If there is a hidden gem that shines the brightest at the right time, this will be no other than the girl from South Africa. She is Zozobini Tunzi, the girl who never thought she could be the next Miss Universe 2019 winner in Atlanta, Georgia. South African fans will have another reason to celebrate as their country already garnered at least three crowns for Miss Universe. This new star of the universe will shine the brightest throughout her reign as Miss Universe until she will crown her successor.

Today, being Miss Universe is no longer all about beauty and how barbie you look like. It is the way you administer your advocacy so many people in need will elevate their current socio-economic, socio-cultural, and political lifestyles. The new era of Miss Universe is symbolizing the raw model and not a model who just wants to display how beautiful she is. The selection of Miss Universe is now opening another chapter as the winner becomes a spokesperson and truly embodies the essence of ambassadors.

In the recently concluded crowning of Miss Universe 2019, Zozobini Tunzi from South Africa emerged as the woman with a substance that can carry herself as the epitome of diversity. Not only as a beautiful South African woman, but Zozobini is also now the symbol of hope for other oppressed women around the world to have a dream. Here are my 5 Reasons why Zozobini Tunzi became Miss Universe 2019:

1. The first black South African winner: Zozobini Tunzi is the first-ever black South African woman to win Miss Universe. She is the sixth black woman to win the most elusive crown in the universe. It is also a coincidence that all winners from the Miss Universe Organization's beauty pageants are all black. Miss Teen USA 2019, Miss USA 2019, and Miss Universe 2019 who happens to be all black. This is a rare coincidence in the history of the Miss Universe Organization.

2. Advocacy: Zozobini Tunzi sets herself as her advocacy. Her identity is what makes Miss Universe diverse than any other pageants in the world. Zozobini's win dispatches stereotypes of beauty standards wherein only barbie look-alike is the epitome of being beautiful. Zozobini wants to show other black women to know that being black is definitely beautiful. As the new Miss Universe, beauty does not only comes from your physical aspect and the way you perform your charming appearance but also how you become a role model.

3. Experience: The new Miss Universe winner shows the world how she suffered hardships in her childhood years. She was told multiple times she could not have a good education, a stable job, and a business when reaching adulthood because she is black. When she was in her adolescent stage, Zozobini experienced rejections from employments and modeling agencies due to the color of her skin. She has been heavily discriminated against because of her skin color and her curly hair.

4. Modeling: In the world of a beauty pageant, there is a strong stereotype standard wherein the standard of beauty is mainly based on your physical appearance. As an adult, Zozobini maintained her discipline in her lifestyle by controlling her diet and avoiding unhealthy social practices. She knew she has the body, physical beauty, and height to work as a model and to join beauty pageants. When winning Miss Universe South Africa, she underwent beauty pageant training camps to maintain her competitive form.

5. Dark Horse: Upon winning Miss Universe South Africa 2019, many are telling her that she is a downgrade of Tamaryn Green, her predecessor. They say she is too black to become a heavy favorite to win Miss Universe. Many pageant experts include her in their top 20 to top 10 but not as the ultimate winner of Miss Universe. Her humble beginnings and bubbly personality are the key elements to make her the ultimate raw model and the deserving successor of Catriona Gray to reign for the whole year.

The new format of the new Miss Universe is completely different from the previous years where you need to perfect your Pasarela, maintain your shape, and with a charming aura. Now, the criteria for judging Miss Universe is 50% advocacy, 25% swimsuit, and 25% evening gown. It is no longer how barbie you look like or how effervescent you appear to others. It is now how you deliver to become the best role model for the entire universe regardless of how you look like.

QUESTION: Are you happy for the humble beginnings and the recent triumph of Zozobini Tunzi as Miss Universe 2019?

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