The Philippines is struggling to catch an adequate number of Galunggong fish in several open markets across the country. There is an existing lack of this particular fish species that affected the current suggested retail price in wet markets. Pinoys start to struggle on how they are going to purchase this staple seafood in their table if the prices are spiking in the wet markets all over the area? The soaring prices of this fish caught the attention of the Senate of the Philippines. But one particular senator made headlines in both social and mass media.

In senate proceedings, Cynthia Villar made some phrases that made her one of the most famous lawmakers in social media. Cynthia mentioned, "Kung namamahalan kayo bumili ng Galunggong, edi wag kayo bumili (If you feel Galunggong is expensive, then don't buy it)". This particular statement made her once again, the celebrity senator in social media. Her phrase caused several users of social media to raise their eyebrows as it draws insensitive comments to the poor. 

Galunggong is the Tagalog term of Mackerel Scad, which is a popular seafood in the Philippines. There are many dishes that Filipinos can make out of Mackerel Scad. The physical description of this fish has a long elongated body, which is a popular viand for every Filipinos across the country. 

The recent statement of Cynthia Villar made mixed reactions over social media websites. In support of her phrase, some users say that she is just stating a real talk. The statement is made for all individuals to become practical with their budget, especially that the price of galunggong is no longer a practical commodity. Others say that Villar has the privilege to say something about remedies that Filipinos can do aside from buying this seafood commodity that is no longer affordable to the masses. 

In oppose to her statement, many are stating her insensitive comments to the issue, since there are still countless numbers of Filipinos who are living below the poverty line. The mass will perceive otherwise on what Villar is trying to point out due to their low socio-economic lifestyle that is struggling for survival. It is believed that Villar statements are sensitive enough to shed some of her supporters because she was not thinking enough about the words that she will say before verbalizing it in front of the public.

Cynthia Villar is the richest senator of the Philippines. She is the wife of former Senator and a business mogul, Manuel Villar. The family is considered to enjoy the luxury of being the second richest family in the Philippines worth $6.6 Billion. The Sy siblings are the richest family with a combined net worth of $18 billion as they hold several large business networks in the Philippines. 

Manuel Villar manages Star Mall, which is one of the fastest-growing shopping malls in the country. The family also owns Vista Land Company that holds several real estate properties across the nation.

Cynthia Villar is expected to return back to their corporate life after her career in politics. Their son, Manuel Villar Jr. is currently the Department of Public Works and Highways Secretary since Rodrigo Duterte took over as the President of the Philippines. 

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