For those who know Fumiya, he is the funny and bubbly guy during the PBB-Otso (Pinoy Big Brother-Otso) Days. He is one of the few foreign contestants who bet his journey on becoming a celebrity in the Philippines as part of his desire to integrate with the Philippine culture. On the contrary, this natural comedian needs your help as he underwent a lung surgical procedure in Japan. Right now, all we have to do is to pray for his recovery after the recent medical operation.

Fumiya indicated in his vlogs about the recent discovery of the doctors to his lungs that has "butas" or hole, especially in his right lung. The doctors also possibly indicated Fumiya there is also a chance the other lung is also affected. Basing from the vlogger/celebrity's chest x-ray, it reveals an abnormally smaller right lung, indicating something unusual than the normal lung. A possible chest pneumothorax is then affecting his lung, especially the way he breathes.

Fumiya is officially called a celebrity after having been accepted as one of the official housemates of Pinoy Big Brother-Otso edition. As a Japanese housemate, he shared multiple routines and traditions of his country to the Philippines through the reality show where he eventually gained the hearts of many.

The medical case of Fumiya is related to the abnormal condition of the lungs such as pneumothorax wherein there is an existing tension over the flow of air in either inward or outwards around the lungs of the patient. In the case of Fumiya, his right lung is slowly collapsing as the result of the air inside the lungs that is now escaping, allowing the lungs to look abnormally smaller. This is the reason why Fumiya experiences respiratory distress symptoms such as the difficulty of breathing and tenderness over the affected area around his chest.

Basing from his vlogs, Fumiya is now undergoing a chest drainage procedure. This is a therapeutic procedure to the lungs to allow drainage of a foreign body, excessive fluid, or any irritant that is causing distress to the patient's respiratory status. Since there is an impending operation, the procedure will repair any damaged tissue in the affected part of the lungs. Fumiya will expect to recuperate after the procedure in the recovery room and then will be transported to his private room for further care and management by the hospital personnel.

Fumiya operates a YouTube Channel known as Fumishun Base, long before gaining fame in the Pinoy Big Brother, he already garnered at least a hundred thousand subscribers. Fumiya loves to try a variety of Pinoy cuisine and snacks. He even traveled to the Philippines multiple times to show his love for the Philippines in his vlogs.

His fame rose further when he vlogged about participating in ABS-CBN's Star Hunt. He was then selected by the screening committee after a series of tests. The judging committee saw some criteria in him that made them accept Fumiya. One is his love for the Philippines in all aspects and his bubbly personality with a humble character.

We hope Fumiya will return back to his normal routine after recovering from his current medical condition in Japan and will start guesting or even starring some roles in the Philippine Entertainment Industry.

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