important day of the year, which is the day when the new Miss Universe will be crowned.
Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach with Paulina Vega on the left to crown her successor at SM MOA Arena
The reigning Miss Universe is Pia Wurtzbach, who clinched the third crown for her country after more than 40 years. Pia Wurtzbach is very grateful for crowning her successor in her home country, which is currently hosting the international beauty pageant event. The 65th Miss Universe beauty pageant will be broadcasted by several local and international television networks from around the world.

Why Miss Universe is an important annual event in the Philippines? The reason behind is the immense number of beauty pageant Filipino fans who always cheer and support their local candidates. The Philippines sends delegates to participate in numerous international beauty pageant events held around the world. Everytime that the country sends their delegates, pageant fans automatically express their support to further boost the confidence of the delegate participating in a certain international beauty pageant. On the past years, the Philippines also triumphed numerous international beauty pageant titles. The latest Filipina to win a major international beauty pageant title is Kylie Verzosa who was crowned as Miss International 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.

Quezon City Representative Winston Castelo wants that Filipinos should participate by watching the event and supporting the annual beauty pageant. The spectacle will be held in SM Mall of Asia Arena, Bay City, Pasay City, Metro Manila on January 30, 2017. In western countries, the Miss Universe Organization will be held on January 29, 2017, due to the differences in time zone wherein the Philippines falls on GMT 8+, which has similar time zones with Singapore, Beijing, Taipei, and Perth. Winston Castelo hopes that the Malacanang will approve his request, which makes January 30, 2017, a very special day for the Filipino people as well as pageant enthusiasts to enjoy the most memorable day in the universe.

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Double Pay benefits for workers

Employees working in the private sector will be delighted when the Malacanang declares Miss Universe coronation day as a special holiday. This is because private institution offers a double pay during special holidays, which is beneficial to the employee's compensation and benefits. The decision to allow the coronation event as a special holiday motivates employees to work harder to improve their socio-economic integrity or lifestyle. Several businesses will be required to apply a double pay policy to their employees.

However, not all private enterprises will not apply this particular policy to their employees. There are private institutions, especially in the business process outsourcing division that does not apply this particular case. Contractualization plays an important factor why some companies never apply double pay policy to their employees. But in any situation, if the Malacanang Palace will reconsider Representative Winston Castelo's request, then this scenario will be beneficial for the working population in the Philippines.

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No Classes during that day

If the Malacanang will definitely approve Castelo's request, there is another reason that the youth will have a reason to be happy during that day. Usually, all classes in pre-school, elementary, high school and college levels are suspended. Employees working under the government will also have another reason to take a day off during the coronation event. This is the best time to bond with families, friends, and relatives to have more time together by watching Miss Universe beauty pageant either live in MOA Arena or via live telecast at home.

However, employees working under the emergency agencies will have no choice but to work. This includes hospital workers, the police force, firefighters, army personnel, media industry workers, and transportation personnel. But still, workers under these agencies can still have the chance to watch Miss Universe by turning on their television at work. Only if their tasks are done and during breaks to prevent any ethical or legal misfortunes that could happen at work.

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Pageant fanatics could possibly witness a back-to-back win

Do you feel that Miss Universe Philippines 2016 Maxine Medina could really win a back-to-back? Pageant fanatics and supporters of Maxine agrees. Pageant fans are also rooting other foreign delegates such as Venezuela, Colombia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, USA, Brazil, Barbados, Sierra Leone, and Malaysia. Since the pageant is currently being hosted by the Philippines for the third time, Miss Universe Organization, IMG/WME, and foreign international pageant supporters from around the world will witness the full force of Filipino support to beauty pageants.

However, some pageant analysts think that Maxine's possible back to back win can tarnish the reputation of Miss Universe Organization. The reason behind is that there will be an accusation of white-washing or hand picked controversies, which could degrade the image of Filipinos to other countries. But most pageant analysts have a high expectation that Maxine will perform enough during the preliminary and final's event as a way for her to reach the top 6 or even to top 3 spots.

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